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Republicans’ “Can Do” Mentality

After attending last night’s session of the Republican National Convention and reading some of the papers today, I want to say that I am proud of the Republican Party.  Governor after governor explained how he had turned around his state fiscally, including schools, jobs, other things we need on the national level.  And we have Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan to lead that effort.  I get the feel of a “can do” attitude in this convention, one grounded in reality with the U. S. debt clock displayed for all to see and contemplate.

President Reagan led us in a turnaround.  I believe Governor Romney can do the same.  He knows it’s not a one-man effort.  It’s the whole party.  It will include the empowerment of the American people, to take our robust, stable democracy and elect a president and a host of Republicans to return us to prosperity.

We can lead the world by innovating fiscally and every other way, with kindness, a sense of urgency and the good-government principles of the Republican Party.

The American people are empowered by our robust and stable democracy to turn away from the failed inactions and misguided actions of the Obama Administration that put in place complex regulations which impeded the creation and maintenance of businesses and jobs.

When one chooses a president in our country, it is usually the choice between two persons, two imperfect persons.  Neither President Obama nor Governor Romney is perfect.  But President Obama has a failed record and Governor Romney has a sterling series of superb accomplishments.  Once we had the choice between President Carter, who had a dismal record, and Governor Reagan.  Thank God we chose President Reagan who gave much and led well.

Tonight Congressman Paul Ryan will accept the nomination for vice president on the Republican ticket.  I have a lot of respect for Congressman Ryan.  He’s been a real leader for fiscal discipline in the House.

Somehow even with the uncertainty of the upcoming election, my portfolios, Hurricane Isaac and my marital future, I feel I am in God’s loving hands and somehow, some day, good results will surface.

Fiscal discipline must be drilled into everyone’s consciousness, resulting in the creation and sustaining of jobs.  Regulations must be simplified or eliminated.  Our nation must recognize that the downgrading of our nation’s credit rating is a clear warning of impending danger.

We Must Try

A friend asked me why the word “try” is in the Soldiers of Love pledge: “I will try to love and help create a Heaven on Earth.”  I hadn’t consciously thought about the wording before, but after consideration, I think I must somehow have realized that people are far more likely to take the pledge if they promise to try—if one promises to do, one might be set up for failure.  But if you try and fail, you can try again.  And again.

I just read a detailed poll on the presidential election and the issues surrounding it.  I believe that Republicans, and all our citizens for that matter, really have our backs to the wall, not able to regain prosperity along the way to a Heaven on Earth.

We must realize that 1980 was much like 2012, with incumbent presidents who face Republican opponents with competence and focus on the economy, a combination that gives us strength as a force for good in the world.

Right now I’m a bit down emotionally because of my financial position, polls that show the Republicans behind, and the fact that it doesn’t appear that I’m going to be able to speak at the University of Tampa.

I also just met with Joseph Billingsly, the sales manager for Pelican Publishing

Company; I had expected good news, but he wasn’t very encouraging.  I must persevere.

We must elect Governor Romney or I believe a worldwide depression will occur, and the follow-up to that could be disastrous.  Glibness does not substitute for leadership.

I’ve been trying to succeed at writing since January 4, 1998, and yet success has eluded me.  Some have said I write well.  But this crushing decrease of my net worth because of the expenses to support my writing, charities, church and the television series haunts me.  I pray every night for success in those ventures.  Why doesn’t it come?

We must elect Governor Romney and a host of Republicans to assist him to innovate in our government.

Romney will focus on solutions

I like what I read in the Tampa Bay Times and Politico this morning, that Governor Romney is saying, “I am who I am,” rather than trying to be someone other than himself.   Instead of pretending to connect with truck drivers in a touchy-feely way, he wants to take steps that actually help truck drivers and other workers.  In short, Governor Romney is a person of substance, not a pretender like President Obama who makes lofty images and promises and then fails miserably in substance.

I get the distinct feeling that Governor Romney will be a hard-working, no-nonsense president, one who gets things done, such as tending to our national debt and invigorating our economy, something that President Obama hasn’t done, sadly, because either he doesn’t know how or because of his non-management style of speechmaking without governing.

As I read The Reagan Diaries I can picture dedication and purpose, qualities I saw especially as I read three times and reviewed The Real Romney.

