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An Analysis and Comparison of Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India and US President Donald Trump

         My source for Mr. Modi was a book by Andy Marino, “Narendra Modi, a Political Biography,” published by Harper Collins, India copyright 2014. My sources for Mr. Trump include “The Art of the Deal” reviewed on this website as well as my own readings/television news throughout the last two years.

          As I read Mr. Marino’s book and then went through it again, I found two stark differences, yet otherwise quite comparable histories and qualities. India is the world’s largest democracy by population (1.252 billion – 2013) with a gross domestic product of $1.877 trillion (2013). The United States is the world’s largest economy ($16.77 trillion – 2013) with a population of 318.9 million (2014).

         This is basically a partial review of Mr. Marino’s extraordinary book as well as a host of sources for Mr. Trump.


                                                                 Mr. Modi – Wealth

         Mr. Modi came from a very modest household with his father selling tea at a railway station and Mr. Modi helping out in his youth. Throughout his life he has cared little about money or possessions.

                                                                    Mr. Trump – Wealth

         Mr. Trump grew up in a somewhat wealthy family and worked early with his father in a real estate business. He went on to earn a degree from Wharton University. Before he became president he had amassed a multi-billion dollar fortune, mostly in real estate.

                                                                Mr. Modi – Marital History

         Mr. Modi did have a childhood match arranged by his family, but there was no ceremony, co-habitation or consummation of the marriage. Thus, he has always been single and—in my words—in love with India.

                                                         Mr. Trump – Marital History

          Mr. Trump has had two divorces and is currently happily married to our beautiful first lady, Ivanka Trump. All his children are real credits to his family.


                                                             Mr. Modi – Anti-Graft

         His passion was India. His mother told him not to take a bribe and he seems to have followed her advice. India’s government had been full of graft. Mr. Modi assumed the office of Chief Minister of Gujarat on October 7, 2001. “Modi let it be known in no uncertain terms that anybody accepting bribes was to be sacked, with no exceptions.”

                                                           Mr. Trump – Anti-Graft

         It is quite well known that Mr. Trump is a multi-billionaire and working for $1 per year as President. A campaign promise that he made was “to drain the swamps.” Thus, public laws, regulation policies and jobs aren’t for sale.

                                                                Mr. Modi – Outsider

         He is an outsider of the higher castes and most politicians in that he hasn’t accepted bribes. He’s an outsider of all the major parties although he leads his own.

                                                            Mr. Trump – Outsider

         He’s an outsider in that his career before the Presidency was in the private sector. Also, he is an outsider to the establishment politicians – Republican and Democratic.

                                             Mr. Modi – Extremely Hard Worker

         Mr. Modi has spent his adult life in an energetic and sustained pursuit of political and governmental excellence.

                                                Mr. Trump – Extremely Hard Worker

         Mr. Trump worked hard to gain his fortune and for the last two years campaigning for and initiating his Presidency. V. P. Pence said Mr. Trump was the hardest-working person he’s ever seen.

                                                          Mr. Modi – Innovator

         As Chief Minister of Gujarat (like the Governor of a state), Mr. Modi had an extraordinary number of innovations which resulted in a substantial growth and prosperity. One example was the digging of canals which are being covered with photovoltaic solar panels which will lower evaporation of the precious water and provide electricity.

                                                              Mr. Trump – Innovator

         Mr. Trump is also an innovator with “The Wall” perhaps being his most novel idea. His deportations of criminal illegal aliens are another policy change.

                                                                Mr. Modi – Ambitious

         His life seems to be that of a driven man who is passionate in his love of India.

                                                          Mr. Trump – Ambitious

         Most of his life before he entered politics was intense effort in building his fortune. But I also suspect that he has always had a keen interest in politics. I believe him when he says he wants to make America great again.

                                                           Practical – Mr. Modi

         Mr. Modi strived to turn Gujarat “. . . into a prosperous, business-friendly and economically-progressive state.” Attacking bribery and red-tape were keys to accomplishing those aims.

                                                      Practical – Mr. Trump

          Mr. Trump is going about lowering regulations in order to increase America’s productivity and our people’s freedom. He is also in the process of reforming taxes – a long overdue action.

                                                 Respect for the Constitution – Mr. Modi

          In India a state of emergency was declared by the then Prime Minister. This had the effect of making the Constitution null and void. Mr. Modi was a wanted man and yet helped others who were political “criminals.” His love of India goes along with his allegiance to its Constitution.

                                                  Respect for the Constitution – Mr. Trump

          Mr. Trump has shown his high respect for our Constitution by the nomination of a superbly-qualified judge to the Supreme Court. Mrs. Clinton stated in effect that she would nominate someone who would be liberal and not bound by the Constitution as written.

