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It is John E. Wade II’s belief that we have a moral obligation to give of our time, money, and talents. He established the Soldiers of Love, a non-profit charity to promote the elements of heaven on earth, and has been very generous to numerous charities for the past many years.

Getting Personal

Spiritual and intellectual public service and charitable types of achievements are so important to me.  I would like a third wife to accompany me in the great adventure I see ahead for me, but that, of course, is up to her partly and God. I put myself in the arms of our Loving God and pray not only for myself, but for America and its people as well as all world citizens, one and all.

Yes, I want my life to count.  There is a hero in each of us and all of us and now is the time for that genuine, deep and gracious quality to allow us to do our best, for ourselves, families and others.

Gandhi and I agree, as he said, “Violence begets violence.”  But I believe – and I would think Gandhi would agree – that “kindness begets kindness.”

Our lives are meant to go beyond the superficial and hedonic, although good clean fun helps us along life’s journey. Love in all its manifestations is so necessary for a complete life.  I think of my love for my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren; the rest of my family, friends, Americans, and all world citizens.  It’s not a superficial or passing fancy; it’s a real and abiding part of me.

Of course, I humbly offer my love to God in thanks for my life and all – I said all – of it.  I accept the disasters of my life and plan to reach for triumphs in the future.

Our Pledge

Each of us and all of us must and, I pray, will take the Soldiers of Love pledge:  “I will try to love and help create a Heaven on Earth.”  We all have a role in this ultimate drama.  It’s not an adversarial role, but one of kindness to ourselves and to all others.  It is actually more than a role—it’s a task for everyone for the rest of our lives.  I certainly accept that exciting, wonderful and worthy goal—the pursuit of a Heaven on Earth.