In today’s paper I see that Governor Romney is developing a first-hundred-days plan.  In four years President Obama hasn’t planned for economic gains, instead spending his four years campaigning for the 2012 election.

We are in the Innovation Age.  I believe Governor Romney can attract the best and brightest from the private sector and elsewhere to fill Cabinet and other posts to innovate in government.  This innovation should have kind, moral and decent guidelines, but at the same time be firm and effective.  Governor Romney can and will do that.  President Obama hasn’t accomplished much of substance, and his promises four years ago fall very flat; remember that when you consider whether he can be trusted for yet another four years.

A quality of Governor Romney that shines is his moral character and faith in God.  It shows in his family life and his meaning and purpose in life.  Governor Romney has not gotten where he is because of a love affair with his rhetoric.  He has been extremely determined all his life and is extremely well-prepared to run our government with imagination and creativity.

President Obama went straight to the top.  On the other hand, Governor Romney and Governor Reagan did not secure their party’s nomination the first time they sought it, yet had the drive, ambition and convictions to come back and win the presidential nomination.  And of course they were both governors of major states.

Each had literally years to think, plan and picture people to secure for their administration.  President Obama was wrapped up in his own egotistical urges and never has put together a talented team, a big reason he has failed to revive our economy.  He doesn’t have the business and economic expertise himself and he doesn’t know how to select and attract those who can help.

We must raise our flag again, regain prosperity and confront head-on our spending and entitlement problems, kindly, firmly, with compassion and with a short/intermediate/long-term outlook.

I believe Governor Romney, as did President Reagan, will focus first on solutions for our economy, Romneyomics, not unlike Reagonomics that was so effective in launching the twenty-five-year growth period from 1982 to 2007.

Musings as I await the Republican National Convention

The first day of the Republican National Convention here in Tampa has been cancelled because of the approach of Hurricane Isaac, expected to hit Tampa tomorrow.   As a Katrina veteran, I’m not overly concerned about this approaching storm.

I am handing out cards with my website information, as well as, and more importantly, the piece I wrote:  “Why the Reelection of President Obama will lead to a Worldwide Depression,” which states the truth as I perceive it.

I’m continuing to read The Reagan Diaries as I enjoy doing—reading, highlighting relevant passages and writing my comments.  I hope the hotel has a good generator to avoid loss of power as well as food.  Although I can last a few days without those things if I have to, I’d rather not.

Sometimes it helps to stop and think, especially when one is reading the diary of the greatest president in my lifetime.  I hope and pray Governor Romney can and will step in and perform the hardest job in the world.  We need it.  The world needs it.

Each of us and all of us are unique.  Governor Romney is not President Reagan.  But certainly President Obama is not either.

Governor Romney is very impressively portrayed in The Real Romney, which I read three times.  All his life he has prepared himself for this great challenge, not just as a campaigner as President Obama, but as one who can, and I believe will, govern in a strong, determined, hard-working, competent and wise way.

Governor Romney has, in my opinion, the lifeguard mindset of President Reagan.  He thinks not as a political science follower, but as a leader trying his best to do the right thing.  Governor Romney’s business and investment background is superb, a word I use only for the best of the best.

We are at a distinct turning point in our country’s history and that of the entire planet.  We direly need Governor Romney’s leadership in his specialties—business, investment and economics; he’s a person with a deep understanding of why jobs are lost and a serious view of how they can be created.

President Reagan had that same depth, not with as many years’ experience as Governor Romney, but as an economics major and one who, as Governor Romney, surrounded himself with outstanding people.  Serving on President Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisors were Milton Friedman, my personal hero; Alan Greenspan, whom I also respect; and Arthur Laffer, who has a wonderful and practical understanding of taxes.

I fully expect Governor Romney to quickly bring together an outstanding economics team, cabinet and all other appointed positions.  He will seek people who have proven records, not only nor even at all in politics, but in skills, knowledge and depth in our first priority—our economy.  That job won’t be easy.  It’s not a one-man endeavor, but Governor Romney has always surrounded himself with the kind of people who make for a winning team.

We have our backs to the wall economically.  We’re in the last seconds and we need a touchdown.  Governor Romney is the quarterback who can get us to the end zone and win!

I want my life to count.  Governor Romney wants his life to count.  It’s important that all Americans search their own minds, bodies and little pieces of God for the truth in this upcoming election.