                                                               Mr. Modi – Development

          Mr. Modi built his reputation and eventual position of Prime Minister on the growth and prosperity he led in the state of Gujarat.                                                                      

                                                                 Mr. Trump – Growth

          Mr. Trump’s platform is based largely on the formula that President Reagan used – lowering regulations and reforming taxes. I sincerely believe it will work again—bringing growth and prosperity to America.                                                                               

                                                                    Mr. Modi – India First

          Mr. Modi campaigned for India first.                                                                  

                                                                Mr. Trump – America First

          Mr. Trump campaigned for America first.                                                                  

                                                                Mr. Modi – Fake News

          Early in his administration, Mr. Modi was the victim of what was probably a radical Muslim terrorist act followed by Hindu retaliation in Gujarat. The fake news blamed him. Mr. Marino, the author of “Narendra Modi,” went to great lengths to show both the fake news as well and the facts and the exoneration of Mr. Modi.                                                    

                                                               Mr. Trump – Fake News

          In Mr. Trump’s campaign and his Presidency the bias of the mainstream media has been unceasing. Unlike Mr. Modi who ignores the bias, Mr. Trump strikes back. Only time will tell if Mr. Trump’s strategy works (or whether the mainstream media will become more objective), but Mr. Trump has to be himself.                                             

                                                                Mr. Modi – Business Friendly

          There is no doubt that Mr. Modi’s business-friendly ways bore fruit. He cut red tape and fired anyone whom he found who took a bribe. He invoked five pillars of a development policy for Gujarat – “. . . water, energy, people, education and security.” He shined in all these areas from the time he was sworn in (October 7, 2001) until he became Prime Minister of India (May 26, 2014).                                                 

                                                      Mr. Trump – Business Friendly

          Mr. Trump started his Presidency seeking to lower regulations and reform taxes to provide jobs, investments and businesses to America.                                                       

                                                          Mr. Modi – Law and Order

          Mr. Modi experienced the terrorist act very early when he became Chief Minister of Gujarat. During his governance after then there were no such significant acts and he governed with a balanced hand as to Muslims and Hindus.                                                    

                                                      Mr. Trump – Law and Order

          Mr. Trump has campaigned on a program of law and order – domestically with criminal illegal aliens, border security, and support of law enforcement generally. Internationally, he is pointing toward ISIS and all Islamic terrorists.                                                         

                                                                Mr. Modi – Speaker

          Mr. Modi is a very effective speaker and has been doing it for a long time. Both his words and body language are persuasive. He also enjoys travel and giving talks domestically and globally.

                                                             Mr. Trump – Speaker

 Mr. Trump likes to speak to audiences in America, and I predict that he will also be comfortable with foreign crowds.                                              

                                                     Mr. Modi and Mr. Trump are Decisive

         Mr. Modi is pro-India, not pro-party; and Mr. Trump is pro-America, not pro-party.

 Both Mr. Modi and Mr. Trump are pro-market/free enterprise and not for any more socialism in their nations.

         The “Narendra Modi” book was fascinating and enlightening partly because it revealed how much Prime Minister Modi was like President Trump – despite some of their obvious differences such as wealth, marital history and their path to head their country. I highly recommend Mr. Andy Marino’s book “Narendra Modi” in its entirety as well as Mr. Trump’s book, “The Art of the Deal.”

                                                                  Mr. Modi And Mr. Trump Twee

         Both Mr. Modi and Mr. Trump make good use of Twitter to communicate.

Hillary’s America

Dinesh D’Souza
Review of the book and the Movie
John E. Wade II


We owe a debt of gratitude to Dinesh D’Sousa for this insightful and revealing examination of the sordid history of both Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

As to government policy, D’Souza writes, “She is ruthless.” This is also the case as she has dealt with Bill Clinton’s women. She’s definitely not a champion of women as she professes for political reasons. In my opinion all the evidence about the emails, server and the Clinton Foundation and on and on point to a premeditation of using the Secretary of State position for private gain. What will she do with the presidency?

D’Sousa traces the Democratic Party to Andrew Jackson’s presidency when he and fellow Democrats stole Native American lands with Jackson becoming one of the richest persons in America. He also gained politically by selling the land cheaply to white settlers who then voted for him as the common man’s friend. Jackson was a harsh slave owner who used his power for sexual purposes (Does that remind you of anyone?)

The important thing to remember is that Republicans opposed the Native American theft, slavery—fighting a war about it, the Ku Klux Klan, and segregation. Their votes were indispensable for all Black civil rights legislation—both after the Civil War and in the 1960s. Republicans are also responsible for women’s right to vote.

