Monthly Archives: December 2013

Being a Hero

I have written before that there is a hero inside each of us and all of us.  I still believe that’s true.  Each of us and all of us must seek our calling(s) and during our lives those callings may change; for instance, one calling may be raising children.  Eventually those children become adults; and if you’ve raised them right, they will be about seeking and following their own calling(s).

We all have an important role to play in that ultimate journey toward Heaven on Earth.  Why do I say all have an important role?  Because the key to unlocking Heaven on Earth is in improving our values and behavior, globally with God’s enduring, steadfast love.

Wisdom is so vital in this venture.  And wisdom can be taught.  Let’s bring out that hero in each of us and seek wisdom day by day, lifetime by lifetime.

We need good people everywhere.  Let’s all strive to become a “good” person.

Thoughts on the Presidency

It appears to me that more and more people are now recognizing that President Obama is incompetent.  The major parts, though not all, of his lack of fitness for the Presidency are his liberal ideology and absence of any credible understanding of the American economy—its engine, private enterprise, business and entrepreneurial spirit.  He distrusts businesses and they certainly don’t trust him either.

The sad fact is that his Presidency will be with us for over three more years.

When the electorate picks Presidents and other candidates solely (or mostly) on the basis of race or gender, the result can very well be the lack of wise, capable and honest leaders.  In President Obama—with the liberal mainstream media carrying him—we see the disastrous result of voting which  lacked wisdom.  We can do better; and next time, we must.

Live Your Value

The key to moving toward Heaven on Earth from the Innovation Age is human enhancement—especially the spread of the wisdom-associated values—and the shunning of the negative values, as enumerated by Copthorne MacDonald in his essay in my book, “How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth.”  In his essay, MacDonald explained that wisdom could be taught.  I believe that we need a global effort in that regard.  This would involve families, schools, spiritual entities, governments, all forms of media and every other form of human relations.

The best teaching, I believe, is by doing, especially within the family.  If a parent tries to teach their children values—or practically anything else—yet does not exercise those values and behavior, the result is doomed to failure.  Leading by example works and that is why adopting positive values within ourselves while rejecting negative ones can move mountains.

The great religious leaders in human history not only spoke wonderful values, but they also demonstrated those important rules by living them.  So, the important lesson is to live one’s values, but even to day-by-day improve our values and behavior.  It’s simple; but it won’t be easy.  I believe with God’s enduring, steadfast love and guidance, which I deeply believe has been there since the dawn of humankind, we—each of us and all of us—can at some point develop a future without the threat of nuclear annihilation, climate catastrophe and terrorism as well as all the other potential minefields in our existence.