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ObamaCare, Incompetence, and Us

  I just read another fine article written by one of my favorite writers, Peggy Noonan (The Wall Street Journal, October 26, 2013).  Noonan explains in graphic detail how the administration had three and a half years to implement ObamaCare, and yet it is a “political disaster” with no end in sight.
    I must say, “I told you so,” in 2008 and 2012, over and over and over again.  This president and the people who closely surround him are and always have been incompetent.
    We have a fundamental problem in America:  lack of self discipline.  We want immediate gratification.  As the “Sage of Singapore,” Lee Kuan Yew, said, after World War II, Americans, and perhaps most of the developed world, decided that the government had the solutions.  Too many people–and the mainstream press too–evolved away from self reliance, resilience and even healthy eating habits to a state of advocating for the government or someone else to work out their problems.  (Follow this link to read my review of a wonderful book about Lee Kuan Yew.
    This mindframe has led to many maladies even beyond the debacle of ObamaCare, as bad as it is, and that’s terrible.  Allow me to mention one of the worst calamities we have right now–forty percent of births are now from unwed mothers.  No matter how strong and loving such a mother can be, it stacks the deck against both the mother and child.
    We must no longer look to government or celebrities for “solutions.”  We must first take an honest look at ourselves.

Imagination and the Innovation Age

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

That statement is very true to the people who are in abject poverty.  They must live by their wits and their imagination.  Get them a Grameen micro loan—especially groups of women—and let their imagination, determination and persistence wipe out their poverty, for themselves and their children.

Imagination in high technology can sometimes require a high platform of formal learning.  For instance, no one is going to be highly imaginative in terms of advancing something like quantum physics without taking a physics course.

So, imagination is important at all levels of human endeavor.  But higher and higher knowledge platforms are necessary in The Innovation Age.

Prosperity for All

On a recent trip to India, I started thinking about wealth and those who are lacking it.  I agree with Gandhi that wealth without work is a sin.  The important thing throughout the world is to strive toward global prosperity, but at the same, time, move away from the negative value of envy.  I believe this will encourage those with means to contribute to worthy charities which can aid in promoting prosperity worldwide.  I believe all can rise above abject poverty.  The goal then will be for everyone to appreciate their present economic state and not envy those who have more.

It’s rather simple.  There will always be someone richer.  In fact, if everyone was unilaterally rich, the value of money would decline to the point of being meaningless.  Therefore, the goal has never been for all to be wealthy.  However, we can all be free from abject poverty and be grateful for our state of being.  People should not be desperate for their sustenance.  But neither should they be long-term recipients of financial aid without a serious ambition to better themselves and their families (where possible).

Gandhi espoused self-induced methods to survive economically.  The world was changed and for the better.

We must grow education at all levels not only in India, but in America and the world.  I think it can be done.  But it will require:




This applies not only to the corporations but also to the parents and children of our planet.

Our President, A Superb Political Hack

President Reagan was a superb communicator and politician, but he was also a very effective president in terms of governing–especially in regards to our economy and the world stage.
    Our current president should not–in many ways–surprise us in terms of what he does.  It is very important to distinguish between what our president says and what he does.  Right now he is playing a dangerous game.  Why can he play that game?  Because–in his heart of hearts–he really doesn’t care if the United States defaults on its debt.  This is particularly true if he discerns that he can make some sort of political capital out of this serious situation.
    Do you remember his first presidential campaign–how he spoke of change and bipartisanship?  I remember it well.  Perhaps now we are just headed forward to a depression.
    Why should we expect anything but a political hack?  After all, he was a political science major, a liberal Harvard law school graduate and a community organizer under a person who was very close to being a Communist–a very failed economic and political system.
    The reality of it all is that he wants his egotistical name on Obamacare more than he cares about one sixth of our economy, doctor-patient relationships or Nancy Peloci’s outrageous assertion the the House of Representative should go ahead and pass Obamacare so they could read the bill.
    President Obama is the closest thing to a third world dictator that our country has ever had–by far–and the liberal media has stood by and swallowed practically every word he utters–no matter how far from the truth it happens to be.  One of his latest acts of incompetency was to almost get us into a war with Syria.  Even some of his liberal backers–if they were honest with themselves–must have been taken aback at that major outrage.
    In our stable and robust democracy we must deal with this president over the next three+ years.  But we don’t–as a people–have to listen to and believe what he says from the “bully pulpit.”
    Our economy is at risk, but let’s not allow President Obama play the blame card–something he has done time and time again.  Believe me.  His words are shrewdly calculated for political effect, but they are sorely lacking in wisdom and truth–values that President Reagan supplied in spades.
    So listen, please, we must unite, Democrats and Republicans, to fashion a bipartisan solution–with or without the twisted words of our president.

