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Hillary’s America

Dinesh D’Souza
Review of the book and the Movie
John E. Wade II


We owe a debt of gratitude to Dinesh D’Sousa for this insightful and revealing examination of the sordid history of both Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

As to government policy, D’Souza writes, “She is ruthless.” This is also the case as she has dealt with Bill Clinton’s women. She’s definitely not a champion of women as she professes for political reasons. In my opinion all the evidence about the emails, server and the Clinton Foundation and on and on point to a premeditation of using the Secretary of State position for private gain. What will she do with the presidency?

D’Sousa traces the Democratic Party to Andrew Jackson’s presidency when he and fellow Democrats stole Native American lands with Jackson becoming one of the richest persons in America. He also gained politically by selling the land cheaply to white settlers who then voted for him as the common man’s friend. Jackson was a harsh slave owner who used his power for sexual purposes (Does that remind you of anyone?)

The important thing to remember is that Republicans opposed the Native American theft, slavery—fighting a war about it, the Ku Klux Klan, and segregation. Their votes were indispensable for all Black civil rights legislation—both after the Civil War and in the 1960s. Republicans are also responsible for women’s right to vote.

The Democrats will fight hard for this 2016 election because their corrupt practices at the national level are at stake. It is vital that you vote and support Republicans in November.

Detailed Review

Hillary failed miserably at her first significant political endeavor—leading a national health care task force in President Clinton’s first term. As the author states, “…even Democrats shunned it.” She also lacks any legislative accomplishments of note to her name.

But the most damning characteristic of Hillary is her dishonesty and corruption. Once she claimed she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary until someone checked and saw that she was born before the gentleman became famous. As first lady she claimed she knew nothing about the firing of the White House travel staff until conclusive evidence appeared that she had ordered it. Outrageously, she claimed she was under sniper fire once and that was completely disproved.

The most serious corrupt practices of the Clintons involve money which seems to flow their way based on everything from pardons to unusually large speaking fees. The Clinton Foundation sends only about ten percent of their funds to charity.

Historically, blacks moved from the Republican Party in the 1930s in the South, whereas the South turned Republican in the 1960s, 70s and 80s due to economic reasons, not racial ones.

In 2010 a massive 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti and the Clinton’s as well as others appealed for monetary help. But in January, 2015, a group of Haitians surrounded the Clinton Foundation building chanting that the Clintons had robbed them of “billions of dollars.” There was little to no news coverage of this event. It was shown in the movie. Despite collecting huge sums of money for Haiti, little has been used where it is most needed. Taking from the poorest of the poor is quite despicable, but nothing seems beyond their “scruples.”

D’Souza states that the first real founder of the modern Democratic Party was Andrew Jackson. Jackson cleared the Native Americans out of several states resulting in grateful voters. This has been blamed on “America,” but the reality of it was these actions were promulgated by Democrats and opposed by Republicans. Jackson’s net worth in today’s dollars at death was about $100 million.

Jackson was ruthless and intentionally so, stating after the massacre at Horseshoe Bend, “It was dark before we finished killing them.” D’Souza made the sad comment, ”Jackson read the Indian treaties in much the same way that Democrats and progressives today read the U.S. Constitution.” It is important to realize that the Trail of Tears was not perpetrated by “America,” but by Jackson Democrats. Many of the Native Americans died of diseases contracted from the whites. This came from their lack of immunity like the European plagues previously derived from Asian diseases.

Slavery was a Democratic practice and was supported by Northern Democrats. The abolitionists were led by the father of the Republican Party, President Abraham Lincoln. Republicans owned no slaves. Modern Democrats like to describe the Civil War as between the North and South. While that’s the geography of it, the reality is it was between the Republican abolitionists and the Southern Democrats.

Another clarification of our history is that the Republicans fought the Ku Klux Klan, white supremacy and segregation. They provided vital support for Civil Rights from the post-Civil War through the 1960s legislation. In the movie, Democratic President Lyndon Johnson cynically explained the Civil Right Bills that he introduced, “We’re going to have this Nigger vote for 200 years.” It seems he may have been right even though it was Republicans who overwhelmingly voted for his bills while there was a lot of Democratic opposition.

President Clinton follows a long list of Democratic “…predecessors from plantation owners to white supremacists who did exactly as he did…manipulation, exploitation and abuse of women.” But Hillary is “…a bizarre specimen.” While intimidating the victims, she claims that she is a “…champion of women’s rights.” She shouldn’t be allowed to have it both ways. D’Souza ends his detailed chapter, The Enabler, with the following statement, “Now Hillary the manipulator wants to abuse and victimize the country in the same way that she has been abusing and victimizing the women of Bill.”

