A Simpler Journey

The status quo with President Obama leads to a world-wide depression (See the Home Page).  But the choice of Governor Romney offers us a leadership to do what successful companies like Apple do in the private sector:




            President Obama has added armies of bureaucrats, scores of regulations with many more to come after the election.  Obamacare is an enormously expensive and unnecessary intrusion into the doctor/patient/healthcare system, one developed and passed into law without the support and input of Republicans in Congress.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Laws and regulations such as Obamacare sound kind.  But when such actions accumulate, they hamper our economy and employment rather than genuinely help our people, especially the poor and middle class who will suffer the most with a world-wide depression.

I invite you to see my review of U.S. Senator Tom Coburn M.D.’s book, The Debt Bomb.  He has a firm grasp of Obamacare and the other severe problems in our government, in addition to well-conceived solutions.

The status quo is a perilous and unnecessary choice.  Governor Romney is incredibly bright, hard-working and ambitious (See my review of The Real Romney).  Let’s elect him and a host of Republicans at all levels to work to create a simpler path with business techniques used by successful companies all over the world.

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