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An Optimistic Future

I am an optimist at heart.  How else could I try to see the way toward heaven on earth – and do so persistently since year 2000?

But our nation is in jeopardy – with a President who doesn’t embody the traits of a capable, wise, and honest leader.  And right now the Democrats in the Senate make up the majority.  This allows the Democrat, Senator Harry Reid, to foster foolish statements and perverse policies.

This November – we Americans – in our stable and robust democracy – can allow responsible Republicans to take majorities in the House of Representatives and the Senate.  This will help shield our nation from the harmful actions of President Obama.

Our economy is anemic in the long-term with the current leadership – at best.  President Obama, Democrats, and the Federal Reserve have followed unsound fiscal policies, to the great detriment of our country, all the time blaming others, especially the Republicans, for any failures.

As a Republican, I deeply believe that now is the time that American voters must take back our beloved nation from these inept, unwise and dishonest Democrats.  President Reagan provided the ideal leadership to remedy the disaster that He identified.  Now we must elect Bill Cassidy and others to take the majority of the Senate in 2014.

We must gain our independence from President Obama and the Democrats to salvage our democracy.  Don’t think these are ordinary elections – 2014 or 2016.

President Obama squandered a hard-fought democracy in the Middle East – Iraq.  His incoherent policy can only be “explained” by his personal history of being surrounded by anti-Americans.  Of course, that pertains to his domestic policies, too.

We now have a near-record number of Republican Governors – thirty.  They are joined by a number of state Republican Legislators.  But they are fighting an uphill battle against the tirade of regulations from Washington, D. C., not to mention the higher taxes enacted in a tepid economy; both of these actions just the opposite of what President Reagan did to foster 25 years of healthy economic growth.  And don’t forget the foreign policy triumphs in the Cold War fostered largely by the Great Communicator, our beloved President Regan.

I now believe that the 2012 elections were affected drastically by a President who wanted re-election at “any cost” – including corrupting the Executive Branch of government, something that has continued in his second term.

I support pro-choice and green solutions, as do many other Republicans.  Climate change is an issue that is quite legitimate.  The “anti-women” rhetoric that the President and Democrats fostered is completely a diversion from their poor record while in the majority in the House and Senate – particularly Obamacare.  According to Bill Cassidy, who I support heartily for the U. S. senate, there are now 40 million people uninsured under the Obamacare law.   We can do better!

Reelecting Senator Landrieu would be WRONG

The liberal Senator Landrieu has been elected to represent the conservative state of Louisiana, yet her voting record is incomprehensible.  How in the world can Senator Landrieu keep a straight face while she is in Louisiana, when her voting record in Washington is aligned with President Obama 97 percent of the time?  And, unfortunately, that includes a crucial vote for the passage of Obamacare.
    Thankfully, come November 4th, Louisianians can right this wrong with a wonderful conservative republican, Congressman Bill Cassidy M.D.  Bill Cassidy actually read Obamacare after Nancy Peloci forced it through the democratically controlled House for passage.  He opposed the bill on network television.  As a physician, he understands the importance of doctor-patient relationships, especially over time.
    Let’s elect a senator who represents us, not President Obama.
    The importance of this election can’t be overstated.  Republicans and everyone else must realize that it is essential that President Obama be opposed in his final two years by a united Republican majority in the House AND Senate.  We can do it!  We must do it!  Senator Harry Reid must not “lead” the Senate.  Senate committees must have Republican chairs.
    Go Republicans!
    Go Bill Cassidy M.D.!

Our Trek toward Heaven on Earth Includes Some Twists and Turns

We are in The Innovation Age.  It is incumbent upon everyone on earth to come to realize and recognize this.  We must concentrate first and foremost on saying and doing the right thing, in all aspects of our lives, despite our failures along the way.

Secondly, we must adhere and aspire to the wisdom-associated values, about which I have previously written, and finally we must develop spiritual foundations that can help us, no matter what life throws in our direction.

Life is a gift, arising from God, and we are God’s children; there has been a “little piece of God” within each of us and all of us from the dawn of humankind.  This is what gives each of us that hero inside, so that we can eventually march toward heaven on earth.

Heroes are born globally, and somehow, someway we must raise them in such a way that they sparkle in The Innovation Age with honorable behavior, sound values, and a spiritual foundation.   I don’t mean that the hope of the world only lies with children.  Adults can—and often do—change for better if given the opportunity, motivation, and guidance.