In the Partners in Crime chapter D’Souza does a wonderful job of explaining in detail the long trail of dubious and perhaps downright illegal history of the Clintons—from Arkansas to the present and on the verge of continuing in the White House. It seems almost everything was for sale from pardons to the Lincoln bedroom. It appears that the closer that the Clintons have gotten to a second co-presidency the higher the price of their speaking fees and other dubious fund raising.

D’Souza concludes that “Hillary’s entire tenure at the State Department seems to have been devoted to exchanging cash for favors.” He names legitimate corporations that apparently were involved in such things. But perhaps the worst of her such activities involved foreign governments which had no business manipulating our government through what were in essence bribes. D’Souza concludes the chapter which is full of crony Arkansas, national and international details with the obvious question. How much more will they take if they get to the White House again?

D’Souza concludes his superb book with a chapter, “Republicans to the Rescue—Stopping Hillary’s America.” He states categorically that, “Slavery was actually ended by the Republican Party.” Republicans passed the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and three Civil War Amendments to the Constitution. Republicans were vital in passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act, and the Fair Housing Act. The Democrats have been the party of bigotry.

The Democrats are highly motivated because they will lose the power to continue their corrupt actions. But the Republicans have a lot to forfeit also, for the Democrats want to tax and tax and tax, just the opposite of what is needed to engender prosperity for all.

In my opinion, Hillary Clinton is not only unfit to be the first woman president; she’s unfit to be president, period. That’s my honest and deeply felt opinion. Mr. Trump may be politically incorrect; but I’d rather have that than the politically corrupt Clintons.

My Attendance of the 2016 Republican National Convention

I will briefly state my “take away” from the Cleveland, Ohio convention. From it and everything else I know about Mr. Trump, he is honest, capable, and hard-working with solid accomplishments from the skyline of New York City to his winning of the Republican nomination for president. He thinks big and has vision. He will lead the American people with passion and loyalty.

On the other hand Hillary Clinton is dishonest. She’s not capable—examine her horrendous record as secretary of state. She has low stamina and no positive accomplishments of note. Her cover-up of the Benghazi disaster in directly lying to the mothers of slain soldiers was heartbreaking to hear at the convention. Of course, she also lied and lied and lied about her private server and emails. How can she be entrusted as our Commander in Chief?

The Clinton Foundation and speaking fees demonstrate how corrupt the Clintons are. Her intimidation of her husband’s sexual victims and partners is not fitting for the first female president. If they end up in the White House again, it will be far worse.

Hillary The Other Woman

Dolly Kyle
John E. Wade II


This is a shocking account exposing Bill Clinton as a rapist, sexual harasser and sex addict and Hillary Clinton as an assessor to his actions as well as an enabler. Now or later go online to “Juanita Broaddrick,” and her graphic account of Bill’s rape of her when he was Arkansas Attorney General (regulating her nursing home).

But the list goes on and on with cover-up after cover-up. Make no mistake. This is a lawless couple intent on continuing their sordid ways in the next presidential term. Hillary grew up in the crime bed of Chicago and Bill and the author grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas—also plagued by illegal gambling, unlawful alcohol sales on Sunday as well as retired and vacationing gangsters.

The author explains how she carried on an affair with Bill until he reached the White House. She herself was raped by one of Bill’s friends and knows the shame of the event and the silence afterward. The author did not fully speak up about Bill in full until this book, copyright, June, 2016. At one time she—like many of Bill’s sexual partners, consensual or not, received a threat.

The author, with her long-time affair with Bill, goes through13 sex addict questions about Bill with his behavior being fully evident in all of them (with only one positive sufficient to establish the condition). The cover-ups of such outrageous acts of a public figure required the complicity of Hillary, the mainstream media and even the United States Senate during Bill’s impeachment.

It is critical that we do not allow this lawless couple back into the people’s White House. The author provides an 11+ page list of the Clintons’ wrongdoings.

Detailed Review

The Preface to this well written and page-turner book is provided by David P. Schippers, attorney and Chief Investigative Counsel for the U.S. House Judicial Committee for the Clinton Impeachment. He includes in his comments, “Based upon my knowledge of her character and integrity, I can say without qualification that Dolly Kyle’s word us as solid as gold.” I highly recommend that each reader of this review also read the entire book—while it will be shocking in that it is so detailed and criminal; it is quite well presented.

Dolly Kyle met Bill Clinton when she was 11 and he was 12 going on 13. After high school they had a decades-long affair with Bill in his typical reckless manner sharing such secrets as to his being a sex addict like her.

Juanita Broaddrick was raped by Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton in 1978. In a January 6, 2016 Twitter message she wrote, “It never goes away.”

In a recent television ad Hillary stated that women who claim rape should be believed. Really, after all the private investigators she has hired in order to assure that Bill’s numerous sexual attacks and advances would not hinder his or her way to power and money.

