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Scott Walker has the “Right Stuff” for Our Nation

I truly enjoyed my many readings of Governor Scott Walker’s book, Unintimidated.  His record as Governor of Wisconsin is impressive, demonstrating strength of character and principles, innovative positive actions, wisdom, honesty, and leadership.

All in all, I genuinely believe Governor Walker has “the right stuff” for re-election in Wisconsin and a winning Presidential run in 2016.  He has both local and state experience.  He was County Executive for Milwaukee County as he was re-elected three times with larger margins of victory each time.  He also served in the Wisconsin Legislature.

He learned at the local level how destructive public unions are—willing to accept layoffs of teachers, other workers, and higher taxes, just about anything to preserve their involuntary dues income.

Federal employees have some unions, but they have much more limited powers than many state and local unions.  But federal workers receive pay and benefits 16 percent higher than comparable pay in the private sector.  I believe that as president, Scott Walker would address both pay, redundancies and inefficiencies in our federal government; there are enormous savings that could be found in that endeavor.  But it takes courage and it must be done in a kind way, with outplacement services comparable to good citizen corporations.

Courage is in short supply for so many inside the Washington beltway.  Governor Scott Walker, like President Reagan, could provide courageous leadership toward heaven on earth.

We need to increase growth and opportunity in our nation.  Upward mobility is crucial.  Education, which Governor Walker understands, is one definite key in the 21st century.  Without education, upward mobility for most is stymied.  I understand that the budget for teachers’ unions nationwide is larger than that of the Republican and Democratic Parties combined.  But when collective bargaining rights of unions are taken away, as in Wisconsin and Indiana, schools are able to be run with the primary goal of maximizing student upward mobility, not the income of union bosses.

Secretary Clinton and President Obama are creatures of union support, in effect helping to destroy the upward mobility of students all over our nation.

Unions were once needed by workers who were abused by management.  But that time was decades ago.  It is possible to have responsible unions, but the record and effect of teacher unions has been disgraceful.  In the 21stcentury we must motivate and educate all our citizens, especially our youth of all races, to attain global-type capabilities.  Unions, especially teacher unions, are the enemy of upward mobility in the United States.

Governor Scott Walker has proven through death threats and national media calling him “Dead Man Walker” that he will stand up to unions and whatever else stands in the way of our nation’s journey toward heaven on earth.  As he essentially points out in his book, he is not anti-union, but he is pro-teacher, pro-student, pro-taxpayer, and pro-good government.

He states again and again that he respects public servants who concentrate on the next generation rather than the next election.  He also explains that those persons are much more apt to win the next election.

The march to Heaven on Earth is not without its challenges.  Governor Scott Walker has faced—with determination and strength—his share and more.  And he certainly shined.  He’s needed to continue his reforms in Wisconsin in one of the 50 laboratories of our democracy.  But on January 20, 2017, I hope and pray that he will be inaugurated as a Reagan-like President of the 21st century.  I see that in him, genuinely and sincerely.

And remember the legacy of President Reagan: a growth economy which enhanced the lives of so many in the middle class, lower class mobility and everyone else, and how his adroit bargaining, economic strength and military power led to the end of the Cold War, without firing a shot.  We have some of the similar challenges now, a difficult economy, radical Muslims, and Russian expansionism.

In our democracy we each have an important role to play in terms of voters.  I hope and pray that our electorate will discern the immense possibilities in electing Scott Walker.  I genuinely, deeply believe that he has the “right stuff” to propel us toward Heaven on Earth.  He has a rich and victorious electoral and accomplishment record at the local and state level.  He hasn’t been contaminated by the Washington beltway re-election disease.  He’s a courageous leader like President Reagan.

Yes, Republican, Democratic and independent voters should try to see through the mainstream press which is likely to attempt to destroy ANY Republican Presidential candidate despite the glaring character and other flaws of Secretary Clinton.

America doesn’t need a Democratic “folk hero” in 2016 or, for that matter, in other offices in 2014.

An Important Election in Louisiana

I recently attended an event at the Audubon Tea Room honoring Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy, M. D. and his race for the Senate against the incumbent, Senator Mary Landrieu, a Democrat.  It is absolutely crucial for the nation and its people, and really the entire world, for Republicans to win in 2014 and 2016 at all levels.

The pendulum has swung far, far, far too much toward the liberal side, and Senator Landrieu has voted with President Obama’s side 97% of the time.  Her vote simply hasn’t reflected the views of Louisiana’s people.

