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REVIEW Part II : How Republicans can WIN in a Changing America

How Republicans can WIN in a Changing America: The Art of War with Lesson Plans

By S. J. Helgesen and V. Lance Tarrance

Book Review By John E. Wade II


The authors state, “Hillary’s time has come…unless she is unmasked and viewed as many see her: an ultra-liberal, highly impatient, chronically intolerant, extraordinarily calculating and sometimes vengeful person.”   They explain, “Her biggest asset is her live-in banker, mentor and sometime sparring partner, the 42nd President of the United States.  Bill Clinton’s foundation, his contacts, contributors, venues and microphone are all Hillary’s for the asking, and the use of them she will.”

The authors caution, “If Republicans truly want to win in 2016, they must acknowledge the new reality of the changing voter ‘marketplace’ that includes style over substance voters and watch how the opposition courts them.”

I agree completely with the authors that the 2014 elections are critical if we are “…to reclaim America’s core conservative values.”  Loses would “…give the President and the Progressive Democrats carte blanche to finish their job of taking the world’s most powerful country on an orgiastic spending binge, destroying America’s financial future.”

In Louisiana, I am supporting Congressman Bill Cassidy, M.D. for the U.S. Senate in 2014.  He’s an outstanding public servant, both as a doctor and previously in both the state legislature and Congress since 2008.  Completely out of sync with her constituents, Senator Landrieu cast a deciding vote allowing Obamacare to pass, and her voting record is 97 percent aligned with President Obama.  Most of the citizens of Louisiana just don’t espouse the liberal ways of Mary Landrieu or President Obama.  I believe Congressman Cassidy will soon be our next Senator.

The authors suggest that Republicans select a third-way candidate for President in 2016.  Past examples of third-way candidates include Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan.  It’s important to select “…another outsider who can change the landlocked polarity in WASHDC.  It has been done before, and it is time to do it again.  It just takes common sense and uncommon courage.”  As the authors state quite dramatically, “The third way is the only way Republicans can win in a changing America.”  I agree.

I highly recommend the Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, as a third way candidate.  Scott Walker has dramatically demonstrated courage, leadership, wisdom, competence, and honesty.  I highly endorse his book, Unintimidated, as a way to get to know a Republican, who is in tune with the Innovation Age, and one who can WIN the office of United States President in 2016.  My review of this book will be posted to my website in the very near future.

How Republicans Can WIN is a must-read manual for all serious Republican candidates and supporters, not to mention all American citizens who sense that all is not right in Washington.  I have only touched on the high points of this work of clarity and reason.  I encourage you to dig deeper by reading this book.  Here’s a link to purchase the book on Amazon:



Spiritual Path Towards a World Order

In September, while at the spa in Chicago, I finished my handwritten review, analysis, and commentary on quotes directly from Henry Kissinger’s World Order, “Chapter 9.” I also went through his “Conclusion” for the sixth time, attempting to perform the same analysis and review.

I want my life to count. After going over Henry Kissinger’s book so much and following his striking career, I am certain that he wants his life to count, too.

I hope and pray that the book, World Order, will lead the way toward a Heaven on Earth during my lifetime.

Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns. I don’t know why, but I do have great faith that there is some reason to it all—ordained by God.

I deeply believe that each of us and all of us are children of God, and are made up of mind, body, and a “little piece of God.” Thus, God loves us with an enduring, steadfast love.

Why did God create some of us to do such disastrous things? My pastor told me it was because he/she did not want to be alone.

World order is something that God has in store for us, someday, somehow. We can’t perceive all the steps to that goal, but I believe that our behavior must be governed by Copthorne MacDonald’s wisdom-associated values while shunning his negative values—all while working to develop a faith that supports all of the above.

Spiritual entities can and do help in this process. But too many religions stress beliefs over behavior first and values second.

REVIEW Part I : How Republicans can WIN in a Changing America

How Republicans can WIN in a Changing America: The Art of War with Lesson Plans

By S. J. Helgesen and V. Lance Tarrance

Book Review By John E. Wade II


This is an extremely well written, concise, and realistic book that I highly recommend to all fellow Republicans, as well as anyone else who would like to understand the elections of 1980, 2012, and the coming elections of 2014 and 2016.  Lance Tarrance has a wealth of experience conducting hundreds of polls, and is both a consummate pollster and a strategist.  Stephan Helgesen has served in the Foreign Service for thirty years and managed a campaign.  Both have written previous books.

Why did such a smart, attractive candidate like Mitt Romney lose in 2012?  The short answer is “The Machine” of the Obama campaign.  Secondly, it was Romney’s “…own campaign which, according to some, ‘held him back and kept him on a leash of civility…’”

“Crunch the numbers and the unmistakable conclusion you’ll draw is that the Republicans lost because of:

  1. A higher Democratic turnout,
  2. A lower Republican voter turnout and
  3. A higher percentage of Blacks [93 percent], Hispanics [71 percent] and young women [60 percent] voting for the Democrats.”