In investing, if you buy and sell very emotionally, you tend to make mistakes.  Think of the next four years.  What is the truth about our economy and our government?

I saw in Investor’s Business Daily that the staff compared our government’s debt situation to a person who says, “I’m alive right now, so I’m going to live forever.”  Well, in my opinion, if President Obama is reelected our economy won’t live forever; we’ll have a worldwide depression.  I also believe that Governor Romney is fully aware of our plight and dares to be our lifeguard, as was President Reagan.

Governor Romney had the example of a strong man:  his father, George Romney, a three-term governor of Michigan and a presidential candidate himself.  President Obama prepared himself to campaign and win the presidency, but he did not prepare himself to govern, especially in difficult economic times like these.  Governor Romney prepared himself to campaign with great determination, losing the 2008 nomination and coming back to win the 2012 nomination, just as Governor Reagan did in 1976 and 1980.

I’m enthralled with this Reagan book, seeing through President Reagan’s eyes many events that I saw as an interested citizen from outside the White House.  I believe Governor Romney would fit right in at the White House, not being swept up by the perks but responding reliably to the great challenges our nation now faces: our economy and the momentum to avert a world depression.

“Reliable, dependable, moral, and decent” are words I would use to partially describe Governor Romney and President Reagan.  Quite frankly, I would not use these words to depict President Obama and his Chicago crowd.  The world is watching and wondering what those crazy Americans going to do.  I say we must lead with our finest, Governor Romney, not President Obama.

I see a newspaper section with a headline “Center of it All—29 electoral votes, 19 million people.”  The accompanying graphic shows earth as if seen from space, with a huge outline of the state of Florida.  This “earth” is being held up by a man on one knee who seems to be carrying a heavy load.

The reference is surely to Atlas, the Titan in Greek mythology who supported the celestial sphere.  I think the image could represent Governor Romney.  Or it could be me in my own way trying, trying, and trying to lead toward a great Republican victory on the path to a heaven on earth.  We can do it.  The operable word is “we,” citizens of Florida, our country and ultimately the world.

Hard work and education are the lasting and true ways to progress.  But politicians in Washington have been spending far too much to buy their own “next election.”  Well, now’s the time to visit the sitewww.usdebtclock.orgover and over and realize that we desperately need a reliable and dependable president, Governor Romney.

Adversity can create character.  Governor Romney has been a dedicated, persevering person all his life.  But two events shaped his character.  As a driver in France during his missionary days he was hit head-on by another car.  By all accounts he was not at fault.  He was knocked unconscious and suffered a broken arm.  But one of his passengers was killed.  Such a tragic event surely disrupted the young man’s life, but he reacted like a good soldier and went on in an exemplary fashion, rarely speaking of the accident.

The other huge adversity that confronted Governor Romney was when his dearly beloved Ann was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  When they learned the dreadful news, they broke down crying in each other’s arms.  He later described that day as the worst in his life.

But what did he do?  He diligently researched the condition, and thanks to his investigation, and Ann’s re-awakened love of riding horses, as well as extensive holistic methods, they resumed their loving, productive, fulfilling lives.

And now he stands for the presidency with Ann at his side.  I have a wonderful photo of the two of them at a political event, waving and smiling.  We need a very special person like Governor Romney, with Ann—a woman of quality—supporting and nurturing him.  The couple reminds me of President Reagan and his Nancy—very committed to each other.

I am cautiously optimistic that Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan will prevail, along with a host of other Republicans

Kindness in politics

We must be kinder in our politics.  They say that “negative campaigning” works and that voters often cast their ballots against someone rather than for a candidate.  We have a wonderful Republican ticket with Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan, a pair that earns a “for” vote in my mind.

We should all take time to think—about this election, our economy, family and community—from now until the election.  I ask that voters not vote out of negative values such as hate, greed or envy in any election.  Let’s always try to elect wise, capable, honest leaders to represent us in our robust, stable democracy.  Right now I can’t say that we have a prosperous democracy because of the $16 trillion debt, $5 trillion of it accumulated during President Obama’s term.  Entitlements must be reformed in a kind manner without surprises to the poor and middle classes.

Taxes must be reformed and greatly simplified.  Regulations must be drastically reduced and administered efficiently, so that organizations in the private sector, including nonprofits, expend a minimum amount of time and expense to comply.  Regulations should be fair and simple and as few as possible consistent with capitalism tempered with democracy.

