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The Debates

I closely observed all three presidential debates as well as the sole vice presidential debate.

Let’s start with the vice presidential debate.  I was appalled at the behavior of Vice President Joe Biden:  smiling, laughing and interrupting, all in an inappropriate, rude and callous way.  This contrasted greatly from the straight-forward, intense, knowledgeable and respectful manner of Congressman Ryan.  Considering that a vice president is only a heartbeat away from the presidency, the situation we have with our current president and his vice president is somewhat scary.

The first presidential debate was viewed by a historic seventy million people.  Peggy Noonan wrote an incisive article in The Wall Street Journal (October 27, 2012), saying she believed the debate was perhaps the most enduring moment of the entire campaign, and that   “… Governor Romney was poised, knowledgeable, presidential.”

On the other hand, President Obama showed himself the way people in Washington have seen him close up, exposed as a man over his head and out of touch.  He is an amateur and he doesn’t even realize it, partly because of his remarkable inaccessibility and partly because of his extreme egotism, conceit and narcissism. (See my review of The Amateur).

The final two presidential debates were as strong for Governor Romney as the first one.  He certainly conducted himself with dignity and certainty, and at all times appearing keen and presidential.

President Obama could hardly do worse than he did in the first debate, so improved in the last two debates.  But considering that he has been president for four years, I certainly don’t think he has mastered the position or offered any definite and hopeful plans for the next four years.

All in all, it is amazing what can happen when the candidates appear directly before the American people with only a moderator who is supposed to be neutral.  Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan are to be congratulated on their insights and levelheadedness.


Senator Obama campaigned with the slogan of “Hope and Change,” calling for no more red and blue states, only the United States of America.  Yet growth, unemployment, unhealthy government finances, and a haughty, partisan attitude are just a few of the characteristics of his lack of leadership.

His campaign slogan now is “Forward” and yet he hasn’t even been passing budgets in the past, as he ran our national debt from $11 trillion to $16 trillion.  I certainly don’t want to go forward from there. (See my review of The Debt Bomb).

The Future

My calling is calling; not to dwell on what was or is, but rather what can be.

We have a huge choice in our robust and stable American democracy.  The status quo leads us to a world-wide depression and quite possibly a loss of peace and security on a major scale.

But we have our vote.  We can choose to innovate in government:  taxes, regulations, laws and on and on, simplifying our lives, increasing our productivity, raising our living standards and becoming a kinder, gentler nation.

Governor Romney’s leadership will be a key to such a future. (Please see my reviews of The Real Romney and Governor Romney’s own book, No Apology).

Let’s open the way to a bright future.  It’s a simple choice.  It won’t be an easy journey, but the status quo is not in my vision of the path to a Heaven on Earth.

My sincere judgment is that it is imperative to elect Governor Romney and a host of Republicans at all levels.  The future is all we have ahead of us.  Let’s take care to vote with the passion of wisdom.


A World-wide depression would rob America and the world of millions of jobs.  I believe the reelection of President Obama would lead to such a result (see the Home Page and my book review of The Debt Bomb).

Governor Romney, Congressman Ryan and a host of Republicans at all levels can produce 12 million jobs according to their calculations and the enactment of growth policies that would make America an attractive place to start, maintain and grow businesses of all kinds.  This is certainly a better alternative than a depression.

Can the Republicans do it?  President Reagan turned around an economy mired in stagflation (high unemployment and high inflation) as well as high interest rates.

We must innovate everywhere, but especially in our government.  The status quo of President Obama’s vacuum of leadership just won’t suffice in these perilous times.

Governor Romney explains that productivity is all-important (see my book review of No Apology).  The productivity and innovation concept must spread in and out of government.  Governor Romney writes a wonderful chapter in No Apology – “A Free and Productive Economy.”  He demonstrated there and in The Real Romney (see my book review) that he has great depth in business, fully understanding how to create and maintain jobs, and why they are lost.

