A message to our political leaders and others

Our nation needs desperately to unite.  We’re two years away from any election and if we avoid hyperinflation and/or a worldwide depression by acting, I predict the voters will tend to vote for incumbents.

But if we don’t act at this great opportunity and simply point fingers, financial disaster is on the near-term horizon.  This must not be window dressing.  We must address the gnawing problem of federal expenditures exceeding revenues.  And we must be realistic about whether raising taxes actually helps us fiscally.

Rhetoric should not prevail.  Truth and cooperation are direly needed from one and all.  This is not a boxing match or a fight.  Instead, we should search, with courage, for truth with the realization that this moment may not come again.  The United States is not immune to a currency crisis.

Everything should be on the table.  Real tax reform in the nature of a flat tax would be a wonderful idea.  It should be simple and understandable.  All our taxes should be in one flat tax, and loopholes should be plugged.  Actually, a flat tax may increase taxes on the wealthy.  This idea that a higher rate is more isn’t what our fiscal situation deeply needs, regardless of the politics of it.  We need growth, spending decreases, tax reform, entitlement reform and an attitude and methodology that are kind.

The role of the federal government should be smaller in terms of laws, regulations, taxes and other complications that have caused government to enlarge for far too long.

We must engender growth or too many people will be unemployed, under-employed and not looking for work because of the lack of opportunities and skills that don’t match the job market.  We must open the doors wide for talented people from around the world to fill jobs and start companies, all of which creates other jobs throughout our economy.

And we must conceive of a simple, fair and rapid way of bringing persons who have been here illegally for many years to begin the process of becoming citizens.  I don’t mean accepting criminals or other undesirables, but upstanding people who will help our country to progress.  We are a nation of immigrants and we must not let one terrible act on 9/11 freeze our welcome mat for good people from around the world who will enrich our country and help our growth.

I ask that Republicans acknowledge the personal rights of women over their own bodies on the basis of what we’re supposed to believe—personal freedom.  And I realize having the government pay for abortions, birth control pills and such is abhorrent to many.  But the reality of it is that we face a $1+ trillion deficit, which is daunting, and that should be the issue.  We, as a party, should get out of all perceived anti-women issues.  Now I invite all Republicans to hold whatever views they may about such issues, but the party itself should completely disallow all such issues.  The nation is very much at risk financially.

The Greatest Generation and many others have fought and sacrificed for our country.  We must realize that the national debt is our biggest security threat.  We have to understand that now is the time to act, and that includes the Executive Branch of government.

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