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Hi.  My name is John E. Wade II and I thank you for visiting my website.  After working as a certified public accountant for about twenty-nine years, I have retired from that field, but am no less active. In fact, this is the busiest and most exciting time of my life.


My calling is calling, to seek step by step, one by one, million by million – to engage humankind in the ultimate journey toward a true Heaven on Earth.  I have been writing about this subject since 2000 and during that time, I have been involved in numerous very exciting projects which will help us to achieve this lofty but attainable goal, with God’s enduring and steadfast love. For God, all things are possible. I have written a number of books – my most recent being The Bipolar Millionaire -  many blogs, and even directed a three-episode television program to promote my calling and to help lead humankind toward Heaven on Earth. I believe the power is within each of us to do our part to achieve this goal. We can do it! I deeply believe that we are predestined by God for  Heaven on Earth, one day, somehow. Will you join me on this journey?

We should show one another admiration, mutual respect, appreciation and genuine friendship–regardless of gender, age, creed, political positions, religion, or nationality. We are more alike than we are different.