In No Apology, Governor Romney summarizes, “(A) growth agenda favors low taxes, dynamic regulation, achievement in education, investment in research, robust competition, free trade, energy security, and purposeful immigration.  And it seeks to eliminate government waste, excessive litigation, unsustainable entitlement liabilities, runaway health-care costs, and dependence on foreign oil.”  This agenda will produce those 12 million jobs for America.

The Innovation Age

I have written that I believe we are in the Innovation Age.  Governor Romney is ideally suited to lead us at this time as demonstrated by his deep business and academic credentials as well as his business, investment and government experience.  I was particularly impressed by the chapter he wrote in No Apology:  “A Free and Productive Economy” (See my review of that book).

The private sector in America is full of risk-takers who will improve the old and invent the new.  But our government must make regulations, taxes and laws attractive to businesses of all sizes—exactly the opposite of the status quo with President Obama.

We must innovate in government in a kind, firm and effective manner.  Public unions must not control improvements in our schools, colleges and all levels of government.

We must enhance our immigration laws, especially to lure talented scientists, engineers, business persons and others who will fill jobs that can’t be filled now and to create more jobs at all levels.

Governor Romney explains how studying something in depth—such as advanced degrees in math, science or medicine—leads to people who are more apt to discover important advances.

We must innovate in government, technology, business, education, psychology, and all other areas of human endeavor, even religions if we are to attain spiritual harmony.

We must go beyond the status quo with President Obama and reach for a Heaven on Earth with Governor Romney and a host of Republicans at all levels.


The eyes of the world are on our election, and now our focus is on the swing state of Ohio.  I ask everyone who has a friend in that state to convey my website to them.  If we go viral, we can turn the pages of history away from a worldwide depression.  That’s the nature of our robust and stable democracy.

We must vote for wise, honest and capable leaders.  The specter of a worldwide depression drastically affects immediate prospects and far into the future.  I sincerely believe that Governor Romney, Congressman Ryan and a host of Republicans at all levels can and will innovate in our government in a kind and effective manner.

I wish, hope and pray for a Republican outcome in Ohio and throughout our nation.  We can do far better than the last four years.

An Open Mind

I invite you to wonder about the facts, authoritative opinions and my own views on my website.  Subjects include the effects of President Obama’s reelection—a worldwide depression (see my home page), the fiscal problems and solutions for America (see my review of The Debt Bomb), President Obama’s inept term of office (see my review of The Amateur), President Obama’s anti-American/anti-colonial mindset (see my review of Obama’s America), a fascinating biography of Governor Romney (see my review of The Real Romney), and Governor Romney’s own book (see my review of No Apology).

There is real depth in this website.  Open up your mind and wonder about the truth in this critical election.

It’s the economy, Stupid!

According to my analysis on the home page, a re-election of President Obama will lead to a worldwide depression.  The more I think about that, the more I am convinced of the truth of those words.

The national debt of $16 trillion is pressing on our economy, slowing it by 25 to 33 percent according to “The Debt Bomb” (See my review of Senator Tom Coburn’s powerful book).  President Obama incurred $5 trillion of the debt during his first four years.

Harry C. Alford, the President and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce said, “. . . here we were with the first black President who deliberately discriminates against small business, women, and minorities.  How ironic!”  (See my review of “The Amateur:  Barrack Obama in the White House.”)

President Obama is anti-American and anti-colonial, seeking to bring people in the top one percent down (that’s $34,000 per year globally – See my review of “Obama’s America.”)

President Obama has a Bachelor’s degree in political science from Columbia University and a law degree from Harvard, magna cum laude.  He has no business or military management experience, prior to his inept Presidency (See my review of “The Audacity of Hope.”)

Governor Romney was described as incredibly bright, hard-working and ambitious in the book I reviewed – “The Real Romney.”  He earned an English literature degree from BYU (with highest honors and a law degree (with honors) and Masters in Business Administration with a Baker Scholar (top five percent) at Harvard University.

Governor Romney had an intense business career including management consulting, head of Bain Capital and saving Bain & Company as well as the 2002 Olympics.  He always surrounded himself with the best people and is admired by the people with whom he worked.

