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A Strong America

This election is critical.  A win by President Obama and a fair number of Democrats is not part of my vision of humankind’s journey toward a Heaven on Earth.  A strong America, economically and militarily, is good not only for jobs and family wealth, but should help prevent aggression by China, Russia and the militaristic Muslims.

President Reagan believed in a strong America.  I believe Governor Romney can help us achieve strength, through his deep business, investment and government fiscal skills.

I really believe if President Obama is reelected that we will have a worldwide depression.  I have been giving out one-page flyers entitled “Why the Reelection of President Obama will lead to a Worldwide Depression.”  I have been absolutely amazed at how many people have taken the flyer, read the title, and immediately agreed with me.  In fact, out of the hundreds of people to whom I handed the circular, very few have refused it, and many have agreed without even reading the whole piece.

As I have dug deeper and deeper into President Obama’s past, his actions and Governor Romney’s past, there is simply no comparison between the two, leading to the obvious conclusion as to how this election should and, I pray, will turn out—with wins by Governor Romney and a host of Republicans at all levels.

My vision of a heaven on earth includes a great Republican victory, followed by genuine, kind, imaginative innovation in our government, igniting growth and job creation, as occurred under President Reagan.

As our country regains its strength with then-President Romney leading, the links between peace, security, freedom, democracies and prosperity will become more apparent.  Additionally, spiritual harmony, racial harmony, ecological harmony and health, as well as moral purpose and meaning, can benefit.

Of course, prosperity alone doesn’t create self-discipline, wisdom, truth, kindness and worthwhile values, but it can help with basic needs and allow us to lead lives of meaning and purpose rather than only a desperate struggle for survival.

Halfway through my third read-through of No Apologies, I am particularly impressed by Governor Romney’s depth of understanding of what I call the Innovation Age.  He “gets it.”  Governor Romney understands in depth how jobs are created and maintained as well as how they are lost.  I certainly don’t think President Obama is in the same league as Governor Romney in this and many other ways.

Shame on the liberal media!

The liberal mainstream press should be ashamed of itself for allowing an anti-American to attain the presidency in the first place, much more so by promoting him in 2012 in spite of what is now known about him.  Shame!  Shame!  Shame!

With con men, one can’t believe what they say.  That’s the case with President Obama.  For him, the end justifies the means.  If the truth works, use it.  If not, don’t be constrained by the truth, especially when you can depend on a liberal mainstream press to cover for you.

I’ve just seen 2016:  Obama’s America for the sixth time.  I still find it striking.

Reasons to Worry

I am worried.  Considering President Obama’s performance and everything I know about him, he should lose this election, and lose it big, yet the polls show him in the lead in a close race.

Never in our nation’s history have we had an anti-American in the White House, much less reelected that person.  Every voter should visit www.usdebtclock,org and see the movie 2016:  Obama’s America.

I have predicted on my website that the reelection of President Obama will lead to a worldwide depression, meaning that jobs which are scarce now will be harder and harder to get.  And don’t forget what happened after the Great Depression—World War II.

I know that Governor Romney can and will lead us in the right direction—away from the anti-business, anti-“rich,” anti-colonial and anti-American stance of this hugely flawed, but slickly packaged President Obama.  Barrack Obama, Sr. was a preposterous, exaggerating, drunkard, bigamist, killer as a drunk driver, and wife-beater deadbeat to his children—a very flawed person.

And yet, President Obama glorified his father in Dreams from My Father.  The president got a fictitious view from his mother, Ann, who was also an extremely flawed person.  She instilled in her son the anti-colonial and anti-American views that she herself held during her short-lived marriage to the president’s father.  What you have in President Obama is a con man, very similar to his father, only in a much slicker way.

How else can one explain his election and looming re-election?  According to the Newsweek cover article, “Hit the Road Barrack,” he hasn’t kept his promises to the American people.  Isn’t that the sort of thing con men do?  His father, when he no longer had any significant status in Kenya, sometimes even impersonated important people.

President Obama lacks a positive American compass.  He wants to redistribute our American wealth to colonialized, poor nations and pull us down.  I believe in President Kennedy’s words, “A Rising Tide Lifts all Boats.”

President Obama lacks the ability to lead us the way Governor Romney can.  But he can drag us down through neglect of our deficit, national debt, entitlements, tax system and piling on more and more mindless regulation in his anti-business, anti- American way.

The CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce said he found it ironic that the first black president discriminated against women, minorities and small businesses.

I just sent out an email blast to all the addresses in my computer contacts list, with the depression prediction piece as well as the addresses of all my websites.

I believe now is the time to go full throttle to defeat President Obama and elect Governor Romney and a whole host of Republicans at all levels.  We are in the Innovation Age and I believe Governor Romney is by far the best choice to lead us in imaginative, creative, business-friendly solutions to help our nation shine again—as President Reagan put it—a shining city on the hill.

I feel that the future of the world is at stake, and that humankind must not repeat the mistakes of the twentieth century.

2016 The Movie

I’m waiting to see 2016 for the third time. Voters, especially those who are leaning slightly one way or another or are undecided, should see this movie.  A lot of facts that should have been reported by the mainstream press in 2008 are in this movie.

In 2008, although I didn’t like Senator Obama’s stance on the issues, my primary objection was that he was incompetent compared with Senator McCain.  I still believe, especially in terms of our economy, that he is incompetent and anti-business, but there’s more to it than that.  The film 2016 reveals that there is a rationale behind President Obama’s actions or inactions—he is following Dreams from My Father:  A Story of Race and Inheritance.  His anti-colonialism seems to have arisen from his mother’s praise of the father, a Kenyan, who deserted them, and explains President Obama’s big deficits and identification with Muslims rather than Israel.  In other words, there is an anti-American intent to harm our country financially and otherwise.  I urge all voters to see 2016 and go to

I have believed for some time that the reelection of President Obama would lead to a worldwide depression and have posted about it on the site.  After viewing 2016 three times I am even more concerned about our future, because I now think that he actively wants to harm our country.  I remember the CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce, who said it’s ironic that the first black president discriminates against minorities, women and small businesses.  The anti-colonialist is not so much in favor of helping the poor as in attacking the rich, just as President Obama has done.

He billed himself as a uniter, one who would bring together the red and blue states on a non-partisan basis.  He has done anything but that.  On the other hand, Governor Romney has a proven track record as a Republican governor working with a Democratic legislature to bring about a balanced budget and health care that worked fairly well for Massachusetts.

The movie 2016 explains that under President Obama our national debt would be $20 trillion by 2016.  Actually, we won’t get that far without a currency crisis with hyper-inflation or a crash as in 1929.

The jeopardy that we are now faced with in this election is not like 9/11, Pearl Harbor or Hurricane Katrina, in that those disasters were visible, but is nevertheless quite desperately important to the future of Americans, our nation and the world.  Governor Romney gives us a chance to escape the dark future that I believe will occur if President Obama serves a second term.

Colonialism is foreign to my mind and beliefs, yet I was still surprised that one of President Obama’s first acts was to remove a bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office.  Winston Churchill stood with FDR and our nation during World War II, but he was also head of the British Empire, which included Kenya, the nation of President Obama’s father, an anti-colonialist.  And don’t forget, he titled the book Dreams from My Father.

The movie explained how idealized, absent fathers can be a powerful influence in a child’s life.  A psychologist in the documentary explained that, after many fathers were killed in World War II, the mothers displayed their pictures prominently in the homes and spoke favorably about them to their children.  Apparently this is what President Obama’s mother did as she reared Barrack after his father abandoned them.

We are in dangerous territory.  Our debt and deficit are far too big.  The uncertainty of this election, Obamacare and our fiscal situation are hurting us from unemployment to new business formations.

It’s all starting to make sense to me.  Barrack’s mother praised the father who abandoned them.  The father was not present so Barrack only heard the good things and didn’t learn of the flaws, and his mother apparently agreed with Barrack’s father in his anti-colonial views.

This was not the typical upbringing of an African-American or most Americans, period.  Some people voted for Senator Obama because he was black—the blacks out of their identifying with him and pride that he was a candidate, as well as whites who were proud that they were not racist.

But now that he has failed in his first term, does he still deserve votes based on his race?  I say “no.”  He should be judged by his record just as Governor Romney should be.  And Governor Romney has a record we can all—of all races—be proud of.

We—as individuals, a nation and the world—cannot afford four more years of President Obama. We must turn this country around, fast, but surely, kindly and with great determination.