The Democrats will fight hard for this 2016 election because their corrupt practices at the national level are at stake. It is vital that you vote and support Republicans in November.

Detailed Review

Hillary failed miserably at her first significant political endeavor—leading a national health care task force in President Clinton’s first term. As the author states, “…even Democrats shunned it.” She also lacks any legislative accomplishments of note to her name.

But the most damning characteristic of Hillary is her dishonesty and corruption. Once she claimed she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary until someone checked and saw that she was born before the gentleman became famous. As first lady she claimed she knew nothing about the firing of the White House travel staff until conclusive evidence appeared that she had ordered it. Outrageously, she claimed she was under sniper fire once and that was completely disproved.

The most serious corrupt practices of the Clintons involve money which seems to flow their way based on everything from pardons to unusually large speaking fees. The Clinton Foundation sends only about ten percent of their funds to charity.

Historically, blacks moved from the Republican Party in the 1930s in the South, whereas the South turned Republican in the 1960s, 70s and 80s due to economic reasons, not racial ones.

In 2010 a massive 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti and the Clinton’s as well as others appealed for monetary help. But in January, 2015, a group of Haitians surrounded the Clinton Foundation building chanting that the Clintons had robbed them of “billions of dollars.” There was little to no news coverage of this event. It was shown in the movie. Despite collecting huge sums of money for Haiti, little has been used where it is most needed. Taking from the poorest of the poor is quite despicable, but nothing seems beyond their “scruples.”

D’Souza states that the first real founder of the modern Democratic Party was Andrew Jackson. Jackson cleared the Native Americans out of several states resulting in grateful voters. This has been blamed on “America,” but the reality of it was these actions were promulgated by Democrats and opposed by Republicans. Jackson’s net worth in today’s dollars at death was about $100 million.

Jackson was ruthless and intentionally so, stating after the massacre at Horseshoe Bend, “It was dark before we finished killing them.” D’Souza made the sad comment, ”Jackson read the Indian treaties in much the same way that Democrats and progressives today read the U.S. Constitution.” It is important to realize that the Trail of Tears was not perpetrated by “America,” but by Jackson Democrats. Many of the Native Americans died of diseases contracted from the whites. This came from their lack of immunity like the European plagues previously derived from Asian diseases.

Slavery was a Democratic practice and was supported by Northern Democrats. The abolitionists were led by the father of the Republican Party, President Abraham Lincoln. Republicans owned no slaves. Modern Democrats like to describe the Civil War as between the North and South. While that’s the geography of it, the reality is it was between the Republican abolitionists and the Southern Democrats.

Another clarification of our history is that the Republicans fought the Ku Klux Klan, white supremacy and segregation. They provided vital support for Civil Rights from the post-Civil War through the 1960s legislation. In the movie, Democratic President Lyndon Johnson cynically explained the Civil Right Bills that he introduced, “We’re going to have this Nigger vote for 200 years.” It seems he may have been right even though it was Republicans who overwhelmingly voted for his bills while there was a lot of Democratic opposition.

President Clinton follows a long list of Democratic “…predecessors from plantation owners to white supremacists who did exactly as he did…manipulation, exploitation and abuse of women.” But Hillary is “…a bizarre specimen.” While intimidating the victims, she claims that she is a “…champion of women’s rights.” She shouldn’t be allowed to have it both ways. D’Souza ends his detailed chapter, The Enabler, with the following statement, “Now Hillary the manipulator wants to abuse and victimize the country in the same way that she has been abusing and victimizing the women of Bill.”

In the Partners in Crime chapter D’Souza does a wonderful job of explaining in detail the long trail of dubious and perhaps downright illegal history of the Clintons—from Arkansas to the present and on the verge of continuing in the White House. It seems almost everything was for sale from pardons to the Lincoln bedroom. It appears that the closer that the Clintons have gotten to a second co-presidency the higher the price of their speaking fees and other dubious fund raising.

D’Souza concludes that “Hillary’s entire tenure at the State Department seems to have been devoted to exchanging cash for favors.” He names legitimate corporations that apparently were involved in such things. But perhaps the worst of her such activities involved foreign governments which had no business manipulating our government through what were in essence bribes. D’Souza concludes the chapter which is full of crony Arkansas, national and international details with the obvious question. How much more will they take if they get to the White House again?

D’Souza concludes his superb book with a chapter, “Republicans to the Rescue—Stopping Hillary’s America.” He states categorically that, “Slavery was actually ended by the Republican Party.” Republicans passed the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and three Civil War Amendments to the Constitution. Republicans were vital in passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act, and the Fair Housing Act. The Democrats have been the party of bigotry.