Congressman Cassidy, M. D., has worked as a doctor in the charity system, gone to Africa with his wife, who is also a physician, and attended to the medical needs of the people there.  He understands healthcare, especially for the middle class and poor.

In the House of Representatives he has fought against Obamacare.  Senator Landrieu cast a key vote that allowed it to happen.

I hope that in the fall that there is a Louisiana Senatorial debate.  Senator Landrieu has the advantage of being an incumbent, and we saw how important that can be with President Obama’s re-election.

So, Republicans, all the voters of our state, must take this election quite seriously.  A Republican victory is necessary to give our citizens a Senator who understands healthcare and is not beholding to President Obama.

I’ve been told that Senator Landrieu has won each of her three Senatorial races by only 52 percent of the Louisiana vote.  So, we can win.  We must win!

It is time for a “revolution” against this third-world President.  By “revolution” I mean a realization that our stable, robust democracy must be revived with a very healthy dose of Republicans at all levels to allow our free enterprise system to be revived as President Reagan did, leading to a 25-year period of prosperity initiated by the greatest President in my lifetime.

Our country is in dire need of true public servants like Bill Cassidy.  Why do I say that?  I deeply believe that the Republican Party reflects good government and fiscal responsibility.

In November, 2014, Louisiana voters must decide between Senator Landrieu, a liberal Obama voter, and Congressman Cassidy, M. D., a conscientious, capable, and honest public servant who is in touch with the citizens of Louisiana and votes accordingly.

We must, as a nation, face reality about a lot of things, including the lack of jobs, our national debt and entitlements, the anti-business climate, as well as the regulations and laws of the Obama Administration (including Obamacare that was and is opposed by Congressman Cassidy, M. D.).

The citizens of Louisiana deserve better than Senator Landrieu has provided and will provide.  On the other hand, as Senator, Bill Cassidy will lead as well as follow.  He will use his expertise to lead and at the same time follow the well-conceived moderate and conservative views of Louisiana citizens.

The path to a Heaven on Earth must, in my vision, turn in the direction of Republican leadership like the domestic and world economy and Cold War turned with President Reagan’s leadership.

And leadership is the right word and Congressman Cassidy is that type of leader.

America fought in World War II against non-democratic genocide invoking foes.  That should never, never happen again.  But it takes the strength of someone like Bill Cassidy and Scott Walker to maneuver us through the treacherous waters ahead.  We can!  We must!

The Importance of Showing Our Country’s Youth the Republican Way

The elections both this year and in 2016 are critical to our nation, its people, and the world.  Here in Louisiana, I will do my part to help elect a fine Congressman to the Senate, Bill Cassidy, M. D.  This can very well give Republicans a majority in the Senate and help lower the downside risks of the remaining time of President Obama.  That’s very important to Louisiana and our nation as well as globally.

Why?  There are only two things that have propelled our economy (jobs for our young people and everyone else who has been successful in job searches), and they are:

·        Oil and gas advances creating a lot of well-paying jobs and all the jobs that surround those jobs.

·        Thirty Republican governors who have promoted their state economies with sound fiscal policies and job-creating education enhancement at all levels.

I have read and reviewed Scott Walker’s book, Unintimidated, several times.  It has conveyed the message time and time again that sound fiscal policies can mean lower taxes, efficient, yet not austerity-type of government, improved education with flexibility in rewarding good teachers, hiring well and dismissing “lemons” that destroy our youth, and holding teacher meetings without union approval and on and on.  Flexibility is all-important both in managing a business and a government, national, state or local.  Scott Walker understands the importance of this flexibility at the state and local level because he had tremendous problems without it at the Milwaukee County level.

The future is all we have ahead of us.  Young people have a lot of future ahead of them.  They will choose the failed policies of the Democratic party, with ruinous policies evident in cities such as Detroit, and states such as Illinois, or they will choose to elect Republicans at all levels, the leaders of which have shined in the red states with lower taxes, education efforts which are determined and forthright and, in so many ways, success in employing young and old despite national “leadership” that has been at the least, “challenging.”  My hope and prayer is that the nation’s youth will follow the pathway of wisdom in voting for Republicans at every level.

Life is full of surprises, and they’re not all good.  But wisdom is all about navigating the bumps in the road of life, and coming out on the other side with a degree of wisdom and truth.

A prosperous economy can open the possibilities to an abundance of things.  A strong leader such as Scott Walker can also open doors toward Heaven on Earth, a destiny we all seek, and yet  reach only with great sustained effort and God’s enduring, steadfast love.