I realize that for those who voted for President Obama in 2008 it is difficult to admit that he has not lived up to expectations.  But it is our duty to seek the truth in all candidates and not to be overly naïve or misled by slick rhetoric.  I realize that President Obama can talk himself out of practically anything, but because we are facing the most important election perhaps since 1860 we must not rely on rhetoric but look at the record.

I believe if Americans are honest with themselves and evaluate President Obama, Vice President Biden, Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan in an objective way, the better ticket will win.  The vote should be out of wisdom—comprehensive knowledge as best we can and positive values such as honesty, truth and compassion.

Wisdom includes comprehensive knowledge and positive values.  Negative values such as hate, greed and envy are not a part of wisdom and should not overrule our honest judgment.  No one is completely wise or unwise.  But it is our duty as voters to seek to make wise decisions in all our votes.

I sometimes reread the late author Copthorne Macdonald’s essay, “The Centrality of Wisdom,” in How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth in which he writes, “Wisdom is not about facts per se; it is about the meaning of facts.  It is about the significance of facts and their implications.”  I believe that I have a certain degree of wisdom and a vision that I have derived over quite a life’s journey.

In 1980 we did not reelect President Carter, a good man, but one who did not have a good record as president, but instead we made a wise choice in electing Governor Reagan who became a great success for himself and all of us.

Now we are faced with a very similar choice between President Obama whom you may like, but who has a poor record.  Governor Romney has a solid record, and I believe it would be a very wise choice to elect him and a host of Republicans to assist him at this critical time.

Liberalism and the Booing of God

I listened in disbelief during the Democratic National Convention as delegates booed “God” and “Jerusalem” three times as the platform was to be amended to include those elements which most Americans would consider a given for a national party.  Liberalism is quite alive in the Democratic Party.

That liberalism is also pervasive in the mainstream media.  I will say that the publishers of Newsweek came to their senses with a cover article “Hit the Road, Barrack.”  I also saw a couple of positive articles in The New York Times.  But we must have much more such positive journalism, as our very way of life and world peace and prosperity are at stake.

Race should not be a factor

Race should not be a factor in any political contest in our country, especially the presidency and especially in our present precarious economic state.

“White guilt” should not induce whites to vote for President Obama, nor should whites vote against President Obama because he is African-American.  And African-Americans shouldn’t vote for President Obama simply because he is African-American.

Race should not count for or against any candidate.  In this crucial election with our nation’s economic well-being, unemployment, debt, deficits, entitlements placing us at risk, we must solve our problems; these issues are far more important than race.

We will always need wise, capable and honest leaders, regardless of race.  We should cast our votes based on the merit of the candidates and not according to negative values such as hate, envy or greed.

We are at risk

The more I think about it, the more I see the similarities between the election in 1980 and the upcoming one.  The crying need now is to avoid a worldwide depression.  I believe governor Romney and Congressman Ryan and a host of Republicans at all levels can do just that.

On the other hand, I believe the reelection of President Obama will lead to a worldwide depression.  Think back to Governor Reagan and how he took charge and focused on our economy.  His lower, simpler taxes and less regulation kicked off a twenty-five year period of growth, from 1982 to 2007.

We can’t afford another four years of President Obama and big government Democrats.  And that’s putting it mildly.  Again, I want to point out that the poor and middle class will suffer the most without a turn to Republicans in a big way.

With about half the world at risk from severe government debt and obligations, we must let Governor Romney lead.  He will bring in the best and brightest people and in a careful, prudent, professional way go about solving our nation’s fiscal problems, igniting growth as well as creating and maintaining millions of jobs.  Growth, jobs and prosperity go together, just as they did under President Reagan.

It takes a leader at the top who understands, in depth, how jobs are created, how they are kept and why they are lost.  We must win for the sake of America and all of humankind.  If not, I see a depression, possibly followed by World War III or something just as bad.

We must not vote based on “likeability” or oratory capability.  We must perceive depth in the ability to confront our enormous fiscal problems.  I believe Governor Romney can revamp all the important areas in need of real change to offer genuine hope to us all, including businesses of all sizes.  The psychological boost from his election alone will be extremely good for business after such an anti-business climate with President Obama.