We are in the Innovation Age and we must be innovative in government as well as everywhere else.  But as we change, we must be kind and maintain wisdom, character and truth—all the old-time values.

To some in our society who are able but do not want to work, we must apply tough love for their own lives and self-esteem.  I’m speaking of welfare.

Within government there is tremendous waste and duplication, something we can’t afford when we are borrowing 40¢ of every dollar of our government spending.

We can do better, but again, in a kind way.  As we innovate and invigorate our government, make it simpler and easier for people to comprehend and use, we must realize that it must be downsized.

How?  Carefully and kindly.  I can’t say that word “kindly” enough.  I’ve lost jobs before, so I know how it feels.  We must be empathetic with the federal employees who will go through a Reduction in Force.


Our Future

Our nation, Governor Romney, Congressman Ryan, a host of Republicans at all levels and I have a tremendous challenge ahead, not only with regard to the election, but salvaging our nation financially and otherwise.  This is not the time to tell everyone not to be afraid.  That’s like telling troops on the way to the beaches of Normandy not to be afraid.

Why are people afraid, and rightfully so?  We are “broke,” according to James Baker, and “we are already bankrupt” according to Senator Tom Coburn.

Our politicians, over time, have sold us down the river.  Why?  To ensure they win their next election.  So, what can and must we do?  In my opinion, and especially at this time, we need to be guided by Republican core values, especially fiscal responsibility.

This is not about our children and grandchildren, but is about the here and now.  Without prudent, fair, kind but urgent, innovative solutions we will precipitate, along with other developed nations, a worldwide depression.

President Obama has had opportunity after opportunity to stop his reckless spending.  He has not grown in office.  He has not surrounded himself with people capable of performing at that level.  And in the end, he’s just what the book said he was, “The Amateur.”

It is time to be scared because “The Amateur” could be reelected just as President Carter could have been reelected.  But, thank God, Governor Reagan prevailed, and gave us the benefits of his economics major, gift of communication, experience as two-term governor of California and policy of surrounding himself with the best and the brightest.

In 1980 Regan was faced with stagflation (high unemployment and inflation) and high interest rates.  And now, we suffer from high unemployment, unusual so long after the 2008 recession.  We need Governor Romney just as we needed Governor Reagan.

President Reagan’s leadership sparked a 25-year growth period from 1982 to 2007.  It can be done again by Governor Romney, if we see through the misleading statements of President Obama and look at what he has failed to accomplish with his presidency.

Governor Romney has a deep background in business, investment, nonprofits and government, coupled with super academic preparation, with a bachelor’s degree with highest honors in English literature from Brigham Young University, and a law degree with honors as well as an MBA with a Baker’s Scholar Award denoting the top five percent from Harvard University.  Impressive.

I really believe that God has intended all along that we arrive, someday, somehow, at a heaven on earth.  But we must get there ourselves with His enduring, steadfast love working within us moment by moment.  The goal is beyond our complete understanding, but we must try to seek an understanding of God because that is what helps us comprehend His calling to us.  We all have a unique life to lead, a special calling just for each of us and all of us.

The future is all we have ahead of us.  We must take care to guard it, for our country and the world.  The United States, on the whole, has been a tremendous force for good on our planet.  We should take care to keep it that way, not to elect a president because of the color of his skin or his oratory, but rather for our very best judgment of how he will leadour country and the world.

Of course, the president doesn’t do it all himself.  President Reagan and Governor Romney surround themselves with the best and the brightest, unlike President Obama.

Complex Issues – Simple Solutions

I met Governor Romney at a fundraiser dinner and gave him two of my books, How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth and Ronald Reagan’s Wisdom for the Twenty-First Century, both with personal inscriptions.  He thanked me and said, “I will look at them.”  Then we were photographed together.  I made the most of my opportunity.

President Obama’s “charisma” won’t pay our national debt.  Governor Romney can turn our country’s economy around just as President Reagan did.  It is crucial for the American people to see the truth.

President Obama will “lead” us to a worldwide depression if reelected.  As president, Governor Romney can and I believe will lead us to prosperity again, not just month by month, but for much longer.

President Reagan said there were no easy answers, but there are simple answers.  Electing Governor Romney and a host of Republicans is the simple answer.  Their task will not be easy, but it will be simple.