The Democrats are highly motivated because they will lose the power to continue their corrupt actions. But the Republicans have a lot to forfeit also, for the Democrats want to tax and tax and tax, just the opposite of what is needed to engender prosperity for all.

In my opinion, Hillary Clinton is not only unfit to be the first woman president; she’s unfit to be president, period. That’s my honest and deeply felt opinion. Mr. Trump may be politically incorrect; but I’d rather have that than the politically corrupt Clintons.

My Attendance of the 2016 Republican National Convention

I will briefly state my “take away” from the Cleveland, Ohio convention. From it and everything else I know about Mr. Trump, he is honest, capable, and hard-working with solid accomplishments from the skyline of New York City to his winning of the Republican nomination for president. He thinks big and has vision. He will lead the American people with passion and loyalty.

On the other hand Hillary Clinton is dishonest. She’s not capable—examine her horrendous record as secretary of state. She has low stamina and no positive accomplishments of note. Her cover-up of the Benghazi disaster in directly lying to the mothers of slain soldiers was heartbreaking to hear at the convention. Of course, she also lied and lied and lied about her private server and emails. How can she be entrusted as our Commander in Chief?

The Clinton Foundation and speaking fees demonstrate how corrupt the Clintons are. Her intimidation of her husband’s sexual victims and partners is not fitting for the first female president. If they end up in the White House again, it will be far worse.

Hillary The Other Woman

Dolly Kyle
John E. Wade II


This is a shocking account exposing Bill Clinton as a rapist, sexual harasser and sex addict and Hillary Clinton as an assessor to his actions as well as an enabler. Now or later go online to “Juanita Broaddrick,” and her graphic account of Bill’s rape of her when he was Arkansas Attorney General (regulating her nursing home).

But the list goes on and on with cover-up after cover-up. Make no mistake. This is a lawless couple intent on continuing their sordid ways in the next presidential term. Hillary grew up in the crime bed of Chicago and Bill and the author grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas—also plagued by illegal gambling, unlawful alcohol sales on Sunday as well as retired and vacationing gangsters.

The author explains how she carried on an affair with Bill until he reached the White House. She herself was raped by one of Bill’s friends and knows the shame of the event and the silence afterward. The author did not fully speak up about Bill in full until this book, copyright, June, 2016. At one time she—like many of Bill’s sexual partners, consensual or not, received a threat.

The author, with her long-time affair with Bill, goes through13 sex addict questions about Bill with his behavior being fully evident in all of them (with only one positive sufficient to establish the condition). The cover-ups of such outrageous acts of a public figure required the complicity of Hillary, the mainstream media and even the United States Senate during Bill’s impeachment.

It is critical that we do not allow this lawless couple back into the people’s White House. The author provides an 11+ page list of the Clintons’ wrongdoings.

Detailed Review

The Preface to this well written and page-turner book is provided by David P. Schippers, attorney and Chief Investigative Counsel for the U.S. House Judicial Committee for the Clinton Impeachment. He includes in his comments, “Based upon my knowledge of her character and integrity, I can say without qualification that Dolly Kyle’s word us as solid as gold.” I highly recommend that each reader of this review also read the entire book—while it will be shocking in that it is so detailed and criminal; it is quite well presented.

Dolly Kyle met Bill Clinton when she was 11 and he was 12 going on 13. After high school they had a decades-long affair with Bill in his typical reckless manner sharing such secrets as to his being a sex addict like her.

Juanita Broaddrick was raped by Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton in 1978. In a January 6, 2016 Twitter message she wrote, “It never goes away.”

In a recent television ad Hillary stated that women who claim rape should be believed. Really, after all the private investigators she has hired in order to assure that Bill’s numerous sexual attacks and advances would not hinder his or her way to power and money.

Kyle, the author, disclosed a couple of facts about Hillary that tend to make one wonder about how capable a person Hillary really is. First, she didn’t pass the Washington, D.C. bar examination the first time she tried, eventually passing in Arkansas. Additionally she was not granted a recommendation after she served on the Watergate staff.

Kyle, who majored in psychology and earned a law degree also, explained how Bill was raised almost his first five years by a mean grandmother and an affable grandfather. He got his political skills from his grandfather and was drawn to Hillary because she made him do what he needed to do.

As Bill was having an affair with an attractive undergraduate student at the University Of Arkansas where Bill was teaching, the girl began getting anonymous phone calls and threats—similar to other objects of Bill’s sex interests. Bill finally told the girl that he needed to stay with Hillary because “she kicks my butt and makes me do the things I have to do.” (like his mean grandmother did).

Kyle explains how Hillary’s father was like a drill-sergeant. She had to
compete for the affections of this tough man amidst her brothers.

