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The World Cup Championship Game and World Peace

After watching the World Cup Championship Game, It dawned on me that this type of worldwide competition is certainly much better than warfare.  I understand over a billion people were watching this game and the announcer said the best two teams were in the World Cup finals.

Worldwide sports should trump the “Conquest” history of humankind.  Each robust, stable, prosperous democracy – in a world full of democracies – can maintain its own identity within its own borders.

Non-violence should and will eventually prevail.  Humankind’s age-old dream of peace on earth will come true – permanently.

The days of the “conquest” model are severely numbered – throughout our planet.  Mahatma Gandhi was right; “violence begets violence.”  But I sincerely believe that the opposite is also true:  “Kindness begets kindness.”

Let this peaceful sports conflict lead to non-violence – globally.

Life is Really All about Love

I deeply believe that what counts with God is what we say and do.  Of course, we are imperfect beings, but our challenge is to improve and seek truth and wisdom.

I just finished reviewing my most recent book, “Glimpses of Heaven on Earth,” for the thirteenth time after reading it from cover to cover twice – not counting the times I read the manuscript prior to publication.  In short, the more I read, it, review it – the more I like it.  No doubt, it is an ambitious work.  Also, there is a definite spiritual nature to it.  The future is all we have ahead of us.  We must take care to guard that time ahead – everything from high national debts and entitlements in the developed world to coming to grips with radical Muslims whose “faith” is based on hate rather than love, so it doesn’t come from God.

I do not underestimate the difficulties in maneuvering from The Innovation Age to The Spiritual Age – Heaven on Earth.  But I also have a deep faith in a verse in the Bible, “For God, all things are possible.”

There’s a song that I think about from time to time – “What’s it all about, Alfie?”  The conclusion of the song is absolutely correct in my opinion – that love, true love, is what it’s all about.  It’s a beautiful rendition of wonderful music that can and does tug at our hearts in a very deep level.

Some Thoughts on Truthful Living

We must be ourselves, so it is much better to choose to be who we are – trying to be better all the time.  Throughout our lives trying, trying, and trying is so much an integral part of life, especially in that important part of attaining a measure of wisdom.

None of us – I’ll say that again – none of us – is everything that we’d like to be.  But trying – from Nelson Mandela to Gandhi – is so important to achieving our potential.

One by one, million by million, billion by billion, we all have a noble calling in this enormous challenge.

The world is crying out for heaven on earth.  The good news is more and more so much of it is attainable as never before.  Look at communications, trade and a real sense of oneness in our planet of many, many people.

We can and we must seek to enhance ourselves for this march of destiny.

I deeply believe that we are in The Innovation Age and that somehow, someway, Almighty God is guiding us forward toward The Spiritual Age – Heaven on Earth.

This will not be easy, but I believe it will be intensely rewarding to all – eventually.

We must:








as we climb that mountain of wisdom, critical to attaining Heaven on Earth.

Someone once stated that “No man [or woman] is an island.”  This is so true.  We each need to address the mysteries of ourselves, others and everyone else.

I don’t believe that we can “know ourselves.”  That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try.  But it is important not to lead a hedonic or superficial life.  Socrates stated something to the effect that the unexamined life is regrettable.  Let’s do better than that.

Love in all forms – romantic, parental, friendly . . . is so important to this march toward Heaven on Earth.  So are character, resilience and wisdom.  The reality of life is not easy.  A steady stream of success is probably not good in the long-term.

Yes, failure and bad events in one’s life can lead to wonderful results, as I think it has and will be in my many times troubled life.  But now is the time to rise up and realize my potential – as best I can.  Remember:  try, try, and try.  I will do that, too.  I tend to put a lot on my platter – even Heaven on Earth, not that I alone can do it, but perhaps I can and will inspire others – globally.

There is no doubt that my ambitions – for the good of all – are big.  But why not?  If one has a spiritual side at all, then the march toward Heaven on Earth must arouse an intense and beyond that a devout pursuit.

There are no “bit” parts on this ultimate journey toward Heaven on Earth.  We all have an important role to play.  Think about it.  Pray about it.  And then do something about it.

The future is all we have ahead of us.  We must take care that our actions, values and beliefs support a wonderful future not only for ourselves, but everyone else.

Our role in tomorrow is shaped by what we do today.  So, we must take care with what we do and say right now and also the future.  This may sound simplistic, but it is the most difficult part of life in many ways.