The authors explain “…that all campaign strategies will need to be more attentive and more nuanced to appeal to the ethnic voter, the low information voter, the emotional voter and many other single-issue voters.  The colors of the campaign world today are much more than just Red, Blue and Purple.”

The authors did a good job of summing up the media, something that is both truthful and unfortunate in terms of informing our electorate:  “If you’re on CNN regularly you’re probably left of center, MSNBC, ultra left, PBS, left of center to Progressive, Fox News, center to right and mixed, and on the ‘mainstream media’ TV you are left to center.”

A key factor in 2012 was that “…our deteriorating economic condition was successfully blamed on the Republicans (and the do-nothing Congress) by the Democrats instead of where it belonged…at the doorstep of an inept tone deaf Administration and a divisive President…Republicans lost the argument because they didn’t make a clear cause and effect connection between economic growth and a proven private sector empowerment model.”

Looking at the House and Senate races in 2014, “it’s too early to say what exactly is motivating the Democratic voters to ignore the reality of a failed Obama economic policy, a divisive social policy, a flawed energy policy, and an amateurish foreign policy.”  We just can’t afford—for our nation, its people and the world—to again underrate the Democratic Machine.

I agree very much with the authors that money has gotten too big in elections, and that campaign reform should be high on our agenda—“Our elections are important to our democracy.”  Having to raise a billion dollars for each presidential race, not to mention the millions for senate and house races, puts fundraising too high on everyone’s priorities.

A host of sad personal economic stories are in progress during the Obama administration.  “Republicans would be wise to start gathering these personal stories now.  They will need them, later.”  In 2014 and 2016 it will be critical “…to show HOW the values of the Republican Party can turn around our current economic malaise.”  Republicans must “Shore up the base with an optimistic and uplifting Reaganist message that is rooted in history and makes a clear cause and effect connection to today using recent historical comparisons that fit within the voter’s generational frame of reference.”  Republicans would do well to highlight their successes in the Red states.

The book has a multitude of advice for Republican candidates, including, “Never speak ill of another Republican.”  I like that one.

REVIEW Part V: The Debt Bomb: A Bold Plan to Stop Washington from Bankrupting America

The Debt Bomb:  A Bold Plan to Stop Washington from Bankrupting America

by U. S. Senator Tom A. Coburn, M. D.

 Review by John E. Wade II

Part V

The Solution

Governor Romney and President Reagan were superb professionals in the finest sense.  I see in Governor Romney the deep intelligence and motivation that President Reagan possessed.  In President Obama, however, I see a masterful politician who is drastically lacking in leadership and competence for the innovation that has been and is needed.

In Governor Romney I see a moral leader who will make his decisions, based on what’s right for the country and its future.  He has a long track record of accomplishment.

Our country has many challenges, and Governor Romney points out one—illegitimate birth; it was seven percent in the 1960s, but has skyrocketed to forty percent now.  The “Great Society” destroyed many families by taking away their self-reliance.

Ann Romney volunteered at a school for at-risk girls.  When she asked the class how many wanted to go to college almost every girl raised her hand.  Then she asked the class, “How many of you want to have a baby before you graduate from high school?”  Again, almost all raised their hands, indicating they had not made the vital disconnect between those goals.

Governor Romney points out that the American people are, in general, quite hard-working with more hours than the Germans and French.  Americans are also risk-takers.  He told the story of a young person he tried to hire.  But the gentleman had an idea for a business and turned Mr. Romney down.  Years later Governor Romney saw the gentleman, who was by then worth $25 billion, having earned his fortune through Microsoft.  He had taken a chance.

The role of the electorate is to seek honest, capable, wise, visionary leaders.  I believe that Governor Romney “fits the bill.”  He’s honest and frank, and courageous; it takes a lot of courage to write about illegitimate births.  I also see the wisdom of President Reagan in Governor Romney.  He’s a moral, genuine person who can solve, with the help of other Republicans, the immense problems ahead.

We are in a frontier in terms of our nation’s financial, educational and family status.  President Obama had his chance, and he has not accomplished very much of substance.  And his fiscal and financial actions have been dismal.  I believe that Ronald Reagan was a decent gentleman with vision, and the same is true of Mitt Romney.

The elections in the United States will be scrutinized around the world, much, much, more than the elections in Greece.  I hope and pray that the American people will see what I see.

The Pursuit of Knowledge and Wisdom

In my travels, I see all these people passing by. How many of them are consciously seeking wisdom?

I’ve been thinking of how to organize my review for Kissinger’s World Order, specifically his chapter on the Middle East. I’ve also put some thought into how he wrote so much in the way of communication, data, and worldwide spreading of news through the Internet and how it is so readily available to us. He wonders if wisdom is being developed to its full extent, as do I.