I agree with Kyle that Bill and Hillary are together for political reasons. We
also agree that Bill is the one with political likability-at least when he’s not
raping or sexually harassing a woman. Kyle explains that even the decision to
have a child was politically motivated.

Both Bill and Hillary are pathological liars. Remember, “I did not have
sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

There was a national question as to whether character matters when Bill ran
for reelection after the previous impeachment related to his conduct with Miss
Lewinsky. He won in spite of that reckless sexual behavior.

Kyle states categorially that Hillary is not a leader. She has no tangible
accomplishments, failed as a senator with only three bills passed with two of them
naming post offices; failed as secretary of state; and miserably failed over the past
forty years as the defender of women. She has not “fought for” women. She has
attacked women. She is simply not fit to be the first female President of the United
States of America. Kyle states Hillary has “few core values.”

Kyle explains that the National Organization/or Women (NOW) have not
supported Bill’s sexual victims; Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Gennifer
Flowers, Kathleen Wiley, Linda Tripp, Monica Lewinsky, Sally Miller Perdue,
Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Bobbie Ann Williams, Lencola Sullivan or Beth Coulson.
The one-issue focus of the organization has been on women’s reproductive rights
whereas women need much more.

The Clintons rewrite history as they go along leading those in Arkansas to
call Bill’s presidential center, the “Clinton Lie-berry.”

One of the scandals by the Clintons was Whitewater which was a failed real
estate development intended to help Bill and Hillary. At the very least Hillary was
found to be double billing as an attorney for an otherwise respected Rose Law

Kyle revealed that when Bill was governor of Arkansas he was sued several
times by blacks and Hispanics and lost every case. Bill was reprimanded several
times by the federal courts for violations of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Later,
Bill and Hillary criticized racial profiling as a “morally indefensible, deeply
corrosive practice.”

Kyle explains that she was a sex addict and in an intimate setting went
through the criteria of sex addicts. In the book she shows how Bill fit 13 of 13
questions when only one is necessary to declare the condition. One was having sex
in unusual places-the Oval Office was one of the places for Bill. Another more
serious one was whether the sex involved force or violence-rapes include Juanita
Broddrick and Kathleen Wiley+.

While Bill and Hillary were in the White House Hillary obtained 900 FBI
files. Kyle and I believe those files-which may have included many in the
senate-could have allowed Bill to survive the Lewinsky impeachment. If Hillary
gets into the White House again, what is to stop her to utilizing the FBI and IRS?
Kyle reminded us of the lie that Hillary told and retold a story about coming
into sniper fire in Bosnia. The lie was completely disproved and was quite
unnecessary. It’s just one of the marks of a pathological liar.

Kyle explained how Hillary’s lack of popularity in Arkansas was proven
with a state-wide poll taken to see how she could do in a governor’s race. She had
no chance.

The author states something that I certainly also believe, “The mainstream
media have shown a blatant bias toward candidates of the Democratic Party for as
long as I can remember.” Kyle explains how Hillary used the first lady position to
obtain a senate seat and later a secretary of state position. Kyle states, “I have not
seen any evidence of anything positive that she has contributed on her own,
especially to African-Americans,”

The author provides an eleven page listing of Bill/Hillary crimes and
wrongdoings. It’s almost unimaginable that such a couple might actually return to the White House to continue their immoral, illegal and unethical ways. Included
were; “Attacking and intimidating the sexual victims of her husband; FBI files
subpoenaed, hidden, and later’ discovered;’ Goldman Sachs and speech fees for
undisclosed content; IRS audits of women who spoke about Clinton abuses;
Stealing of over $200,000 worth of White House furniture … ” The list goes on and
on and on.

I encourage voters to carefully read this whole book. It is obvious that Dolly
Kyle is quite intelligent and had a great deal of knowledge about the Clintons. It is
also quite telling that this page-turner book is well founded by an attorney that
presents her case in a powerful way.

Trump The Art of the Deal Book Review

Donald J. Trump with Tony Schwartz
Review by
John E. Wade II

Art of the Deal: Book Summary

art of deal

This book demonstrates numerous brilliant accomplishments of Mr. Trump, many of which were done at quite an early age. It also shows how he is very well suited as our president in this Innovation Age—one who can not only think on his feet, but produces tangible results while working with a multitude of others on complex projects. I’m impressed.

One thing that stands out throughout is his ability to find and utilize the best people that assure success. That’s something that President Ronald Reagan was particularly adept at throughout his presidency. In short, I see through this book and all I know of him, that Mr. Trump is a leader—whether it be multiple large real estate projects or in the future as President of the United States of America.

Another thing that is apparent to me not only through this book but elsewhere is Mr. Trump’s uncanny communication skills that keep opponents off-balance and others on his side. This runs through his handling of the press—which can be very difficult for any republican—to his unusual connection to voters even while not holding prior elective office.