One very urgent issue relates to the radical Muslims who are motivated by hate and violence.  That is not coming from God or Allah.  That is misguided in a very destructive, anti-hero way.  What are these criminal radical Muslims dying for?  It’s certainly not loving or from Almighty God.  It is totally misguided.

But how do we stop them?  It’s not necessarily with armies and such.  What are the non-violent alternatives? I certainly wouldn’t go to President Obama to answer that question.  But there are others globally who have much greater wisdom as to how to deal with the radical Muslims—the Sage of Singapore, for one.

Alliances against these brutal Muslims must be sought in an urgent manner.  It can happen.  In America, let’s forget domestic politics and concentrate on this global threat, including the nuclear program of Iran.

We can progress to heaven on earth, but humankind must do its part, one by one, million by million, and billion by billion.

In India the newly-elected Prime Minister Modi has taken the reigns of the world’s biggest democracy.  In 2014 it is crucial that Republicans understand this Innovation Age concept and rise to the occasion.  I think they can.  And I think that they will.  Too many people in America and India want opportunity, jobs and growth instead of food stamp programs.

The road to heaven on earth will surely be arduous, winding, uphill, downhill, twists, and turns, but I believe that, if we improve, improve, and improve, it will lead to that ultimate destiny of heaven on earth.

Voting Wisely on November 4th

We are in a tight race between Mary Landrieu and Bill Cassidy.  The result of this U.S. senate election is likely to determine if republicans will control of the senate during President Obama’s final two years.
    This republican senate majority is direly needed for Louisianans, our nation, and the world.
    Senator Landrieu is a liberal tax-and-spend democrat who voted for Obamacare in a crucial vote, has voted with President Obama 97 percent of the time, and generally votes with the democratic party.
    She is the only state-wide elected democrat.  President Obama lost in our state in 2008 and 2012.  So why is she still around in a red state that has rejected other democrats at the state level?  Ours is not to dwell in the past, but right this wrong on November 4, 2014.
    Bill Cassidy, M.D. is a fine gentleman who has served for almost thirty years as a doctor, and he still sees patients.  He also has valuable public servant experience in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Louisiana legislature.
    The national debt is $17.681 trillion and growing.  This is no time to continue voting for the career politician who is a “dyed-in-the-wool” servant of President Obama and the democratic party.  Taxing and spending at these levels is hurting our economy and national security.  The lack of federal approval of the Keystone Pipeline shows Senator Landrieu really doesn’t have the “clout” to help our state.
    We have a ballot that we can cast wisely.
    Please vote and support Bill Cassidy, M.D. on November 4, 2014.

Free-flowing thoughts on America

I am motivated by the movie, “America: Imagine the World without Her,” to help take back America from the far left that now is in control of the President who disregards our laws and Constitution and a Democratic Senate that is an accomplice to the Administration.

Senator Landrieu is a key liberal supporter of the Obama Administration – voting 97 percent with him and casting a deciding vote in order to enact that disaster – Obamacare.

What the Obama Administration is doing with regulations, taxes and intrusive government against its economics is unprecedented in American history.

I try very hard to seek truth and wisdom wherever they lie.  Sometimes too many people mask the truth in labels that mislead so many people.  “America,” I believe, is a truth-seeking and truth-finding presentation that flies in the face of President Obama’s silvery tongue.

It is amazing that a person such as Barrack Obama could ascend to the Presidency, not because of his race, but because of his audacious assault on our government and its people.

He has a silvery tongue that modulates every sound to please and mislead.  And to think, his eight years may be followed by Hillary Clinton who is just as liberal and lacking in character.

See “America” and judge for yourself.  Our very democracy is at risk.  I believe that Governor Scott Walker and a host of Republicans at all levels in 2014 and 2016 could and would free us from this very dangerous intrusion from the far left.  Many Americans have given up lives and limbs for freedom around the world.  We must not allow the loss of our freedom from within – “suicide” according to “America” with a convincing case.

How many times does President Obama have to deceive us with his tongue before we simply disregard his words as completely unreliable?

The future could be quite bleak – in America and worldwide – unless America regains its statue with the leadership of someone like Governor Scott Walker supported by a Republican majority in the House and Senate, the Senate including superb persons such as Bill Cassidy, M.D.

We have a tremendous amount of innovation and simplification that needs desperately to be done at the federal level.  It can be done, but certainly not with Democratic “leadership.”

