Contemplating the Upcoming Elections

I have a vision, that of a Heaven on Earth; and I believe that the citizens of America must help all of humanity to get to that ultimate destination, with God’s enduring, steadfast love.  With that in mind, I believe that it is very important for Republicans to win in 2014 and 2016 in order to proceed in the direction of Heaven on Earth.

I believe quite deeply in democracy, one person, and one vote.  Republicans need to articulate their truth and fight fire with fire to illuminate the electorate.  So many people are hurting from under-employment; lack of purpose and meaning in their life; and addictions to drugs, sex, alcohol, and smoking.  Self-discipline is at a low point, not only in America, but in the world.  We need a renaissance of values!  Of course, in many places globally, we also are in need of democracies and a rule of law.

Although we are in The Innovation, the wisdom-associated values that Copthorne MacDonald initially articulated—empathy, truth, honesty, cooperation, universal well-being, general knowledge, creativity, compassion, justice and peace—are not changing.  While technology is racing ahead, these values are more critical than ever.  What we say and do is of utmost importance.  Our values can support good behavior—actions and words that are pleasing to God and lead humankind toward Heaven on Earth.

I believe, quite frankly, that the American people—and the world—deserve better than what the Democratic Party has served up: President Obama, ”Obamacare,” higher taxes, spending galore and extremely poor political appointments and management.  It is therefore absolutely critical that the Republican Party triumph in House and Senate elections in 2014 and win the Presidency in 2016.  We must turn this country toward Heaven on Earth while we are still the sole superpower.  The window of opportunity is limited.

There are aspects of the world economy that cry out for serious and informed attention.  The national debt and entitlements in our country are just the start.  Japan’s debt is worse; Europe has big problems and even China has state and bank problems.

The United States is in dire need of leadership like we had under President Reagan.  I’m a Reagan Republican and proud of it.  Leadership is not follow-ship, this articulation of policy on this basis of day-by-day popularity rather than the short/medium/long-term effect of those policies.  President Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton are simply not in tune with the above.

Secretary Clinton has no business experience that I see.  How in the world is she qualified to be CEO of our government?  Is she supposed to have some business acumen obtained from her errant husband?

But my main problems with Hillary are her hawkishness and lack of basic character and honesty.  In think that her lack of integrity led to her lack of results in the very important Iran situation.  She just can’t be trusted by anyone, most especially including the American people.

I believe that we have to transform the Republican Party, holding fast to its values and wise, capable, honest leaders, but adopting the vision of heaven on earth.  That will not only be advantageous politically, but be so good for the future of America and the world.  We have a robust, stable democracy, but we need to allow our best leaders to rise to the top of our nation, not celebrity-type figures.

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