This is a well-written best-seller that is a real page-turner, and when you consider that much of the book is simply explaining intricate business deals the book is even more amazing.

This book helps convince me that Mr. Trump is just right for the Innovation Age, unlike Sec. Clinton. Peggy Noonan titled a column, “Clinton Embodies Washington’s Decadence.”(The Wall Street Journal, May 28/29, p. A11) I agree.

I highly recommend this book and endorse Mr. Trump as well.

Detailed Review

The book begins in an inviting manner by taking the reader through an actual week in Mr. Trump’s life. One of the first things he says is, “There is no typical week in my life.” That could also be said quite candidly about the presidency. He explains that he has 50-100 calls a day and at least a dozen meetings. I doubt seriously if Sec. Clinton has that kind of energy, passion and drive.

It was interesting to me that Mr. Trump writes, “Frankly, I’m not too big on parties, because I can’t stand small talk.” In the book he also discloses that he doesn’t drink.

Additionally he writes something that is admirable, “…I’m loyal to people who’ve done good work for me.” Later he writes that his experience has taught him to listen to his gut and that sometimes your best investments are the ones you don’t make. I have found that true in my investing.

Quoting Mr. Trump”…my philosophy is always to hire the best from the best.” Additionally, “I’m a stickler for cleanliness…” He’s also quite concerned about the details of his properties. While in the presidency he won’t be able to attend to all the details, I expect he will personally address the most critical ones and am confident that he will delegate others to the best of the best or ones they assign. Mr. Trump just couldn’t have built his empire without being a leader and a good manager, not a politically decadent person such as Sec. Clinton.

Mr. Trump explains, “I like thinking big. I always have.” To be honest I myself as well as my father always thought big. It is something that allows one to have vision, to see a development and judge a location—or to assess people and events in ways others haven’t, such as Mr. Trump’s wall. He and I also have focus in very beneficial ways.

Another quality Mr. Trump discloses is that he is flexible, not being too attached to one deal or another—or in the case of our nation it could be one approach or another on a wide variety of issues. Quite frankly, I think it is a real strength to be willing, able and tough enough to change one’s mind. Mr. Trump readily considers multiple alternatives;”…because anything can happen, even to the best laid plans.”

Mr. Trump gives an account of how he can get press attention through his life style, real estate projects and his manner and his passion for whatever he does. He explains how a story that cost him nothing could be worth a costly ad. But he says, “You can’t con people, at least not for long…if you don’t deliver the goods, people will eventually catch on.” In my opinion, Mr. Trump has delivered the goods over many years while Sec. Clinton is the epitome of “Washington Decadence.”

Growing Up

Mr. Trump explains, “The most important influence on me, growing up, was my father, Fred Trump…my father was always very focused and very ambitious…my father just plain loved working.” He would tell his son Donald, ” The most important thing in life is to love what you’re doing, because that’s the only way you’ll ever be really good at it.” It is my opinion that Mr. Trump will really love being president and be really good at it.

As a child he was somewhat unruly and in the second grade even gave a teacher a black eye. At the age of thirteen, he was sent to military school and remained there from the eighth grade through high school. He wrote, “I learned a lot about discipline, and about channeling my aggression into achievement. In my senior year I was appointed a captain of the cadets.”

He attended Fordham University his first two years of college and then attended the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania. There he got his college degree and wrote “…all things considered, I’m glad I went to Wharton.”

The Cincinnati Kid

In college while his friends were studying, he read FHA foreclosures, eventually leading to the purchase of a 1200-unit apartment development in Cincinnati, Ohio, with his father. They took the poorly maintained property with 800 vacant apartments to 100 percent rented—within one year. The complex was sold for about a $6 million profit for Mr. Trump and his father.

The Move to Manhattan

Mr. Trump wrote, “When I graduated from college, I had a net worth of perhaps $200,000, and most of it was tied up in buildings in Brooklyn and Queens.” That was in 1968 dollars.

He moved to an apartment in Manhattan—an exciting transformation that led to a propitious and deepening understanding of the heart of New York City. He talked his way into an exclusive club, Le Club, meeting beautiful women and wealthy, successful people that in the long-run helped him a great deal. Although he was only twenty seven at the time and neither he nor his father had ever built anything in Manhattan, he pursued properties regardless—thinking big all the time.

Mr. Trump pursued politicians as they were critical in zoning for the city. In his development of a site described in the book, he stated, “I discovered, for the first time but not the last, that politicians don’t care too much what things cost. It’s not their money.” That will be a big difference between Mr. Trump and the decadent Washington politician, Sec. Clinton.