As a voter in the United States, each citizen has a part to play in this ultimate drama.  I firmly believe that the Republicans have a better plan—perhaps not a perfect plan, because we are all human—but a better plan than the Detroit or Illinois or Obama plan.

A Call to Action

I see America like Ronald Reagan saw it, as a shining city on the hill, a beacon of freedom, liberty, and democracies, as well as a nation which fostered prosperity at home and internationally.

On June 8, 1982, President Reagan stated, “If history teaches anything, it teaches self-delusion in the face of unpleasant facts of folly.”  To me that speaks to President Obama and all his fellow Democratic “folk heroes” who will drive our nation into a depression (just as Democrats did to Detroit) if we, the people, don’t step up and understand that delusion the Democrats are perpetuating, over and over and over again.

The mainstream media is just not reporting hard news without bias; so much of our educational systems purvey the same liberal bias.  So, in a way, it’s not self-delusion, but an onslaught of forces that prevent citizens, especially the young, from realizing the underlying truth in our nation and the world.

As the sole superpower—for now—and the largest economy—for now, we must head in the direction of Heaven on Earth.  History is rife with the rise and failure of empires.  We have this very unique opportunity to not just “make a difference” but to have a huge impact in transforming our planet non-violently.

In this worldwide drama, there are no “bit” parts, especially in the United States electorate.  Voting without facts, emotionally (without facts), or for one’s perceived selfish wellbeing, is not in keeping with the path toward Heaven on Earth.

All this is not a matter of mere opinion, but it reflects my deep conviction that Republicans can and will lead us toward Heaven on Earth.  It’s a statement that sincerely must be made by the American people, a statement that, I believe, will echo throughout our planet in a peaceful, positive, and influential sort of manner.

I believe that the nation and the world deserve mighty Republican victories in 2014 and 2016; and none too soon.

What can citizens do who recognize my truth?  Support Republicans as much as possible.  But also write, call, and contact the media.

Voting with Wisdom

This year—2014—and 2016, are crucial to Americans, our people, and the world, as we need to elect Republicans at all levels along the path to Heaven on Earth.  This is my vision on the most propitious way to proceed.  Peace and security, freedom, democracies, prosperity and health, as well as moral purpose and meaning, are at stake.  Why do I write that?  Republicans are better at providing good government and fiscal responsibility, as well as prosperity.  Strength in a President like Scott Walker can translate into wonderful “dividends” domestically and globally.  Now I didn’t name all ten elements, but I could have.

Look at what President Reagan did, invoking a 25-year period of prosperity with much of it spiraling to other areas of the world.  And his powerful persuasion allowed the Cold War to end without a shot being fired, freeing millions.  I believe Governor Scott Walker has the character and personality to emulate his and my hero—President Reagan.

President Obama has been very “lucky” with our economy in his second term due to:

·        Oil and gas discoveries and related jobs

·        Thirty Republican governors with a lot of Republican legislators who have instituted sound, conservative, Republican fiscal policies, also leading to jobs, not to mention enhancement in their state’s educational systems

Of course, President Obama can’t take valid credit for either of these two positive developments.  Instead, he has been dismantling our healthcare system, continuing to increase our national debt, ignoring the unsustainable nature of our entitlements, doing nothing to reform our bloated federal government, and doing nothing to lower and simplify our tax system and regulations.  He has demonized Republicans rather than working with them to a wise and fair immigration solution.

There are limits as to what a president can and should do.  The President’s use of the IRS to win the 2012 election is worse than anything that President Nixon did, and he was forced to resign in disgrace.

All American voters as citizens have a responsibility to seek the truth.  It’s simply a good personal habit to cultivate, regardless of politics.  Seeking wisdom and truth helps us elect wise, capable, and honest leaders who, in turn, allow us to journey toward that ultimate destiny, Heaven on Earth.

I believe the key to heaven on earth can be found partly in Republican victories in 2014 and 2016.  Good government and fiscally sound policies can and will do wonders for our nation, its people and the world.  It really is a matter of all ten elements of Heaven on Earth.  It can happen.  It must happen.

Prosperity can and will benefit everyone – men, women and children.  But we must avoid two of the negative values of envy and greed.  Being grateful for adequate means tends to allow satisfaction, peace, and harmony.