Kyle, the author, disclosed a couple of facts about Hillary that tend to make one wonder about how capable a person Hillary really is. First, she didn’t pass the Washington, D.C. bar examination the first time she tried, eventually passing in Arkansas. Additionally she was not granted a recommendation after she served on the Watergate staff.

Kyle, who majored in psychology and earned a law degree also, explained how Bill was raised almost his first five years by a mean grandmother and an affable grandfather. He got his political skills from his grandfather and was drawn to Hillary because she made him do what he needed to do.

As Bill was having an affair with an attractive undergraduate student at the University Of Arkansas where Bill was teaching, the girl began getting anonymous phone calls and threats—similar to other objects of Bill’s sex interests. Bill finally told the girl that he needed to stay with Hillary because “she kicks my butt and makes me do the things I have to do.” (like his mean grandmother did).

Kyle explains how Hillary’s father was like a drill-sergeant. She had to
compete for the affections of this tough man amidst her brothers.

I agree with Kyle that Bill and Hillary are together for political reasons. We
also agree that Bill is the one with political likability-at least when he’s not
raping or sexually harassing a woman. Kyle explains that even the decision to
have a child was politically motivated.

Both Bill and Hillary are pathological liars. Remember, “I did not have
sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

There was a national question as to whether character matters when Bill ran
for reelection after the previous impeachment related to his conduct with Miss
Lewinsky. He won in spite of that reckless sexual behavior.

Kyle states categorially that Hillary is not a leader. She has no tangible
accomplishments, failed as a senator with only three bills passed with two of them
naming post offices; failed as secretary of state; and miserably failed over the past
forty years as the defender of women. She has not “fought for” women. She has
attacked women. She is simply not fit to be the first female President of the United
States of America. Kyle states Hillary has “few core values.”

Kyle explains that the National Organization/or Women (NOW) have not
supported Bill’s sexual victims; Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Gennifer
Flowers, Kathleen Wiley, Linda Tripp, Monica Lewinsky, Sally Miller Perdue,
Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Bobbie Ann Williams, Lencola Sullivan or Beth Coulson.
The one-issue focus of the organization has been on women’s reproductive rights
whereas women need much more.

The Clintons rewrite history as they go along leading those in Arkansas to
call Bill’s presidential center, the “Clinton Lie-berry.”

One of the scandals by the Clintons was Whitewater which was a failed real
estate development intended to help Bill and Hillary. At the very least Hillary was
found to be double billing as an attorney for an otherwise respected Rose Law

Kyle revealed that when Bill was governor of Arkansas he was sued several
times by blacks and Hispanics and lost every case. Bill was reprimanded several
times by the federal courts for violations of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Later,
Bill and Hillary criticized racial profiling as a “morally indefensible, deeply
corrosive practice.”

Kyle explains that she was a sex addict and in an intimate setting went
through the criteria of sex addicts. In the book she shows how Bill fit 13 of 13
questions when only one is necessary to declare the condition. One was having sex
in unusual places-the Oval Office was one of the places for Bill. Another more
serious one was whether the sex involved force or violence-rapes include Juanita
Broddrick and Kathleen Wiley+.

While Bill and Hillary were in the White House Hillary obtained 900 FBI
files. Kyle and I believe those files-which may have included many in the
senate-could have allowed Bill to survive the Lewinsky impeachment. If Hillary
gets into the White House again, what is to stop her to utilizing the FBI and IRS?
Kyle reminded us of the lie that Hillary told and retold a story about coming
into sniper fire in Bosnia. The lie was completely disproved and was quite
unnecessary. It’s just one of the marks of a pathological liar.

Kyle explained how Hillary’s lack of popularity in Arkansas was proven
with a state-wide poll taken to see how she could do in a governor’s race. She had
no chance.

The author states something that I certainly also believe, “The mainstream
media have shown a blatant bias toward candidates of the Democratic Party for as
long as I can remember.” Kyle explains how Hillary used the first lady position to
obtain a senate seat and later a secretary of state position. Kyle states, “I have not
seen any evidence of anything positive that she has contributed on her own,
especially to African-Americans,”

The author provides an eleven page listing of Bill/Hillary crimes and
wrongdoings. It’s almost unimaginable that such a couple might actually return to the White House to continue their immoral, illegal and unethical ways. Included
were; “Attacking and intimidating the sexual victims of her husband; FBI files
subpoenaed, hidden, and later’ discovered;’ Goldman Sachs and speech fees for
undisclosed content; IRS audits of women who spoke about Clinton abuses;
Stealing of over $200,000 worth of White House furniture … ” The list goes on and
on and on.

I encourage voters to carefully read this whole book. It is obvious that Dolly
Kyle is quite intelligent and had a great deal of knowledge about the Clintons. It is
also quite telling that this page-turner book is well founded by an attorney that
presents her case in a powerful way.