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Dear Fellow Republicans

To my fellow Republicans and all Americans:

During this past election, we Republicans shot ourselves in the foot in two key areas and paid a terrible price as a party.  As a result, Americans in general, and most likely the whole world, will suffer.
Those areas (which were greatly exaggerated by the Democrats and liberal mainstream media) were the following:
1. Anti-women issues surrounding pro-life.
2. Anti-Latino issues concerning immigration.
As a party we ought to disavow any party allegiance to pro-life or pro-choice. We need to stand for freedom in the broadest sense possible.  As to immigration, we have to offer an enlightened approach that recognizes the reality of immigrants who have been here for years with a simple, clear, reasonable path to full citizenship. Additionally, we must open the doors of citizenship with simple, lucid laws and regulations for talented immigrants such as scientists, engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs and such. This will allow us to fill jobs begging for special requirements and cause greater growth. It will also engender the creation of new companies and open the way for a better economy and more jobs.
Let’s roll–Republicans and Democrats, acting in a united way for the benefit of the citizens of American and the world, along our perilous odyssey to a heaven on earth!


John E. Wade II
1225 Second Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

(504) 897-3413

The Importance of the House of Representatives

Never in the history of our country has the House of Representatives been so important as it is now, and for at least the next two years. The American people should listen (in an unfiltered manner) to what the Republicans in the House have to say over this historic period.
There is a lot of noise in our day-to-day lives. Try to perceive the truth–from honest, genuine people who think, act and speak as President Reagan would.
Let’s roll, with optimism and faith in the truth as we try to discern that awesome path to a Heaven on Earth!


There are good habits and bad habits and all of them can be changed.  To break bad habits such as alcohol or drug addiction, overeating and so forth is not easy, but it is possible, “,,, for God all things are possible.”  And, “God is Love.”  Also, He loves with an enduring, steadfast love, so He wants us to improve, and over time or over-night change old bad habits to good ones.

The future is all we have ahead of us.  Delayed gratification really makes sense if one is seeking worthwhile goals.  Life is full of worthy goals, and patience as well as persistence can pay off in enormous degrees.  Nutrition and exercise can engender a better life far beyond the body.  They affect that threesome of mind, body and little piece of God as well as all sorts of relationships.

Our country must unite and everyone, including President Obama, must realize that our nation created the world’s largest economy with capitalism tempered by democracy and free, fair trade.  Opportunity, not trickle-down government, is what made our country great, and as President Reagan said, “America is the hope of the World.”

We must preserve the good aspects of the United States and innovate to allow us to attain a solution to our enormous challenges:  our national debt of $16 trillion; about $120 trillion of entitlement liabilities; our archaic, backward and completely non-simple, non-understandable tax system; our far too complex and pervasive laws and regulations; and bloated federal government.

I haven’t given up, although the political scientists won the election.  I believe truth will win out and that my vision for America is much closer to the truth than whatever is in President Obama’s mind.

I’ve been told that President Obama’s actions and those of his administration during the Libyan attack could turn into a Watergate.  He might deserve it but the reality is that the country can’t endure such an event now and the liberal mainstream press probably wouldn’t let it happen anyway.

Why can’t it happen?  We are at risk of a worldwide depression and everyone in our country needs to unite to prevent it.  We need to unite behind capitalism tempered by democracy and free, fair trade.  We can and we must.

Freedom, democracies, prosperity, peace and security all depend on our taking stock of our nation’s financial state.  The role of government over the individual or businesses ought to be minimalistic in order to maximize the productivity of people, in and out of businesses.  Government does not know best; the best emerges when free individuals and businesses act in an ethical, lawful manner and, at the same time innovate.

The time for a flat tax is now!  A flat tax is now used in about twenty-seven countries and more are considering it.  It can be a game-changer along with simpler, understandable effective laws and regulations. These innovations in government, while difficult politically, are awesome in their potential for letting us out of the current fiscal mess, the mess of government reaction to special interests and the reelection cycles.

Whatever we do as a nation, we must be kind to our people.  There may be a tough love requirement for the good of our own people, but we must unite as a people recognizing the risks of a depression which hurt the poor and middle class the most.

Everything from obesity to smoking must be addressed in this Innovation Age.  We can and we must.  It is truly a matter of motivation

John E. Wade II, November 24, 2012

The Only Poll that Counts

On November 6, 2012, Americans participate in our robust and stable democracy. But our prosperity has been unusually weak for four long years. I predict that the reelection of President Obama will lead to a world-wide depression (See my Home Page and my review of The Debt Bomb).

I call on all who agree with the facts and opinions of this site to:

  • First and foremost, vote for Romney/Ryan and Republicans at all levels.
  • Second, help this site to go viral, especially in the swing states of Ohio, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Michigan and Nevada.

My vision is for a great Republican victory as we journey toward a Heaven on Earth (See my blogs, John’s Blogs and the book that I created, financed and edited, How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth).

Let’s roll—one by one, vote by vote—we must make our votes, voices and computer talents count for a great Republican victory pointing toward a joyful Heaven on Earth!

All of Us

I believe that God created all of us with a mind, body and little piece of God, from the dawn of humankind.  Because of that, he loves us with an enduring, steadfast love.  Because of that, I believe that He has always intended for us to achieve a Heaven on Earth, someday, somehow.