We are imperfect people shaped by imperfect parents, surrounded by imperfect people.  But somehow we must break out and seek a better life for ourselves and everyone else.  We can!  And we must!

Reality requires truth.  Can you say that your life reflects truth?

America: The Movie and Country

I just saw “America” as it opened in New Orleans.  I plan to see it again and perhaps a number of times.  DeSouza does a wonderful job of laying out the myths of the liberal history of America.  That is something that needs to be done – so, please see the movie yourself before it leaves the theatres.  It is certainly more important to America and the world than almost anything else that could play at the movies.

It’s vivid.  It’s dramatic.  It’s intellectual.  But most of all – it’s true, honest and quite wise.

America, we’ve made a huge mistake by putting President Obama in the White House and re-electing him.

But we still have a stable, robust (not prosperous) democracy and we have a chance to invoke serious change.  In Louisiana we must elect Bill Cassidy, M. D., to the United States Senate this year to replace Senator Landrieu who has voted with President Obama 97 percent of the time and cast a deciding vote in the Senate to allow Obamacare.

Republicans, Independents, thoughtful Democrats, all citizens who love our nation – vote Republican at all levels in 2014.

And you can see from “America” that our nation has swung dangerously toward the left in a very unhealthy way.

The future is all we have ahead of us.  We must guard it with passion.  We should not take our great country for granted.

Independence Day

 I am an optimist at heart.  Otherwise, how else could I try to see the path toward Heaven on Earth–and do so persistently since year 2000?
    But our nation is in jeopardy with a president who doesn’t embody the traits of a capable, wise, and honest leader.  And right now the Democrats in the Senate make up the majority.  This allows Democratic Senator Harry Reid to foster foolish statements and perverse policies and committee assignments.
    This November we Americans–in our stable and robust democracy–can allow responsible Republicans to take the majority in both the House and the Senate.  This action will help shield our country from the harmful actions of President Obama.
    On this Independence Day, let’s dedicate ourselves to assert our disapproval of the this administration and those Democrats in Congress who have been a part of this charade of destruction.  Our economy is anemic in the long-term with current “leadership”–at best.  Japan is an example of the type of fiscal policies that the president, Democrats, and the federal reserve system have followed–all the time blaming the Republicans.
    As a Republican, I deeply believe that now is the time that American voters must take back our beloved nation from these inept, unwise, and dishonest Democrats.
    President Reagan provided the ideal leadership to remedy the disaster that he inherited.  Now we must elect Bill Cassidy and other Republican senators to take the majority of the Senate in 2014.  We can do it!  We must do it!
    We can gain our independence from President Obama and the Democrats to salvage our democracy.  I implore you not to think of the 2014 or 2016 elections as ordinary in any sense.
    President Obama squandered a hard-fought democracy in the Middle East–Iraq–by not leaving a stabilizing force behind as we did after World War II in Japan, Germany, and Italy (with wonderful results).  His incoherent foreign policy can only be “explained” by his personal history of being surrounded by anti-Americans from his mother and father to Reverend Wright, and many others.  Of course, that pertains to his domestic politics too.
    We must seek our independence from President Obama and Democrats at all levels.  We now have a near-record number of Republican governors–thirty–and they are joined by a number of Republican legislators.  But they have an uphill battle against the tirade of regulations poring out of Washington DC, not to mention the higher taxes in a tepid economy.  These onerous regulations and taxes are just the opposite of what President Reagan did to engender a 25 year period of healthy economic growth.  And don’t forget the foreign policy triumphs in the Cold War.
    We must gain our independence from these folk hero Democratic politicians at all levels, the party that brought us Detroit, Illinois and “victories” based on such things as IRS harassment–supported by emails that “disappeared.”
    I now believe that the 2012 elections were affected drastically by a president who wanted reelection at “any cost”–including corrupting the executive branch of the federal government, where I served twenty years without such conditions.
    We must unite, not only Republicans, but Americans as a people–like our founders did on Independence Day.  These revered founders risked their lives and property and many have followed in their footsteps to bring freedom and liberty, not only to our beloved country, but throughout the world at times.  I believe that in the long run–achieved hopefully and prayerfully with nonviolence and without revenge–the world will achieve permanent peace when we attain a planet full of stable, robust, and prosperous democracies.
    I support pro-choice and green solutions.  Climate change is a legitimate issue, but it is part of ecological harmony, humanity and conservation existing hand in hand, for ourselves and all future generations.
    On this Independence Day, let’s dedicate ourselves in a serious fashion to gain our independence from the far left that has shown its failed trickle down colors to the detriment of America.

