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Innovation in Government and Politics

The Republican Party needs to adopt a policy of conservation of our planet.  Also, freedom must be championed over governmental control of women’s bodies.

Extremism should be rejected if it is not rational.  For instance, why do we need local automatic weapons in our country?

Let’s get away from labels of all kinds and seek the truth – what is best for Americans and the world. Certainly not – for Democrats as well as Republicans – what is best for the next re-election cycle.

We are in The Innovation Age and we must innovate.  That involves a deep rejection of the Obama Administration policies and practices.  Our Constitution was meant to last – and so far it has.  But President Obama’s overt adventure to govern with a phone and pen is simply un–American and outside our wise founders’ Constitution.

The role of government in our lives should be one of minimalist intrusion and control.   Of course, defense – a global concern for us – is a necessary and important role for our nation.

Thirty states now have Republican governors who are trying – and mostly succeeding – in bettering our lives.  That should be true on the national level.

I believe Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin could play such a role in the Presidency as the House and Senate turn Republican in 2014 and 2016.

Again, we are in The Innovation Age.  We must do things that work.  President Reagan understood what worked – domestically and internationally.  I believe Governor Scott Walker is such a leader with the courage, wisdom, determination and savvy to carry us forward in a positive way, not in the “forward” of Obamacare and incoherent foreign policy.

Adults in America have a vote and a voice in how we proceed from this “fast talking, slippery” President toward a future based on honest, capable and wise government.  We can and we must invoke this voting power – state by state, election by election, with a real sense of meaning and purpose.

Personal “coolness” is certainly not the path to Heaven on Earth.  Individual voter responsibility is.  We can take our country back in 2014 and 2016.

Let’s do it!

President Obama used his machine to “win” an undeserved second term.  We must revolt – from contributions in 2014, 2015 and 2016 – to volunteer work with the Republican Party.  This is a must if we are to take back America from the radicals that sent death threats to Governor Scott Walker and the Republican legislators.

Our Country’s Bright Future

I am very optimistic that Republicans can be victorious in 2014 and 2016.  But we can’t take ANYTHING for granted.  We have a President who is a superb political hack.  He knows how to pull the emotional strings and is not concerned about the truth or consequences to America or its people – or the world.

To preserve the American dream of upward mobility for all its people, it is absolutely mandatory that Republicans are victorious in 2014 and 2016.

The mainline press won’t help us.  Many liberal universities won’t help us.

Who will?  I have faith in democracy now and, in those crucial elections, for our people to step up to the plate and discern the truth.

Right now we have 30 Republican governors and they are getting results – better education through charter schools, vouchers, etc.; fiscal sanity unlike Illinois and Detroit which have been governed by the folk heroes of the Democrats, and on and on.

I am impressed by Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, having read his book “Unintimidated” once – word for word – and reviewing it multiple times.

From it I hear the voice of my lifetime’s greatest President, President Ronald Reagan.  Not only does he communicate quite well; he has a vital grasp of local, Wisconsin and national affairs.

He doesn’t have the title of “community organizer” in his resume, but he has a whole lot more important experience – things that are intensely relevant to our future.

But now is now.  We must elect Republicans at all levels – state legislators, governorships, other state offices, Senators, and Congress persons in 2014.  We must take back our government from the liberals who are wrecking us domestically and internationally.

I’ll never forget how at the Democratic National Convention in 2012 they booed God, more than once.  So, how could 2,000,000 Republicans stay home – on Election Day?  Shame!  Shame!  Shame!

The reality of the global financial situation is perilous and we have a President who is incoherent in his foreign policy.

Republicans must strike now in 2014 and again in 2016 to allow us to lead – economically as well as militarily – to allow us to reach toward Heaven on Earth.

The cynics will not understand the positive possibilities of the future.  It is up to the healthy skeptics and the pragmatists to understand the wonderful outlook – if we vote and support good government and sound fiscal policies and a whole lot more good things from the Republicans at all levels.

We don’t need a folk hero to lead our country!

Consider the legacy of President Reagan – a growth economy which enhanced the lives of so many in the middle class, lower class mobility and everyone else; and how his adroit bargaining, economic strength and military power led to the end of the Cold War, without firing a shot.

We have some of the similar challenges now, a difficult economy, radical Muslims, and Russian expansionism.

In our democracy we each have an important role to play in terms of voters.  I hope and pray that our electorate will discern the immense possibilities in electing Scott Walker, who is currently the Governor of Michigan.  I genuinely, deeply believe that he has the “right stuff” to propel us toward heaven on earth.  He has a rich and victorious electoral and accomplishment record at the local and state level.  He hasn’t been contaminated by the Washington beltway re-election disease.  He’s a courageous leader like President Reagan.

Yes, Republican, Democratic and independent voters should try to see through the mainstream press which is likely to attempt to destroy ANY Republican Presidential candidate despite the glaring character and other flaws of Secretary Clinton.

America doesn’t need a Democratic “folk hero” in 2016 or, for that matter, in other offices in 2014.

A Clear Path for Our Nation

The coming elections of 2014 and 2016 are absolute musts for our nation, its people and the world.  Republicans at all levels must gather serious economic personal tragedies of Obama Administration policies, cities like Detroit and red states that laid off state workers and teachers as well as raised taxes in many cases.