Having data and knowledge at one’s fingertips, on a cell phone or computer, is not the same as having it in one’s head, analyzing it and thinking about it, perhaps over a significant period of time.

I believe that a lot of formal learning is forgotten. But that does not mean it’s unimportant. Learning to master a body of facts in itself can lend one the confidence, motivation, and determination to learn and master new things one encounters.

Mastering knowledge does not only mean memorizing it; it means deciding what part, if any, is important and how important it is. It may even mean combining old and new, or mixing knowledge.

The pursuit of knowledge and wisdom is imperative to achieve a Heaven on Earth, and I don’t believe that it is too late for this kind of learning to be brought back.

REVIEW Part IV: The Debt Bomb: A Bold Plan to Stop Washington from Bankrupting America

The Debt Bomb:  A Bold Plan to Stop Washington from Bankrupting America

by U. S. Senator Tom A. Coburn, M. D.

 Review by John E. Wade II

Part IV

The Solution

When writing about Obamacare Senator Coburn quotes P. J. O’Rourke, “If you think healthcare is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it’s free.”  He points out that “… too many doctors are torn between serving their patients and protecting their practices from predatory trial attorneys trying to make a quick buck.”  He estimates that “defense medicine costs patients between “$650 and $850 billion a year.”  We must repeal Obamacare and put in place systems in which the doctor and patient work through a free market with competition, transparency and choice.

As to reforming taxes, the “rich simply don’t have enough money to pay all the bills.”  As Margaret Thatcher said, “The problem with socialism is that you “… always run out of other people’s money.”

We must make our tax system simple, understandable and affordable.  As Representative Paul Ryan said, “Every dollar that businesses spend lobbying for a better tax deal, is a dollar they’re not spending on making a better product.”  There are twenty-seven countries in the world that now have simple, flat taxes and more nations are considering them.

A key point is, Tax simplicity would redirect money in and out of the government away from tax compliance toward more useful pursuits, increasing our nation’s productivity.  The risk-takers, entrepreneurs and job creators would benefit rather than politicians, lobbyists, and such.

In 1986 President Reagan passed tax reform that closed many loopholes, lowered tax rates, simplified the tax code and started a twenty-five-year period of solid growth.  Federal tax revenues soared.  Tax reform was accomplished then with spectacular results.  President Obama lacks the expertise, attitude and constituency to emulate President Reagan’s success.  I believe Governor Romney and a host of Republicans could and would recognize and innovate in our tax system.

As to defense, the practice of spreading defense spending all over the country is very wasteful.  Waste in defense is being funded by our deficits, so such costs must get the kind of scrutiny that we pay to all fiscal areas.

Robert Kennedy is quoted in the Conclusion:  “Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues—the wrath of society.  Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence.  Yet, it is the one essential and vital quality for those who seek to change a world which yields most painfully to change.”

Washington needs Governor Romney and a host of Republicans to try to live up to Senator Kennedy’s incisive words.  We are in crisis.  It’s not like 9/11 or Pearl Harbor, so easily viewed, but if there weren’t such crises in Europe right now, the truth would be upon us.

The media should be ashamed of themselves for not covering hard news such as these enormous fiscal problems.  Too many cover the horse race in policies without any depth in these critical issues.

Globalization and World Order

As I’ve been saying, I am reading and reviewing World Order by Henry Kissinger, taking time to handwrite quotations and comments in great detail. If I could only merge How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth and Glimpses of Heaven on Earth, as well as all my ideas and blogs on those subjects, with Henry Kissinger’s book.

He states that there has never been world order, but we desperately need it. I fervently agree. It’s sort of like optimism meeting pessimism. I understand his point of view since he is a historian, as well as a National Securities Council member, was secretary of state for two presidents, and was an advisor for others. He’s seen wars, and I’m sure he wants to end them.

I believe one of the keys to end war is globalization. China and the United States were once adversaries, but now we are trading partners. It’s not a perfect relationship, but it’s one that can flow into greater and greater cooperation.

India is another bright spot of over a billion people that can grow in trade and all kinds of mutually beneficial endeavors.

Russia is a corrupt troublemaker, and as long as President Putin reigns, it’s likely to stay that way.

The Middle East—largely due to President Obama and Secretary Clinton—has huge geopolitical and regional problems. President Obama should have left a stability force in Iraq to preserve their fledgling democracy, just as America did in Germany and Japan after World War II.

Read Ronald Reagan’s Wisdom for the Twenty-First Century. Reagan certainly had vision, and was able to accomplish so much. Henry Kissinger gives him a large part of the credit for ending the Cold War. He also invigorated our economy for twenty-five years. His basic approach was to lower taxes and regulations. That formula will work again.