The Washington Guerilla in Our Economy

We have a bloated federal government.  Believe me and a host of others.  I spent twenty years as a federal employee and I believe a reduction in force (RIF) could be done in a kind way–like good citizen corporations accomplish when they must terminate employees.
    It should work like this:
1.  Hire independent human relations (HR) workers on a contract basis to help outplacements with resumes, employment, occupational interest tests and ability tests(all optional and also available to the general public).
 2.  Concurrently with obvious RIFs, there should be an intense study of laws, regulations and organizations to attain efficiency, simplicity and greater productivity in both the government and private sector.  It can be done and it would, if done right, greatly enhance our economy.
 3.  The other major initiative should be a reform of entitlements.  Everyone in Washington (except those incompetent people in denial of reality) knows this reform is desperately needed.
Harness your courage–Democrats and Republicans.  The status quo in Washington is dangerous–like a wild guerilla.  Interest rates could skyrocket at any time now or in the future.  Cynical politicians should not toy with these facts.  Wise, capable and honest leadership is sorely needed in this process.

The View from Above

I was recently looking at a beautiful sight from my plane—puffy white clouds down below extending all the way to the horizon—an inspiring gift from God.  Above the horizon the sky is clear and blue.  From here it is breathtaking and striking, and yet from below it must be overcast and gray.  Perhaps that’s the way life is as we look around below the clouds and see the dull and bad aspects of life, whereas from above God observes the goodness of it all.  Somehow we must venture out from below the clouds and recognize the awesome reality above them.   

Negative Values: Revenge

Revenge is closely related to hate.  Here again a wholesale campaign by all human entities can do wonders to end this negative value.

We each have a role to play.  We must look in an honest way at ourselves.  Is there anyone in our lives whom we harbor the drive to exact revenge?  Looking inward is a way of overcoming this and other negative values.  It all starts with being honest with oneself and seeking to improve ethically, morally and legally.  We should then encourage others to do the same.

The future is all we have ahead of us.  We must take care to seek Heaven on Earth.  If we don’t, there are the potential catastrophes of crushing debt, global warming with climate change and radical Islamic disaster.  I am an optimist and I believe all of the above can be avoided, but not without great effort and a serious turn from past behaviors.  A Heaven on Earth beckons.  But we must do our part—one by one, million by million, and billion by billion.

Negative Values: Envy

I think envy is a close relative of greed because most likely many who are greedy are that way because they are envious of others who have more fame, fortune or whatever they seek.

President Obama used this negative value quite adroitly in his re-election campaign.  That is a very bad sign for America.

But I am the eternal optimist; I believe if globally we teach everyone to view those with more means with respect, curiosity and admiration—rather than envy—amazingly good things would come about for all.  We might learn from others who possess that which we seek and use that knowledge for self-improvement.

Negative Values: Greed

This negative value is very much a matter of degree.  Seeking financial rewards for one’s family and oneself can be a very worthy pursuit.  But at some point—especially if a person uses unethical, immoral or illegal means—this worthy pursuit becomes greed.

How do we help everyone to judge where that balance is in their own personal affairs?  Also, how do we combat the ones who practice this value?

Here again we must unite to praise those who are ethical, honest, moral and legal in their financial affairs.  We must unite in every human entity and encourage outstanding charities and other altruistic.  We should not be overly concerned about timing.  Bill Gates and Warren Buffett made their huge fortunes first, and then turned to philanthropy.

Others—myself included—want to contribute as I go along.  I still want to build a sizable estate so that my descendants can pursue altruistic ventures in their own time.  Also, I want to have the means to contribute to charities and such that I believe will bear fruit toward a Heaven on Earth.

Negative Values: Hate

Hate is the embodiment of a huge amount of anger.  Love conquers hate.  “Violence begets violence,” according to Gandhi.  Hate can and many times does lead to violence.  I say, “Kindness begets kindness.”  I’m sure Gandhi would agree with me.  Hate must be treated with compassion, understanding and a long-term effort by all, especially those closest to the person who harbors this hate.

Hate—just like all the other negative values—must be singled out by all human entities, including film, media, schools, spiritual bodies, radio, television, and on and on.  Instead of our media covering all the details of crimes, isolate the value failures—such as hate—and solve the real issue, and not just the crime.  We must conquer hate!