  • We must simplify our tax system with a low flat tax.
  • We must reduce debt and reform entitlements.
  • We must streamline government operations and eliminate waste and duplication.
  • We must drastically reduce and simplify all our regulations.

We are in the Innovation Age and we must reinvent our government.  President

Reagan, in many ways, did that.  We must do similar things, but perhaps even more.  He didn’t have the huge debt and entitlement problems we now have—largely because of demographics and rising costs, especially Medicare and Obamacare.

President Obama’s scorecard is in:

  • $16 trillion national debt
  • $50,700 debt per citizen
  • $5 trillion increase during his presidency despite opportunity after opportunity to exercise leadership to control spending; in fact, quite the opposite with “stimulus” spending that accelerated our descent.

My gift is making complex things simple, and doing so in an honest as well as an ambitious manner.  I believe that the path to a heaven on earth includes the election of Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan and a host of Republicans.

I ask every voter to read The Real Romney by two Boston Globe reporters.  I’ve read it three times, and was extremely impressed by it.

What would Reagan do?

President Obama’s anti-Reaganomics tax and regulatory policies have hurt our economy already, and, if reelected, he will really hurt us and the world.  I believe he and the current global debt will cause a worldwide depression.

I just got through practicing my speech.  I’m pretty sure I can deliver practically all without it looking like I’m reading it, except the actual quotes of President Reagan and Admiral Mike Mullen.

We must try to understand how President Reagan led us, and understand that now we are in dire need of such a force as he had, and come to the honest realization that Governor Romney is that leader for our time.

Jobs stimulus from the government is simply pouring gasoline on the fire of our $16 trillion national debt.  President Reagan (an economics major) certainly didn’t resort to such actions, and the proof is right there in our economy’s tremendous growth from 1982 to 2007.

The job of the electorate in our democracy is to vote based on values other than negative ones such as hate, greed or envy.  It’s a matter of background and issues.  Oratory skills should not be at the top of the list of criteria.

I want my life to count and really have always thought that way.  But the older I get the more I absolutely can make my life count, helping to avoid a worldwide depression and pointing the way toward a Heaven on Earth.

Each of us and all of us are made up of mind, body and a little piece of God, from the dawn of humankind, I sincerely believe.  So, deep down somewhere within us all, we want our lives to count for good.

How do you revive our economy and who can and will lead that noble effort?  Governor Romney.  He has the tools to engineer a great turnaround:  academic achievement, business experience, nonprofit success and triumph as governor, especially in his fiscal accomplishments in that office.

The key to a great Republican victory must be a relentless challenge of President Obama’s record and a positive assertion of how to revive the economy.

In investing you study the past and assess the present, but you earn your salt in doing the hardest part—gaining an accurate understanding of the future.  Governor Romney has quite successfully guided Bain Capital, dozens of companies and thousands of jobs into the future.  I believe he can do the same for our country.  On the other hand, President Obama’s record demonstrates that he’s a speaker and a campaigner, but not the leader we need for the upcoming crucial four years.

I respect Governor Romney for his business career and his enormous success in those endeavors.  He has also been generous with his fortune, unlike President Obama and Vice President Biden on a smaller scale.

I recently learned that Governor Reagan defeated President Carter by eight percent.  I thought it was closer than that.  I do remember that when President Reagan ran for reelection he won all but one state—a landslide.

I believe history could very well repeat itself.  In terms of our debt, the economy is worse than 1980.  Governor Romney spent fifteen years overseeing leveraged buyouts, something that requires extreme knowledge of handling debt.

The United States has $50,700+ of national debt per citizen.  That is about 105 percent of our GDP (Gross Domestic Product, which measures the size of our economy).  I understand the danger level for national debt over GDP is ninety percent.  We could have a currency crisis at any time.

Comparing President Obama to Governor Romney, which of these men would you expect to be better able to handle or avert such a crisis?

The world is watching the outcome of this election.  Foreigners hold about a third of our debt, and a crisis in confidence could and would debase the dollar and play havoc with our economy.  It is important for our economy and the future of freedom worldwide that Governor Romney and a host of Republicans win at all levels triumph in November.

