A Strong America

This election is critical.  A win by President Obama and a fair number of Democrats is not part of my vision of humankind’s journey toward a Heaven on Earth.  A strong America, economically and militarily, is good not only for jobs and family wealth, but should help prevent aggression by China, Russia and the militaristic Muslims.

President Reagan believed in a strong America.  I believe Governor Romney can help us achieve strength, through his deep business, investment and government fiscal skills.

I really believe if President Obama is reelected that we will have a worldwide depression.  I have been giving out one-page flyers entitled “Why the Reelection of President Obama will lead to a Worldwide Depression.”  I have been absolutely amazed at how many people have taken the flyer, read the title, and immediately agreed with me.  In fact, out of the hundreds of people to whom I handed the circular, very few have refused it, and many have agreed without even reading the whole piece.

As I have dug deeper and deeper into President Obama’s past, his actions and Governor Romney’s past, there is simply no comparison between the two, leading to the obvious conclusion as to how this election should and, I pray, will turn out—with wins by Governor Romney and a host of Republicans at all levels.

My vision of a heaven on earth includes a great Republican victory, followed by genuine, kind, imaginative innovation in our government, igniting growth and job creation, as occurred under President Reagan.

As our country regains its strength with then-President Romney leading, the links between peace, security, freedom, democracies and prosperity will become more apparent.  Additionally, spiritual harmony, racial harmony, ecological harmony and health, as well as moral purpose and meaning, can benefit.

Of course, prosperity alone doesn’t create self-discipline, wisdom, truth, kindness and worthwhile values, but it can help with basic needs and allow us to lead lives of meaning and purpose rather than only a desperate struggle for survival.

Halfway through my third read-through of No Apologies, I am particularly impressed by Governor Romney’s depth of understanding of what I call the Innovation Age.  He “gets it.”  Governor Romney understands in depth how jobs are created and maintained as well as how they are lost.  I certainly don’t think President Obama is in the same league as Governor Romney in this and many other ways.

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