2016 The Movie

I’m waiting to see 2016 for the third time.  http://2016themovie.com/ Voters, especially those who are leaning slightly one way or another or are undecided, should see this movie.  A lot of facts that should have been reported by the mainstream press in 2008 are in this movie.

In 2008, although I didn’t like Senator Obama’s stance on the issues, my primary objection was that he was incompetent compared with Senator McCain.  I still believe, especially in terms of our economy, that he is incompetent and anti-business, but there’s more to it than that.  The film 2016 reveals that there is a rationale behind President Obama’s actions or inactions—he is following Dreams from My Father:  A Story of Race and Inheritance.  His anti-colonialism seems to have arisen from his mother’s praise of the father, a Kenyan, who deserted them, and explains President Obama’s big deficits and identification with Muslims rather than Israel.  In other words, there is an anti-American intent to harm our country financially and otherwise.  I urge all voters to see 2016 and go to www.usdebtclock.org.

I have believed for some time that the reelection of President Obama would lead to a worldwide depression and have posted about it on the site.  After viewing 2016 three times I am even more concerned about our future, because I now think that he actively wants to harm our country.  I remember the CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce, who said it’s ironic that the first black president discriminates against minorities, women and small businesses.  The anti-colonialist is not so much in favor of helping the poor as in attacking the rich, just as President Obama has done.

He billed himself as a uniter, one who would bring together the red and blue states on a non-partisan basis.  He has done anything but that.  On the other hand, Governor Romney has a proven track record as a Republican governor working with a Democratic legislature to bring about a balanced budget and health care that worked fairly well for Massachusetts.

The movie 2016 explains that under President Obama our national debt would be $20 trillion by 2016.  Actually, we won’t get that far without a currency crisis with hyper-inflation or a crash as in 1929.

The jeopardy that we are now faced with in this election is not like 9/11, Pearl Harbor or Hurricane Katrina, in that those disasters were visible, but is nevertheless quite desperately important to the future of Americans, our nation and the world.  Governor Romney gives us a chance to escape the dark future that I believe will occur if President Obama serves a second term.

Colonialism is foreign to my mind and beliefs, yet I was still surprised that one of President Obama’s first acts was to remove a bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office.  Winston Churchill stood with FDR and our nation during World War II, but he was also head of the British Empire, which included Kenya, the nation of President Obama’s father, an anti-colonialist.  And don’t forget, he titled the book Dreams from My Father.

The movie explained how idealized, absent fathers can be a powerful influence in a child’s life.  A psychologist in the documentary explained that, after many fathers were killed in World War II, the mothers displayed their pictures prominently in the homes and spoke favorably about them to their children.  Apparently this is what President Obama’s mother did as she reared Barrack after his father abandoned them.

We are in dangerous territory.  Our debt and deficit are far too big.  The uncertainty of this election, Obamacare and our fiscal situation are hurting us from unemployment to new business formations.

It’s all starting to make sense to me.  Barrack’s mother praised the father who abandoned them.  The father was not present so Barrack only heard the good things and didn’t learn of the flaws, and his mother apparently agreed with Barrack’s father in his anti-colonial views.

This was not the typical upbringing of an African-American or most Americans, period.  Some people voted for Senator Obama because he was black—the blacks out of their identifying with him and pride that he was a candidate, as well as whites who were proud that they were not racist.

But now that he has failed in his first term, does he still deserve votes based on his race?  I say “no.”  He should be judged by his record just as Governor Romney should be.  And Governor Romney has a record we can all—of all races—be proud of.

We—as individuals, a nation and the world—cannot afford four more years of President Obama. We must turn this country around, fast, but surely, kindly and with great determination.

I realize that for those who voted for President Obama in 2008 it is difficult to admit that he has not lived up to expectations.  But it is our duty to seek the truth in all candidates and not to be overly naïve or misled by slick rhetoric.  I realize that President Obama can talk himself out of practically anything, but because we are facing the most important election perhaps since 1860 we must not rely on rhetoric but look at the record.

I believe if Americans are honest with themselves and evaluate President Obama, Vice President Biden, Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan in an objective way, the better ticket will win.  The vote should be out of wisdom—comprehensive knowledge as best we can and positive values such as honesty, truth and compassion.

Wisdom includes comprehensive knowledge and positive values.  Negative values such as hate, greed and envy are not a part of wisdom and should not overrule our honest judgment.  No one is completely wise or unwise.  But it is our duty as voters to seek to make wise decisions in all our votes.

I sometimes reread the late author Copthorne Macdonald’s essay, “The Centrality of Wisdom,” in How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth in which he writes, “Wisdom is not about facts per se; it is about the meaning of facts.  It is about the significance of facts and their implications.”  I believe that I have a certain degree of wisdom and a vision that I have derived over quite a life’s journey.

In 1980 we did not reelect President Carter, a good man, but one who did not have a good record as president, but instead we made a wise choice in electing Governor Reagan who became a great success for himself and all of us.

Now we are faced with a very similar choice between President Obama whom you may like, but who has a poor record.  Governor Romney has a solid record, and I believe it would be a very wise choice to elect him and a host of Republicans to assist him at this critical time.

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