Monthly Archives: October 2013

Negative Values: Selfishness

This is my first in my series on the five negative values.  Selfishness may appear very early in children; particularly if sibling rivalry is involved.  Of course, it can and is present in all ages.  But it is a negative value that must be diminished and finally eliminated for us to reach a Heaven on Earth.  We must, globally, recognize this quality as a value to combat, one by one.  All human entities should be engaged in this worthy quest.

Now I don’t consider it selfish to strive for success and financial rewards as long as there is a balance with the positive values such as compassion.  It takes another positive value—honesty—to root out our own selfishness and turn the tide to values like justice.  Selfishness is not a value that will be eradicated globally in a very quick or easy fashion.  But as President Reagan said, there are no easy answers, but there are simple answers.

Positive Values: Comprehensive Knowledge

Only God has comprehensive knowledge.  However, we all possess one degree or another of humankind’s rapidly expanding body of knowledge.  But now, in the 21st century, each individual’s knowledge—and our comprehensive knowledge—must out-race the technology which is forging ahead at a rapid rate.

I think humankind can “out-race” technology, but only if we try very hard to simplify.  Our minds must not be preoccupied with mundane chatter.  We must seek truth and wisdom in order to grow.