Book Reviews

I read for growth.  I try to select books that will expand my mind and connections with my little piece of God and Almighty God.  Writing book reviews for this web site is a joy and a pleasure because I feel I can introduce readers to worthwhile books that can widen and deepen their horizons as they did for me.  I firmly believe a lifelong pursuit of wisdom, truth and knowledge can be a wonderful experience, purposeful and quite fulfilling.


This book demonstrates numerous brilliant accomplishments of Mr. Trump, many of which were done at quite an early age…read more

Modi Cover

My source for Mr. Modi was a book by Andy Marino, Narendra Modi, a Political Biography…read more

Hillary America Cover

We owe a debt of gratitude to Dinesh D’Sousa for this insightful and revealing examination of the sordid history…read more

Hillary The Other Woman Cover

This is a shocking account exposing Bill Clinton as a rapist, sexual harasser and sex addict….read more

I encourage you to read this far-reaching history, current state and future of faith…read more
Things That Matter Cover
This is a fascinating book with well-supported opinions that are clearly deeply held …read more

The book is a well-written and insightful journey to Mexico, Brazil, South Africa…read more



I highly recommend this practical, informative, and no-holes-barred book to everyone…read more


This is a fascinating book, explaining in a compelling manner how some of the greatest leaders…read more


What is so amazing about this book is the breadth and depth of this extremely successful …read more


This is an extremely well written, concise, and realistic book…read more

MittRomney_NoApology_Cover_lowresThis is a frank and genuine book, pointing in authoritative fashion to America’s…read more

In this powerful book Sen. Coburn does more than point out our nation’s enormous debt…read more

DSouza-CoverThis book and the movie have convinced me at long last that President Obama…read more

This is a book that cries out to those of all ages who want meaning and purpose in their life…read more