We each have a vital role in this trek.  Let’s do our best not to overemphasize our own personal immediate horizon, but employ The Golden Rule in our voting and thinking – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Continued Thoughts about Scott Walker

Scott Walker’s book, Unintimidated, displays the leadership needed in Wisconsin now and I wholeheartedly recommend him in his re-election fight in Wisconsin and for the Presidency, taking office in January, 2017.  He will do more wonders in Wisconsin and he can and will provide strong, reliable, honest, wise, and capable leadership in the Presidency.

I invite you to read this book.  It’s a gem, full of action and, more importantly, the “doing” statement of principle from Scott Walker.  My review of this book will soon be posted to my website.

Governor Walker is the son of a Baptist preacher, not a person of great wealth, but a person of great heritage.  He is a person of character, conviction, strength, and one you would be comfortable in almost any situation.  How do I know that?  I have read his book several times and he just “shines.”  He is the kind of person we want and need in the Presidency—wise, honest, capable—a person who is both pragmatic and one of principle.

Bill Cassidy, M.D. for United States Senator

I had the very real pleasure of meeting Congressman Bill Cassidy, M.D. and hearing him speak at an event this past Sunday evening.  I was very much impressed by Congressman Cassidy, and have pledged my support to his campaign for United States Senator.
Bill Cassidy has been in Congress since 2008, important experience to navigate the waters of the capitol.  He has a conservative voting record and stoutly opposed Obamacare, whereas Mary Landrieu has voted 97 percent with President Obama, and cast a decisive vote that allowed the Obamacare law to pass.
In the election against the incumbant, Senator Landrieu, Bill Cassidy can certainly win.  Mary Landrieu won with only 51 percent of the vote in 2002, and 52 percent in 2008.  She now polls–astonishingly as an incumbant–at only 39 percent of the vote.  It’s possible that Bill Cassidy can win without a runoff, and if not, he should win with a runoff.
Bill Cassidy went to public school, LSU and LSU Medical School.  During his senior year of high school, he was diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery.  It was determined that he didn’t have cancer, but this experience turned him toward a life of service.
Bill is not a polished speaker, but he is a thoughtful and passionate presenter of a view that is needed in the senate for Louisiana.  I’d much prefer to have an honest, wise and capable person like Bill Cassidy, than one who talks the talk in Louisiana and walks the walk of President Obama in Washington, like Mary Landrieu.
Bill Cassidy has worked in the Charity Hospital System since 1990 and still sees patients there.  He worked with the school board  to immunize 36,000 needy children children over a 6 year period.  During the aftermath of Katrina he helped man an abandoned K-Mart to treat hurricane victims.  Around 2005 or 2006, he contemplated and then ran for the Louisiana State Senate.  In 2008 he became a U.S. Congressman.
Bill Cassidy sees the many flaws in Obamacare, and has from the beginning.  He stated that it is hurting working people right now–with people being reduced to part-time and laid off to get below the 50 employee criteria.  Where he sees problems, he proposes solutions.  An example is that he offered an amendment, which was signed into law, to relieve homeowners of some of the pending burdens of flood insurance–proving he can be effective even in this difficult Washington climate.  Bill Cassidy is concerned that cuts in the military are hurting our fighting strength rather than addressing the waste that many see.
Some of his thoughts on healthcare are that the patient must come first, not the bureaucrats.  This includes choosing the doctor and the plan.  There should be price transparency for hospitals, surgery and all such procedures, in both price and quality.  Health saving accounts allow the patient to manage their own healthcare costs with an eye to saving their own money, which results in savings in our healthcare system itself, something lacking in Obamacare.
In short, Bill Cassidy was impressive and I have no doubt in my mind that he will be a wonderful asset for Louisiana and the nation.  And don’t forget, as Bill reminded us again and again, the eyes of our nation will be on Louisiana as this election could well change the senate–removing Harry Reid and the Democratic senate majority.
Republicans can win!  We must win!
Let’s roll–electing Republicans in our odyssey toward Heaven on Earth!

Governor Scott Walker: A Wise, Capable and Honest Leader

Governor Scott Walker’s book, Unintimidated, is inspiring to me.  Governor Walker has strong, innovative experience at the local, state legislative and state executive levels.  He has and is making reform after reform.  We desperately need that sort of innovation in government at the federal level.  We Republicans must win—and win big—on a nationwide basis in 2014 in order to properly modify Obamacare, turn the budget around and make other necessary reforms.  Then in 2016, a strong and successful Republican ticket—possibly headed by Governor Walker—would allow serious innovation at the federal level, including kind, efficient, extensive, imaginative and creative actions.  Of course, to do that, Republicans in Congress have to be victorious in 2016, too.