His deep experience (with about 100 companies) at Bain Capital with business, investing, debt, understanding how jobs are created, maintained and lost will serve us and him well in the Presidency.

His fiscal management in Massachusetts as Governor (with a Democratic legis-lature) assuming a $650 million deficit with a $2 to $5 billion forecast; turning that into a balanced budget gives further evidence that he is equipped to stop the huge federal deficit from draining our economy.

Yes, it’s the economy, President Obama – and your “answers” don’t work!

The Smarter One

Raw, inert intelligence is one thing.  Applied intelligence can become genius, as with Steve Jobs, Mozart, etc.

Governor Romney has always been incredibly smart, hard-working and ambitious.  These qualities have been evident in the three debates and throughout his academic, business and government careers.

He received a bachelor’s degree in English literature at BYU with highest honors.  He earned a combination law degree with honors and an MBA as a Baker Scholar (signifying he was in the top five percent of his business class) at Harvard University.

President Obama received a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Columbia University, apparently without honors.  He graduated from Harvard Law School with honors.

So, Governor Romney has a deeper academic background, especially in business, a needed attribute in our presidency now.

Governor Romney has demonstrated his business and investment ingenuity as a business consultant, head of Bain Capital overseeing investment in about one hundred companies, saving Bain and Company, reviving the 2002 Olympics, and leading Massachusetts to a balanced budget as well as a state health plan.  He also campaigned unsuccessfully against Ted Kennedy for the Senate and against John McCain for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination.

But, as did President Reagan who didn’t get the 1976 Republican nomination and came back in 1980 to win it all, Governor Romney tried to get the 2008 Republican nomination and had the drive, determination and ambition to come back and get the 2012 Republican nomination.

President Obama had no business or military leadership roles prior to his presidency.  And his presidency has been a disappointment to many in everything from our national debt and unemployment to his extremely partisan politics, just the opposite of what he promised.

All things considered, I think Governor Romney is smarter than President Obama.  Let’s put that brilliance, hard work and ambition to work for us where it belongs, in the White House.


I get it!

I’ve now completed my review of Obama’s America.  I hope and pray it will help Governor Romney and a host of Republicans at all levels to win big in November, a result that is within my vision for the path to a Heaven on Earth.  A worldwide depression, precipitated by the reelection of President Obama, is definitely not within my vision of a path to a Heaven on Earth.

Winston Churchill had visions of World War I and II, yet he wasn’t believed until it was too late.  Let’s not repeat such a mistake.

Now’s the time!  I must tell and try to explain my vision for our economy, the coming worldwide depression if President Obama is reelected, my agreement with Dinesh D’Souza that President Obama has an anti-colonial, anti-American mindset, and finally that the election of Governor Romney and a host of Republicans at all levels is within my view of the path to a Heaven on Earth.

This vision has taken years to develop and I think it’s a matter of my mind, body and little piece of God communicating with Almighty God, our Father and Creator.

I agree that it is a grand vision, but I believe God loves us with an enduring, steadfast heart and that prosperity, not materialism, is a key element in our journey to a Heaven on Earth.

I believe President Obama (abandoned before birth by his father and by his mother at the age of ten) is, very unfortunately for our country, a deeply-flawed person who has tried to live up to the myth of his father as conveyed by his mother and her parents.

It’s taken me a long time to “get it.”  In the 2008 election I set up my political website in strong support of Senator McCain.  I opposed Senator Obama on the basis of inexperience.  During his presidency I thought President Obama’s poor and unexplainable performance was based on his incompetence and irresponsibility.  But now I get it.  He is incompetent to save our economy, unlike Governor Romney.  But after much study, especially of the works by Dinesh D’Souza, I believe there is intent on President Obama’s part to tear down our country to make it like other third world nations such as Kenya, his father’s birthplace.

He doesn’t have the skills or knowledge, wisdom and leadership to do things (especially with regard to our economy) right, but he can take us down.  It’s much harder to build something up than to take it down.