President Obama may or may not have realized it, but his administration stacked regulation on top of regulation, suppressing and stifling businesses and banks of all sizes.  He seems to believe in big union-backed government.  We must, as Americans, realize what is at stake in the November elections, perhaps the most important since 1860.  Abraham Lincoln’s win precipitated the bloody Civil War, but in the end preserving the Federal Union allowed us to triumph in World War I and to spread freedom and democracy around the world.

These are in jeopardy in this election.  The opportunity is there.  We may go down the path of decadence and over-spending as have other great powers, or we may choose to lead with innovation and moral certitude worthy of praise around the world.  The role of a president must go beyond the bully pulpit—he must be ready and able to lead.

We must elect Governor Romney and a host of Republicans to preserve and grow our way of life.  We can.  That’s the superb characteristic of a robust, stable democracy.  But the choice is ours.  We must make a choice, not only for ourselves, but for all Americans and all of humankind.

Gov. Romney and Success

We must sound the alarm all across America.  If President Obama is reelected we are staring into the face of a worldwide depression, in which the poor and middle classes will be hurt most.

It is imperative that voters make thoughtful, well-informed choices this November.  Literally, the world depends on it.  Characteristics such as “likeability,” “charisma” and speaking ability should take back a seat to a very realistic assessment of how each candidate will handle the very real economic catastrophe.

President Obama may have bought a little time at a very expensive price—$5 trillion.  But I do not believe his performance in any way exemplifies him as one who can and will lead us to growth, jobs and an economy that does not sink along with Europe and Japan and perhaps everyone else.

Governor Romney, if elected, will work like a dog for us.  He will also attract and recruit the best and the brightest to allow us to innovate in this Innovation Age.  He and all his staff will take apart the federal budget, line by line, and make sense of it.  He did it for the 2002 Olympics, the state of Massachusetts, Bain Capital and as a management consultant.  He has a passion for doing the right thing.  And, unlike his opponent, he knowshow to do the right thing.

Governor Romney’s performance at Bain Capital is a big plus, in terms of showing real bottom-line success at helping troubled companies.  It was an excellent training ground for the government’s current challenge, as were the 2002 Olympics and his governorship.

With Bain Capital he learned in great depth how jobs are created, maintained and lost.  He does have a heart as he has proved time and again in his family, church and professional behavior.

The election of 2012 is much like that of 1980, as in both cases an incumbent president didn’t handle the economy with wisdom and knowledge.  President Reagan emerged as a hero for our economy and in the Cold War.

I believe Governor Romney has the depth and passion to make his mark now.  I very much like his choice of Congressman Paul Ryan.  As vice president he could and would help coordinate Romney’s executive branch with Congress.

Should the American people elect Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan, filling multiple vacancies would begin immediately, seeking the best and the brightest minds, especially from an economic standpoint.

I believe a worldwide depression can be avoided; we need to practice self-discipline, both individually and as a country.  Can we do it?  I believe we can.  And we must.  We must learn how to grow fit in mind and body, and develop our little piece of God.

Motivation must be our mantra for success.

Global Economy

I recently returned from visiting family and attending the football game between Mississippi State University and Auburn University.  It was a good game and a solid win for State, but I was disappointed that I didn’t get to distribute as many copies of my prediction of a worldwide depression essay as I would have liked.

I envision a worldwide depression if President Obama is reelected.  And remember the last depression—it was followed by World War II.  Peace and prosperity can be linked quite closely at times.  The ten elements of a Heaven on Earth overlap.  Most correlate, in some ways, but not all.

For instance, an improvement in ecological harmony may be somewhat negative to prosperity.  Too often complex green regulations are onerous to the running of all kinds of businesses.  On the other hand conservation is conservative.  There must be some balance.

We need to have international cooperation on the worldwide economy, but I believe it is imperative that America gives a clear signal of its own fiscal discipline—the election of Governor Romney and a host of Republicans at all levels.

I can’t overemphasize that point.  The world will not take us seriously on fiscal discipline if President Obama and lot of Democrats are reelected.

We must think not only as Americans, but also globally.  Our taxes must be simple and flat, as is the case with twenty-five to twenty-seven countries, with more considering the same.  We must be competitive worldwide.  We must upgrade our education at all ages!

The world is waiting for this election and watching to see whether we will institute fiscal discipline.  Our currency and interest rates on our national debt will be assessed according to our own choice:  discipline with Republicans or malaise with the Democrats.