President Reagan set the precedent for a turnaround of our economy.  He believed in the economics of Milton Friedman, Arthur Laffer and Alan Greenspan—all members of his council of economic advisors.  Governor Romney has a history, as President Reagan and unlike President Obama, of surrounding himself with outstanding people.

We can and I believe will have a wonderful world and, in my vision, a step toward a Heaven on Earth with a great Republican victory.

From a seminar I attended I compiled the following qualities for effectiveness.  I believe Governor Romney fulfills all of these criteria as did President Reagan:  visionary, focused, trustworthy, trusting, curious, humble, energizing and courageous.  I don’t think that President Obama meets these criteria, particularly trustworthy, trusting, humble, energizing and courageous.

Our biggest challenge is the economy, just as it was in 1980, when we chose then-

Governor Reagan over President Carter.  After he left office, President Carter went on to a life of charitable endeavors.  Frankly, I would not expect President Obama would conduct himself charitably as President Carter has.  His tax return shows contributions of about one percent whereas one of Governor Romney’s shows a contribution rate of nineteen percent.

President Reagan said, “We’re the party that wants to see an America in which people can still get rich,” at the Republican Congressional Dinner, Washington, D. C., May 4, 1982.

That quote is included in Ronald Reagan’s Wisdom for the Twenty-First Century, a book of his quotes on which Daniel P. Agatino and I commented.  President Obama stands directly opposed to this idea of a sound American economy.  The battle for undecided voters, as well as independents and insightful Democrats, is one that Republicans must win, for our country and the world.  A worldwide depression will hurt the poor and middle class the most, one by one, million by million, and billion by billion.

We have a mountain to climb, and must do so with wisdom and character.  I believe, as President Reagan once said, that America’s best days are ahead of us.  Thank God we live in a robust, stable democracy.  It is up to us to gain a serious insight of that mountain and climb it with truth and spirit.

I simply can’t be silent about this crucial choice.  I believe God intends humankind eventually, somehow, someway, to attain a Heaven on Earth.

From early childhood we are taught that “God is Love.”   I still believe that and I also believe that each of us and all of us since the dawn of humankind possess a mind, body and piece of God.  I read that humans are wired for kindness and that’s my point of view.

Faith is a precious thing and my spiritual journey has been long and arduous.  But I have retained my honesty and ambitions as has Governor Romney.  Each night I pray for peace, security, freedom, democracies, prosperity, spiritual harmony, racial harmony, ecological harmony and health as well as moral purpose and meaning for the whole world.

It’s important that all of humankind understands this awesome destiny, including this crucial election.

Business Smarts

Investing is an art, not a science.  One of the many things that impress me about Governor Romney is his superb investing as head of Bain Capital.  That takes tremendous insight, as he oversaw approximately a hundred such investments during his fifteen years there.

As co-founder and head he analyzed the suitability of companies.  Jobs were lost and gained.  But sometimes things went badly, as happens when you’re investing in troubled companies and start-ups.  You just don’t bat a thousand with those types of investments; I know from my own experience I haven’t batted a thousand, even investing in healthy companies.  Such investments on Governor Romney’s part also show courage.  He saved dozens of companies and thousands of jobs.

Like President Reagan, Governor Romney understands government, business and the economy, from the top down primarily from his investing and from the bottom up in all the analyses he has done throughout his career.  Examples of top down investing and management include his handling of the 2002 Winter Olympics and as governor of Massachusetts.  Our government needs a top-down, bottom-up program of innovation.  The $1.3 trillion deficit of President Obama must be turned into a surplus.

The Romney/Ryan ticket plus lots of Republicans can do it.  We are in a fiscal crisis that will lead to a worldwide depression if the Obama/Biden ticket is reelected.

Think back to 1980.  I shudder to think of what would have happened if President Carter had defeated Governor Reagan.  We now have the same situation, if not worse, with a president who has “led” us to $1.3 trillion in deficits, increasing our national debt by $5 trillion to $16 trillion.  He is borrowing 40¢ on each dollar spent.

Governor Romney dealt mostly with troubled companies for fifteen years as co-founder and head of Bain Capital after eight years in business consulting.  He understands why jobs are created and why they are lost.  Governor Romney has risen to challenges like the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, solving its problems related to scandal and money.  As governor of Massachusetts he inherited a $650 million deficit and a next-year projection of $2-3 billion deficit in a $23 billion economy, and nearly closed the gap fiscally.