We have our work cut out for us in 2014 and 2016 but there is a dire need to help the American people and bring back stability and order, and encourage freedom and democracies globally.  Prosperity is a major goal both domestically and internationally.  It is one of the ten elements of Heaven on Earth as I have conceived it.  And I believe Republicans can restore that and more.

President Reagan instituted economic policies that revolutionized our business sector and led to similar policies around the world, including China, with very successful outcomes.  The United States, initiated by President Reagan’s programs, proceeded on a twenty-five year growth path with dramatic and positive effects and opportunities for the American people.

It’s history which Democrats have tried to rewrite.

Now, I sincerely believe we need Republicans and Democrats in our fairly unique two-party system.  In China they have only one party.  That is not good and is detrimental to the freedom and liberty of the Chinese people.

But, at the same time, sovereignty is sovereignty and we need world order.  Eventually, we, the United States, ought to encourage people around the world to seek their own freedom, liberty and democracy within their own borders through nonviolent means.

Poverty breeds all sorts of bad things.  Free enterprise can help enormously and that is one of the prime reasons I oppose President Obama.  He just doesn’t understand or trust business and is philosophically opposed to it—unless he, in a third world way—can control it, especially BIG business.

I’ve seen the financial insides of all sizes of businesses.  What I’ve found is they are all just people—groups of people.  Profit is not a bad word, certainly not one of those many four-letter words invoked against Governor Walker as he went about reforming the state of Wisconsin.

Life is a struggle and none of us knows in depth the suffering of many, many people, with or without money, power and prestige.  Governor Walker certainly had a difficult time, as described in his book, Unintimidated.  But he was victorious, not just for himself, but more importantly for the people of Wisconsin and the example to our nations that Republican innovations and reforms can work wonders, including improving education, lowering property taxes, fully funding state pensions, the only such state in our country, lowering income taxes, fostering greater reemployment, and turning a deficit into a surplus without layoffs and austerity.

We need Governor Scott Walker in the presidency and that is why I am declaring my support so early.  First, re-elect him Governor of Wisconsin, and then help him march on to become the next President of the United States.  I sincerely believe Governor Scott Walker is the kind of leader that President Reagan was, a populist conservative who understands how to get results.


The future is all we have ahead of us.  We must take care that our young people receive balanced and factual educations.  Let me give you an example of the some of the text that I read in my American Government class textbook.  It calls – in equal fashion – for equal opportunities and equal outcomes.  The “Sage of Singapore” has stated that nowhere in history has there been a society of equal outcomes.  Quite simply, we have everything from unequal talents to unequal work habits and a host of other factors that lead to “unequal outcomes.”

That does not mean to say that we shouldn’t have “safety nets.”  But we must guard against that illusion that economic equality should and can be our goal.  And why shouldn’t hard work be compensated?

We Americans must guard our future, not only for ourselves, but to help engender that ultimate destiny of Heaven on Earth.  We can and we must.

We Americans each have a role in this journey through The Innovation Age toward The Spiritual Age or Heaven on Earth.  Values will be the key, not only for Americans, but all world citizens.  The importance of motivation! motivation! motivation! cannot be overemphasized.  But we must be motivated toward worthy, lasting, and high goals.  We can and we must.

Our goal must not be small.  Why?  Because it makes us small.  We each have a critical part in this world stage of clarity and vision.  It takes a certain trust in Almighty God and our own mind, body and “little piece of God” to rally toward love, love to within, receiving the love of others, love to and from God.

We are not alone.

The wonder and awe of God’s love is a force we must seek in ourselves and with others.  The majesty of the universe disperses God’s presence in a way that is simply beyond our scope of imagination.

Albert Einstein proclaimed that “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  I agree.

Experience and Qualifications versus Issues

I deeply believe that Republicans like President Reagan are part of a wholesome, prosperous and bright future for America and the world.  I honestly tell all sorts of people that he has been the greatest President in my lifetime.

We need Republicans and Democrats to make our republic work.  Civility between the parties is also direly needed, not just between elections but during them.

Elections should not be a shortcut or character assassinations.  Also, issues should not be dominant. The experience and qualifications of candidates should overshadow issues – especially not vote-getting premises of more government aid.  Our aid, other developed countries and some other nations have national debts, entitlement and such that imperil not only their own nation, but the whole world.

President Reagan provided superb leadership in a time such as this.  Such leadership is sorely needed now.    My hope and prayer is that Republicans can gain House and Senate seats this year and win the Presidency in 2016.  It will be none too soon.