The Importance of Positive Values

I have been following the many elections across the globe.  The more I think about India’s election, the more I like it.  As Prime Minister, Modi can and I think will, become a great leader, not only in India, but eventually with great respect globally.

The elections in the Ukraine are encouraging, too; the election of a billionaire who perhaps, hopefully and prayerfully, can’t be “bought” by President Putin.

In Egypt, it appears the “election” of a military authority was without legitimacy as far as genuine democracy.

In Europe, the whole continent (EU) is without direction and the people need the positive values of Copthorne MacDonald and need to shun his negative values – as we all do, but quite difficult there without the foundation of spiritual faith and religions.

A minimum wage law is a form of trickle down government that hurts the unskilled and uneducated poor the most – especially the young, who could work as interns until they gain the skills to rise to better paying levels.

Corporations, in essence, are people, groups of humans similar to other human entities.

The politics of negative values result in negative results, maybe not in terms of achieving election “victories,” but in terms of gaining wise, capable and honest leaders.

The decisive politics of President Obama and the Democrats has and is hurting America.

I support Bill Cassidy, M. D., for the U. S. Senate this year because our nation is in dire need of capable, honest and wise Republicans at all levels in 2014 (including Scott Walker in his re-election campaign as Governor of Wisconsin).

In 2016 we direly need more Republican victories, including the Presidency by Scott Walker.

Let’s address the negative values; hate, revenge, greed, envy and selfishness.  Can you see how President Obama has used those bad values over and over again, especially for the 2012 elections?

He is trying to use them again in 2014 with the minimum wage.  It sounds on the surface that it is a good thing to raise the pay of those on the bottom.  But legislating economies is a very tricky thing.  The truth about legislating a higher minimum wage is that it hurts many who are unskilled, particularly the young who may have little in the way of education.  Businesses will tend to automate more and not hire as many of the unskilled as they would without this “raise.”

Of course, President Obama and the Democrats are fully aware of the real effects of a minimum wage increase.  But they are pushing it to pretend that they are for the people on the bottom.  If they were really for the people on the bottom, they wouldn’t be so anti-business and growth in our economy wouldn’t be so anemic.

Two key drivers of bad policy are:

·       A corporate income tax that is about the highest in the developed world – that is extremely bad for the people on the bottom.

·       Far too many regulations of all kinds.  Again, that is terrible for the people on the bottom because it does so much damage to business formation, existence and growth.  In other words, jobs and increases in pay.

Business is the engine of prosperity in all modern economies.  Invigorated businesses

can and do employ more and more people at better and better rates of pay.  Now that does not mean there can’t be dynamic and clear regulations with simple, low taxation that can be the tempering part of democracies.

Complex, arbitrary, unwise, ornery regulations are the enemy of prosperity – and especially those in the middle class and below.

The media helps and has helped President Obama and the Democrats to foster those unwise business regulations and tax laws.

Albert Einstein stated, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  I agree with that.  But, the higher the platform of knowledge, the higher the greater the reach for imagination.  Look at Albert Einstein.  He had a lot of physics education.  He did his “thought experiments” with his genius of mind.  But he had the knowledge of his previous education to imagine his superb thoughts.

Truth is one of Copthorne MacDonald’s wisdom-associated values.  Truth and honesty is a difficult path among those running for public office or those public servants already in office.  Why?  Because one is tempted to say what the immediate audience wants to hear – truthful or not.

The truth is that raising the minimum wage hurts the people at the bottom the most.  Yet it appeals to liberals and so many who don’t understand the actual consequences of raising the minimum wage.  Now President Obama understands the negative effects of raising the minimum wage.  But he is – as usual – rallying around the political hay that he might make with this issue.

I’ve written before that President Obama is a superb political hack, but the American people must defeat his plots of politics in 2014.  The stakes for our nation and the world are too high for us to let such tactics win.

It is crucial to America and the world that Republicans win at all levels in 2014 and 2016.  It’s going to take Republicans at all levels to get our nation back on track.

I believe we can do it.  It won’t be easy, not just the elections, but wise, competent, honest governing at all levels.

Like the song notes, “The world needs love, sweet love.”  That does not mean “love” without values or foundational faith.  It means a sort of enduring resilient type of love.

Things that come cheaply can and perhaps normally do end cheaply.  Values and foundations of faith are important to behavior that is pleasing to God.  The role of love in life cannot be overstated.