GRAND HOTEL – Reviving 42nd Street

Mr. Trump gained tremendous insight as to property locations and values in Manhattan as well as excellent working relationships with people involved in everything from bankruptcies to zoning. Also times were tough in the city. A property that caught his eye was the Commodore Hotel, with “…the surrounding neighborhood…unbelievably run-down.” Eventually—after much hard, hard work and promotion—he put together a deal with Mr. Jay Prizker (his family owned controlling interest in the Hyatt) and the city. He then built a distinctive hotel. Mr. Trump wrote, “The Grand Hyatt opened in September 1980, and it was a hit from the first day.”

TRUMP TOWER – The Tiffany Location

Mr. Trump explained how he was always attracted–since 1971 when he first began “walking the streets” [of Manhattan]—to a piece of property in a prime location. He wrote, “I was relentless, even in the face of the total lack of encouragement, because much more often than you’d think, sheer persistence is the difference between success and failure.” He could say that about his presidential campaign from when few thought he had a chance to attain the republican nomination to his dogged determination to win the general election.

With hurdle after hurdle, construction finally began on Trump Tower and Mr. Trump hired Barbara Res to oversee the work–the first woman ever put in charge of a skyscraper. He’d met her on the Commodore job where she’d worked as a mechanical superintendent. When he hired her for Trump Tower, she was thirty-three at the time. He said of her, “Her employees respect her because they know she’s pushing herself as hard as she’s pushing them.”

After some bad press along the way, Mr. Trump wrote,”…good publicity is preferable to bad, but from a bottom-line perspective, bad publicity is sometimes better than no publicity at all. Controversy, in short, sells.” Yes, he’s proved he can handle it in his real estate ventures and the republican nomination race. I fully expect him to do the same in the general election and the presidency.

Mr. Trump stated, “…through some blend of design, materials, location, promotion, luck, and timing—Trump Tower took on a mystical aura.” From a financial perspective it cost approximately $190 million and has been quite profitable. See some more details in the book.

GAMING – The Building on the Boardwalk

In 1975 Mr. Trump found that Hilton owned 150 hotels worldwide, but that “…two casino hotels in Las Vegas accounted for nearly 40 percent of the company’s net profits.” He began searching for properties in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He wanted the best location if reasonably priced and he wrote, “…I have an almost perverse attraction to complicated deals, partly because they tend to be more interesting, but also because it is more likely you can get a good price on a difficult deal.”

Mr. Trump faced the challenges of obtaining financing, architectural approvals, and licensing as a casino operator. He wrote, “With so many regulators and regulations to satisfy, we had one major advantage: the fact that we were not a bureaucracy”. He makes most key decisions himself. It’ll be a joy having him in the presidency cutting through the red tape to get things done.

He’ll want results just as he has throughout his adulthood. Please have the pleasure of reading the book as to the process he went through with his first venture in casinos.

WYNN-FALL – The Battle for Hilton

Here Mr. Trump describes his complicated assembly of a bid while directly negotiating with Barron Hilton, taking risks he had never done before by guaranteeing a loan temporarily, and eventually ending up with Trump Castle.

LOW RENT, HIGH STAKES – The Showdown on Central Park South

Mr. Trump stated this about a property he located, “By virtue of their location, the buildings represented one of the best pieces of real estate anywhere in the world.” After a great deal of hard work, he projected that he would ultimately earn a profit of $100 million dollars (1986/87 dollars).

LONG SHOT – The Spring and Fall of the USFL

Here Mr. Trump tells of how he bought the New Jersey Generals in the United States Football League. Ultimately, it was a failure because it played in the spring, had some financially weak owners and the competition of the NFL in financial strength and television dominance. Mr. Trump and the other owners didn’t lose a whole lot of money because they didn’t risk that much. I’ll let the sports fans read about the details in this chapter of the book.

ICE CAPADES – Rebuilding Wollman Rink

Mr. Trump had built Trump Tower, a major skyscraper in two and a half years—on time and on budget. He read in The New York Times that the Wollman Rink in Central Park had been under renovation for six years and the city was to start over again and open in two years if everything went well. That was not good enough for Mr. Trump as he sent a letter to the mayor of New York City, Ed Koch.

Mr. Trump explained that there was one thing he learned about dealing with politicians—“fear of the press.” “Time magazine devoted a full page in its “Nation” section to the story. It was a simple, accessible drama about the contrast between government incompetence and the power of effective private enterprise.” For the city—six years spent and nearly $13 million with two more planned costing $3 million whereas Mr. Trump accomplished the job in four months and $750,000 under the $3 million budget.

In our presidential election I believe a lot of people have caught on to the above example. Mr. Trump can and will do wonders whereas Sec. Clinton will go to the old playbook of decadent Washington.

