Business 101

President Obama had no business or military leadership experience before his inept assumption of office four years ago.  And he hasn’t grown in office (See my review of The Amateur).  He also lacks academic business training.

On the other hand, Governor Romney has benefitted from twenty-five intense, powerful years in business consulting and business investing, most of it in key leadership positions. (See my review of The Real Romney).  He also earned a law degree with honors and an MBA (as a Baker scholar in the top five percent of his class) at Harvard University.

In my opinion, with a world-wide depression looming if President Obama is reelected, the focus of this election must be on the following:

The Economy

The Economy

The Economy

            President Obama has a dismal record over his four years.  Normally, after a serious recession such as the one in 2008, there is a “bounce” of growth in the economy leading to higher employment and better times, as occurred under President Reagan from 1982 until 2007.  Of course, it took the great leadership of President Reagan and his Reaganomics to invoke such a pronounced and long-lasting period of growth.

But President Reagan had an economics degree, and appointed a Economic Policy Advisory Board, which included Milton Friedman, Alan Goldman and Arthur Laffer, all champions of simpler, lower taxes and minimal regulations.

I believe Governor Romney, as he always has in the past, will bring in talented free-market advisors and return the United States to an attractive venue in which to start, maintain or expand businesses, as they hire our people and rejuvenate our outlook from Wall Street to Main Street.

So we must choose between the status quo of an inept president and the proven business leadership of Governor Romney.

My vision of Business 101 is that we should hire Governor Romney and a host of Republicans at all levels and climb the staircase of opportunity.  Heaven on Earth awaits!

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