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The Table of Contents of The Bipolar Millionaire

To give you insight into the contents of my memoir, I offer the Table of Contents as follows:
➢ Introduction
➢ Prologue: A Life-Altering Experience at the United States Air Force Academy
➢ Part I. The Making of a Millionaire
➢ Chapter 1. Growing Up Wealthy
➢ Chapter 2. My Life as a CPA, Husband and Father
➢ Part II. Having Bipolar Disorder and the Treatments that Followed
➢ Chapter 3. Understanding Bipolar Disorder
➢ Chapter 4. Episodes
➢ Chapter 5. Shock Treatments and Other Indignities
➢ Chapter 6. Healing
➢ Part III. The Operation
➢ Chapter 7. The Grand Experiment
➢ Chapter 8. Why Me?
➢ Part IV. Creativity and Energy Unleashed
➢ Chapter 9. My Continued Spiritual Journey
➢ Chapter 10. My Calling
➢ Appendix: Observations of the Operation

The Bipolar Millionaire, Updated 2016 Edition

We have reorganized the first edition of my memoir in chronological order while keeping almost exactly the parts that we had originally included. I invite you to get a copy and I’ll bet you will have a hard time putting it down. People tell me it’s a “page-turner.”

It’s the honest account of my life up to now. Of course, as of now, I’m not a celebrity, but I expect you to be spellbound by the triumphs (first in my class in accounting at the University of Georgia) and tragedies (bipolar episodes until a cure late in life).

I worked 29 years as a CPA—in and out of responsible jobs. I had two failed marriages due to my bipolar disorder. And then, at age 57 in 2002 I became a multimillionaire through inheritances from Mother and Daddy, primarily Daddy who also had bipolar disorder. Despite his case, Daddy was good with money and was a superb investor.

I’m going to surprise you with the ending, the enormous effort that went into my cure.

Thoughts as We Begin the New Year, 2016

My first thought is personal. I want to marry Nancy and have a beautiful life together till death do us part. Nancy, will you marry me?

I want our lives to be balanced, certainly with fun and excitement—such as attending a winning Saints game. But I want our lives to have meaning and to count. The future is all we have ahead of us, and what is before us is inherently uncertain. A spiritual core allows one to maneuver through treacherous waters without losing one’s values and behavior.

I sincerely believe that Nancy will support me as a pathfinder toward heaven on earth. My hope and prayer is that many others will join in that triumphant march of destiny.

My concept of heaven on earth encompasses ten elements as follows: peace and security, freedom, democracies, prosperity, gender harmony, racial harmony, spiritual harmony, ecological harmony and health as well as moral purpose and meaning. I pray for these goals each night and invite all to do the same.

A new year calls for fresh goals, purposes, meaning—both in a personal sense and in every other way. We are in the Innovation Age and we must innovate in order to outrun the destruction due to artificial intelligence, bio-neurology and all the other changes that are coming faster and faster.

I believe we will survive this onslaught of change. But we can only do it through adopting sound spiritual cores, Copthorne Macdonald’s wisdom-associated values; empathy, truth, honesty, justice, cooperation, peace, compassion, universal well-being, creativity and general knowledge. We must also shun his negative values; selfishness, greed, envy, hate and revenge.

We must all seek the wisdom described above. What we say and do is what counts with God. But we need these values to support worthy behavior and we also need a spiritual foundation for the structure to withstand life’s inevitable challenges.

All human entities must change for the better.

When I asked Nancy to share her life with me, her answer was everything I could ask for; She said “Yes! Yes! Yes!”


John E. Wade II

With Nancy’s permission

The Complicated Path Towards Love

We are in the innovation age, and that requires imagination and creativity in just about all human endeavors, including government and religion. We each have a role(s) to play in life. Let us make it an admirable and worthwhile part in life’s tapestry.

One of the things we can—and do—pray for is love, romantic love. Lasting and happy relationships are something I’ve seen many times, but we so often see couples that are unhappy and couples that inevitably split up—unfortunately.

Often, we see persons that don’t fit the stereotypical image of beauty in our society struggling to find a suitable partner. It’s as if no matter how pleasant a person is, if they aren’t seen as outwardly attractive, they aren’t given a chance. Personality, intellectual qualities, education, financial income, and net worth play a role in creating a lasting romantic relationship as well.

Romance, to me, is best illustrated not in me, but through my daughter and son-in-law. They seem, from a distance, to carry on day-to-day with a working marriage and a loving relationship between them and my two grandchildren.

Love can be complicated—at least for me. I am sad to say that I have, once again, found myself without a romantic partner.

What can we hope for in life? Love, love, love, to and from a spouse that really cares, not about such things as money—although important—but about us, who we are as we move through the ever-changing path of life.

Yes, we want romantic love, and need it, too, although so many—over half of adult Americans—cope without it, me included.

The Operation’s Repressive and Liberating Possibilities

The reality of life is full of surprises. I really thought getting The Bipolar Millionaire finally in print would draw the press’s attention to how invasive a force such as a secret organization (with the government coupled with private entities) could pervade a person’s life—with long-term benevolent ends, but short-term “mistakes.”