What does this vision have to do with these elections?  It was President Reagan who said, “Trusting in God and helping one another; we can and will preserve the dream of America, the last best hope of man on earth.”

A worldwide depression will not serve the best interests of America or the world.  We must not gravitate to the status quo of a failed president.

We must shift to Governor Romney as we did in 1980 to Governor Reagan, an economics major and two-term governor of California.  This must be a seismic shift to Republicans at all levels of government to preserve the dream of America and light a torch along our arduous journey to a Heaven on Earth—for all of us.


A Simpler Journey

The status quo with President Obama leads to a world-wide depression (See the Home Page).  But the choice of Governor Romney offers us a leadership to do what successful companies like Apple do in the private sector:




            President Obama has added armies of bureaucrats, scores of regulations with many more to come after the election.  Obamacare is an enormously expensive and unnecessary intrusion into the doctor/patient/healthcare system, one developed and passed into law without the support and input of Republicans in Congress.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Laws and regulations such as Obamacare sound kind.  But when such actions accumulate, they hamper our economy and employment rather than genuinely help our people, especially the poor and middle class who will suffer the most with a world-wide depression.

I invite you to see my review of U.S. Senator Tom Coburn M.D.’s book, The Debt Bomb.  He has a firm grasp of Obamacare and the other severe problems in our government, in addition to well-conceived solutions.

The status quo is a perilous and unnecessary choice.  Governor Romney is incredibly bright, hard-working and ambitious (See my review of The Real Romney).  Let’s elect him and a host of Republicans at all levels to work to create a simpler path with business techniques used by successful companies all over the world.

A Heaven On Earth

I created, financed and edited a book entitled How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth.  It was quite an undertaking—much harder, longer and more expensive than I had expected.

The book revolved around ten elements that I was inspired to conceive as I wrote about a Heaven on Earth beginning in the year 2000:  peace, security, freedom, democracies, prosperity, spiritual harmony, racial harmony, ecological harmony and health, as well as moral purpose and meaning.

A key element is prosperity, not materialism.  My vision of a path to heaven on earth does not include the reelection of President Obama because that would lead to a world-wide depression (See the home page.).

My vision of this election is to enact tough love in our stable and robust democracy and elect Governor Romney, Congressman Ryan and a host of Republicans at all levels.  I perceive quite deeply that such a path will allow us to proceed with dispatch toward a Heaven on Earth.

Business 101

President Obama had no business or military leadership experience before his inept assumption of office four years ago.  And he hasn’t grown in office (See my review of The Amateur).  He also lacks academic business training.

On the other hand, Governor Romney has benefitted from twenty-five intense, powerful years in business consulting and business investing, most of it in key leadership positions. (See my review of The Real Romney).  He also earned a law degree with honors and an MBA (as a Baker scholar in the top five percent of his class) at Harvard University.

In my opinion, with a world-wide depression looming if President Obama is reelected, the focus of this election must be on the following:

The Economy

The Economy

The Economy

            President Obama has a dismal record over his four years.  Normally, after a serious recession such as the one in 2008, there is a “bounce” of growth in the economy leading to higher employment and better times, as occurred under President Reagan from 1982 until 2007.  Of course, it took the great leadership of President Reagan and his Reaganomics to invoke such a pronounced and long-lasting period of growth.

But President Reagan had an economics degree, and appointed a Economic Policy Advisory Board, which included Milton Friedman, Alan Goldman and Arthur Laffer, all champions of simpler, lower taxes and minimal regulations.

I believe Governor Romney, as he always has in the past, will bring in talented free-market advisors and return the United States to an attractive venue in which to start, maintain or expand businesses, as they hire our people and rejuvenate our outlook from Wall Street to Main Street.

So we must choose between the status quo of an inept president and the proven business leadership of Governor Romney.

My vision of Business 101 is that we should hire Governor Romney and a host of Republicans at all levels and climb the staircase of opportunity.  Heaven on Earth awaits!

The Economy

Uncertainty is rampart in the world of business and finance right now and it has been that way since 2008.  Why?  Approximately half of the world has severe debt problems (See the home page).  Over the last four years there has been a vacuum in presidential leadership.

President Obama backed away from the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles Commission’s findings (solutions to our government’s fiscal problems).  According to U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D., “His [President Obama’s] decision, I believe, will be remembered as one [of] the greatest failures of presidential leadership in American history.”  (See my review of The Debt Bomb).

I predict a worldwide depression if President Obama is reelected (See the home page).

If we elect Governor Romney, Congressman Ryan and a host of Republicans at all levels we can, and I think we will, innovate in government.  We will remove the uncertainty of Obamacare by repealing and replacing it on a sound economic basis.  The uncertainty of an anti-business president will be put aside.

To attract businesses of all sizes to start, expand and hire in America, President Romney writes, “A growth agenda favors low taxes, dynamic regulation, achievement in education, investment in research, robust competition, free trade, energy security and purposeful immigration.  And it seeks to eliminate government waste, excessive litigation, unsustainable entitlement liabilities, runaway healthcare costs, and dependence on foreign oil.  This, in a nutshell, ought to be the economic agenda for America.”

Prosperity for America and potentially the world is at stake in these crucial elections.  The outcome will not only affect our children and grandchildren, but also the immediate future.