On the other hand, we must point to successful red states with Republican Governors – particularly Scott Walker – who have turned deficits into surpluses, lowered taxes, improved education and, in Scott Walker’s case, fully funded for state workers, the only state with such a claim.

Scott Walker has written that he will lower taxes “. . . over and over and over” again until Wisconsin’s economy is a real gem for its citizens.

America needs a leader such as Scott Walker, one who is so in tune with The Innovation Age, but at the same time, true to Republican ideals and principles.

The damage that President Obama is doing is real.  It is up to Republicans and all Americans to see to it that he doesn’t do lasting harm.  We could have a currency crisis before Republicans have a chance to turn the corner toward fiscal and foreign policy stability and strength.

American citizens have a crucial role to play in order to elect Republicans at all levels and rid ourselves of this dangerous leftward “dance of destruction.”  Secretary Clinton would hasten our departure from the world stage and hurt everyone else globally in the process.

In 2014 we are in dire need of a Republican majority Senate as well as the House and all other Republican races.

The record of Republican Governors with Republican Legislatures like Scott Walker and his Legislature in Wisconsin is full of promise.  We just need to get beyond CNN, MSNBC and mainstream media to inform our citizens of the truth – that Republicans are not a party trying to defend the status quo of the rich, but rather a party that believes in opportunity and individual freedom for all.

President Reagan articulated the philosophy of conservative populism in a way that so many of us understood.  He was the “Great Communicator.”  I think Scott Walker has his courage and passion.

But this is 2014.  The elections this year must be decisive if we are to blunt the outrageous attack of the far-left, anti-American Obama Administration.

Bill Cassidy, M. D. is the Senatorial candidate that is important, not only to honestly represent the citizens of Louisiana, but to change the Democratic majority in the Senate, removing Senator Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader – one who has a lot to say about the agenda of the U. S. Senate and Senate Committee heads would then flip to Republican hands.

Republicans everywhere, don’t stay at home and not vote – in 2014 or 2016.  There were 2,000,000 Republicans who stayed at home in 2012 and that hurt.  From Louisiana to all 50 states, the Republican banner is in dire need of flying high – in 2014 and 2016.

One issue we should not concede to the Democrats – that of ecological harmony.  Green is a human issue, not a Republican or Democratic issue.

That does not mean that humans are sacrificed nor does it mean that green is somehow superior to all other issues.

But I believe that climate change or climate extremities are on the same priority as nuclear warfare.  Either can be calamitous to human welfare.

Having said that, we must realize that climate extremities is not only in the hands of America, but we must step forward, as Republicans, not to burden our nation with more and more regulations; but instead, provide incentives and “prizes” to private industry to solve the problem.  Private enterprise incentives by a prize drew the Wright Brothers to humankind’s first flight.  We can do it with climate change – but not with President Obama.  He doesn’t have the respect or the leadership abilities to organize the planet in any kind of effective manner to solve climate extremities.

He must be a great disappointment for liberals.  I saw him coming and tried in 2008 and 2012 to warn our citizens.  But my cry went unheeded.

I hope and pray that my words for 2014 and 2016 will be accepted as honest and heartfelt – for all our American citizens and the world.

Our nation and the world are in danger from:

·       Radical Muslims

·       Debt and entitlements in the developed world

·       Climate extremities

Realists are the ones who must address these problems.  Scott Walker is a born problem solver, an innovator in The Innovation Age.  We need him in the Presidency and January 20, 2017 is none too soon.

Of course, a supporting cast of Republicans, at all levels, will be crucial to turn this Obama shipwreck into a country and a world that we are proud, happy and secure to experience – on our way toward that ultimate destiny of Heaven on Earth.

The path is so clear to me.

Prosperity versus Greed

What is prosperity and why can it be good?  I believe global prosperity is where all have the basics of life, including food, shelter, education, and healthcare.  We may not—and probably won’t—have everything we want, as that is limitless and basically unattainable.  This ideal state—Heaven on Earth element—is filled with gratitude for our means, rather than envy for those who have more, or condescension toward those who have less.

There has never been a time in human history where all had the same means.  The 20th century is full of the tragedies of genocide in the Soviet Union (20 million people) and China (a staggering 70 million people) where the Communist experiment with equal outcomes played out.  The charade of Communism is still in Cuba and North Korea to the extreme detriment of their people.

Greed and envy—negative values—are closely related.  Both are very detrimental to a satisfying life.  While it is important to have the ambition and desire to care for oneself and family, the lust for more, more, more beyond one’s reasonable aspirations can become greed.  Timing can matter; for instance, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett certainly avidly pursued great wealth, but eventually became philanthropic with their vast means.

It’s not just timing within one generation.  Passing wealth from one generation to another can result in dramatic advances, such as those by Darwin and Newton.  Personally, I have felt a great responsibility to use my inherited wealth to benefit others as well as my family and myself.

Financial literacy is critical for all.  But when wealth is passed from generation to generation, it requires a preparation for the handling of such assets, not just for the generation receiving the wealth, but also for their frame of mind to use the wealth and, in the end, benefit others.