I would like to quote Henry Kissinger as he writes on page 356 in his book, World Order, published by Penguin Press in 2014, “The proliferation of ubiquitous sensors tracking and analyzing individuals, recording and transmitting their every experience (in some cases now, essentially from birth), and (at the forefront of commuting) anticipating their thoughts opens up repressive as well as liberating possibilities.” I believe the force that I called The Operation has been tracking me since 1998 and generally were more concerned with their aims than mine during a large part of this period.

The Operation was overall benevolent, but the hardest part for me was the lack of a wife—the love of my life, which I believe The Operation prevented me from finding. Although The Operation has allowed me to meet a wonderful woman now, for many years their interference was difficult to understand and disheartening to live through.

Life is not within our control, although we should do everything we can, in a positive way, to achieve our goals. With The Operation, I had a focused organization that took me, in the long-term, to a healthy state, spiritually sooner, and with some force within the Republican Party.

God is Love. We must express that in every way possible.


Football and Politics

RTC,MP,JohnWadeandGeorgeWhite,20Sep.2015I attended the New Orleans Saint’s game Sunday, a heartbreaker loss (we’re now 0-2) against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I then proceeded to spend a brief period at the Round Table Club where I briefly spoke with George White (pictured here), a long-time Republican power and friend.

RT314A~1Then I had dinner and gathered up my Henry Kissinger review of World Order. I plan to finish it in Chicago in draft form. I will have to receive special permission to use the review because I did not try to paraphrase; I’m just trying to pull out the important parts and give my comments and analysis.RTC,BookClub,21Sep.2015

Brief Talk to Uptown Women’s Republicans

I’m excited to announce that on Friday, September 18, 2015 I will speak to the Uptown Republican Women about my memoir, “The Bipolar Millionaire”. The speech will cover the three elements of the title of the book, seeking to inform those attending about bipolar disorder in particular.

How I became a multimillionaire will also be revealed. The Operation—the name I gave to describe the forces of transactional analysis surrounding me since 1998—will also be addressed.

Following my address there will be a brief question and answer session.

Falling in Love in a Mature Way

I am 69 and have been single since 1998. I now have a “girl” friend and we are falling in love on a mutual basis.

I have been seeking a wife ever since my last marriage which was my second one—17 years ago. Her name is Nancy, and she’s cute, petite, a nurse, intelligent, educated and—most of all—kind. I believe we have mutual respect, admiration and enjoy each other’s companionship.

Our communication seems good and yet it also appears that she changes plans beyond what I am used to doing; I’ve lived alone for 17 years and am used to doing optional things when I want to do them.

This business of her being kind and in a noble profession is just what I have searched for so long. I remember when asked what I wanted in a potential life partner in the very beginning my answer was “kindness.”

Our friendship looks like it is headed in the right direction. We seem to fit in a comfortable and congenial manner. Mature love is more than emotion and sex. It has a lot to do with the wisdom-associated values of empathy, truth, honesty, justice, cooperation, peace, compassion, universal well-being, creativity and general knowledge. Shunning the negative values of selfishness, greed, envy, hate and revenge are also necessary for a sound foundation.

I’ve met many couples that have been married for over 50 years and a lot of them told me that you “had to work at it.” I think that’s true of courtship too. I look forward to this delightful process.

The Operation as Described in “The Bipolar Millionaire”

The Operation—as named by me—goes back to late 1998, probably when Dr. Alvin Cohen took over the management of my medication and made significant changes.

It is comparable in terms of its long duration to when the federal government conducted a secret program (1932-1972) at Tuskegee Institute. In that infamous “study” 399 poor African-Americans with syphilis died when they were intentionally not given penicillin –a cure which was available. To me that establishes the fact that the federal government can carry on secret programs for long periods of time.

A long duration occurred for both of these experiments—17 years for the Operation and 40 secret years in that previous “experiment.” The Operation has had positive goals rather than the total immorality of the Tuskegee experiment. It sought to cure my bipolar disorder, guide me spiritually and make me a force in the Republican Party.

To a great degree it has accomplished the above stated goals although, at times, the end seemed to justify the means. And I have used approximately half of my inheritances in endeavors—some willingly philanthropic– which have yet to bear financial fruit.

When I was in a mental hospital in June, 1999, I was asked for three wishes. I wished for my health, a third loving wife and a family for my daughter. Two of those wishes have been granted, my health and a joyous family with my daughter, son-in-law and two children. I am now in love with a wonderful nurse who seems to embody the quality I have been seeking since the beginning—kindness.

Does the end justify the means? It all depends.

Who directs the Operation? To be honest, I do not know. But I do know it’s very big and highly secretive, and, the type of research it is doing may be considered more important than my books or financial position.

During World War II the allies sacrificed ships to the Germans in order to keep the secret that they had cracked the German code. Is there something so important that the veracity of my book is being sacrificed? Things like bio-mimicry and artificial intelligence are being pursued with great haste for good or bad. Perhaps that research is the reason that my book isn’t being validated?

Another potential reason is that the Operation wants to continue to use the signs it used for me for other such programs.

I hope and pray that the Operation will “come clean” and validate “The Bipolar Millionaire”.