All of Us

I believe that God created all of us with a mind, body and little piece of God, from the dawn of humankind.  Because of that, he loves us with an enduring, steadfast love.  Because of that, I believe that He has always intended for us to achieve a Heaven on Earth, someday, somehow.

What does this vision have to do with these elections?  It was President Reagan who said, “Trusting in God and helping one another; we can and will preserve the dream of America, the last best hope of man on earth.”

A worldwide depression will not serve the best interests of America or the world.  We must not gravitate to the status quo of a failed president.

We must shift to Governor Romney as we did in 1980 to Governor Reagan, an economics major and two-term governor of California.  This must be a seismic shift to Republicans at all levels of government to preserve the dream of America and light a torch along our arduous journey to a Heaven on Earth—for all of us.


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