I leave the last two chapters for the readers of the full book.

Throughout the book the intelligence and businesslike experience of Mr. Trump shined. I believe it is no fluke that Mr. Trump is getting the republican nomination. It certainly is not through political connections as Sec. Clinton is doing on the other side of the aisle. He has the brilliance, energy, drive, passion, determination and courage to lead our nation. Don’t let the decadent Sec. Clinton use scare tactics as the democrats did many years ago with republican candidate Barry Goldwater. It’s a tired argument invoked by a tired candidate.

I believe Mr. Trump is the best and, what’s more, I deeply assert that he will win. Getting a republican House and 60-vote majority in the Senate is also crucial to turning this nation around and, yes, making our beloved nation “Great” again.

The Table of Contents of The Bipolar Millionaire

To give you insight into the contents of my memoir, I offer the Table of Contents as follows:
➢ Introduction
➢ Prologue: A Life-Altering Experience at the United States Air Force Academy
➢ Part I. The Making of a Millionaire
➢ Chapter 1. Growing Up Wealthy
➢ Chapter 2. My Life as a CPA, Husband and Father
➢ Part II. Having Bipolar Disorder and the Treatments that Followed
➢ Chapter 3. Understanding Bipolar Disorder
➢ Chapter 4. Episodes
➢ Chapter 5. Shock Treatments and Other Indignities
➢ Chapter 6. Healing
➢ Part III. The Operation
➢ Chapter 7. The Grand Experiment
➢ Chapter 8. Why Me?
➢ Part IV. Creativity and Energy Unleashed
➢ Chapter 9. My Continued Spiritual Journey
➢ Chapter 10. My Calling
➢ Appendix: Observations of the Operation

Governor John Kasich for President: Fiscal Discipline, Values, Leadership and Wisdom

John Kasich of Ohio is the best presidential candidate—Republican or Democratic. He is known to many for his pragmatic, approach to policy that gets things done, which is just what Americans want right now.

He has superb experience in Congress (18 years in the House of Representatives). He is the current governor of a key swing state, Ohio, (having been reelected by a landslide after an initial election in 2011). He was also a Fox news announcer.

Kasich has proven leadership as shown when he served as the House Budget Committee Chairman leading us to the first balanced budget since 1969. He also helped reform welfare. In Ohio as governor he turned an $8 billion budget deficit to a surplus and lowered taxes by $800,000. These proven talents are direly needed after the Obama Administration will have doubled our national debt to a dangerous $18.5 trillion. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as the pressure of unsound government expenditures, entitlements and a bloated federal bureaucracy has persisted throughout the Obama presidency, supported by Democrats.

John Kasich is a person of deep character and shares values with so many prudent, kind, honest and hard-working citizens. That’s something that money can’t buy. None of us are perfect, but John Kasich is a governor that reminds me of the great one—President Ronald Reagan.

In short Governor John Kasich is an experienced, wise and capable leader who can and will unite our troubled nation.

Governor John Kasich: A Man of Character

John Kasich has something that can’t be easily found: character, a value that will be extremely important if Secretary Clinton is the Democratic nominee. Were she to become the Democratic nominee, Kasich is the only Republican candidate who would be able to defeat her.  In fact, a recent poll has showed that were they to run against each other, Kasich would defeat Clinton by eleven points!

Kasich first served in the Ohio legislature, being the youngest so elected. He served 18 years in the U.S. House of Representatives, on the Armed Services Committee during that whole period. He also served as the Chairman of the House Budget Committee, leading the effort to balance the budget for the first time since 1969 and helped enact historic welfare reform. In addition, he has won two Ohio gubernatorial elections, the last by a landslide. No Republican has ever won the presidency without winning Ohio, a key swing state.

As governor, he closed an $8 billion shortfall without raising taxes, and even lowered taxes by $800 million. With our national debt at $200,000 per citizen, something that is pressing down on our economy even though it is invisible, Governor John Kasich is the gentleman who can and will bring fiscal sanity to Washington, D.C. He will not raise taxes; rather he will lower them and cut regulations that hamper businesses, charities, individuals and our whole country.

Kasich has been described as straightforward, optimistic and energetic. He is 63 and fit in mind, body and spirit. I read one of his books, Every Other Monday, and his honesty and character simply shined. I am proud to support such a worthy candidate, especially since these are such troubled times.

Experience matters. Being serious matters. And not least of all, character matters. Governor John Kasich of Ohio is simply the best candidate—fiscally, in his political track record and many other characteristics.  Not only can he win both the nomination and the general election, he can and will govern in a superb manner—reminding me of that great President Ronald Reagan.