The President-in-waiting for the Democrats is Hillary Clinton.  She has the ambition and the intelligence.  But in terms of character and ideology – particularly following President Obama – she would be an absolute humongous disaster for the middle class and poor.

Many of the “rich” would simply exit our nation and go abroad if we commit the “suicide” that “America” vividly describes.  But the middle class and poor wouldn’t have that option.

What can we do?  As of now – 2014 – we still have the ballot to elect such strong Republican candidates as Bill Cassidy, M. D., to the U. S. Senate and other worthy Republican candidates at all levels.

And hopefully and prayerfully our stable and robust democracy will follow-up with triumphant Republican victories in 2014 with such necessary victories in House, Senate and the Presidency in 2016.  It can happen.  It must happen, not only for the American people, but for the good of the world.

Life is not easy, “cool,” or straight-forward.  It is full of twists and turns.

We must prevent the suicide of our great nation!

I have seen Dinesh D’Souza’s movie, “America: Imagine a World without Her,” several times.  It’s quite well done, and I encourage others to view it in order to spread the truth about our nation’s history and to defeat the present danger from the far left.

America must remain a free, stable, and robust democracy; and it must regain a rigorous, sustained prosperity.  Only Republicans can help us in this noble endeavor.

The Democratic Party has sold its soul to President Obama, Secretary Clinton, and the far left, and – in my humble opinion – that is and will be very dangerous to our very freedom.

I’ve visited Cuba numerous times, so have seen firsthand the lack of economic freedom and the suppression of its people.   We do not want this for our great nation!

President Lincoln said we could not be conquered from without largely because of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  But he said we could be conquered from within – by “suicide.”  And I believe this is the path that we are taking with our current White House leadership.

We are treading on troubled financial waters.  The U. S. dollar may be okay for now, even with our high national debt and entitlements; from what I can discern, our position as the world’s reserve currency is eroding as we print more and more dollars to fund our deficits.  Our entitlements are not sound fiscally and the Democrats go on a witch-hunt anytime anyone wants to reform them.

Courage is needed in Washington, but, in reality, it’s largely an electorate problem as well.  Too many people vote to continue their government benefits regardless of the numbers.  And, that has to stop if we are going to survive and thrive.

America and the Pursuit of Joy

I am reading Dinesh D’Souza’s book, “America: Imagine a World without Her,” and finding it quite truthful, full of wisdom and insight.

America was founded on the idea that all men (and later women and people of all races) are created as equals, with certain inalienable rights; that among these is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  I believe “joy” should replace “happiness” for purposes of modern thinking and the perception of what it means to be happy as opposed to joyful.

I believe that in terms of equality, we have moved a long way.  In terms of happiness, I worry that too many people live a hedonic lifestyle—as I once did—rather than a joyful, fulfilling, prosperous, and loving life.  Therefore, I believe we must pursue joy, which can come from helping others, gratifying work, and lasting, loving relationships.

A Choice for Louisiana’s Next Senator

Recently I observed a Mary Landrieu commercial that invoked the “folk hero” mentality of the democrats–emotional, antidotal appeals that lack substance.  Dr. Bill Cassidy has real and demonstrated feelings for Louisianans in his practice as a physician and his public service.  In fact, he still sees patients.
Mary Landrieu has voted with President Obama 97 percent of the time and cast the deciding vote that allowed Obamacare.  In short, she has not represented the good people of Louisiana, but instead votes and sides with liberals in Washington D.C. She’s an Obama-company person and simply not to be trusted any longer.
We need a republican majority in the senate to limit the damage that President Obama will try to do during his last two years in office.

What is the meaning of life?

I think that I will label myself “spiritual and respectful of all loving faiths.”  I like “faiths” rather than “religions.”  My concept of faith encompasses Almighty God and that “little piece of God” within each of us and all of us.  What is the reality of life?  Is it service?  Is it love to one’s fellow humans?  Is it a search for truth within one’s self, others and everything else?  I think it’s all of these things and much, much more.

Bill Cassidy and The Constitution

Our founders were quite wise.  They foresaw that someday someone – like President Obama – would try to dominate in an unwise and incompetent manner.

So, they established the Presidency and the Executive Branch of Government, the Legislative branch with the Senate and House and the judicial branch.  These checks and balances have worked quite well.

In 2014 we need to keep the Republican majority in the House and gain such a majority in the Senate.  By many accounts electing Bill Cassidy, M. D. to the Senate could be the sixth Senator needed to accomplish needed transformation.