Dear Fellow Republicans

To my fellow Republicans and all Americans:

During this past election, we Republicans shot ourselves in the foot in two key areas and paid a terrible price as a party.  As a result, Americans in general, and most likely the whole world, will suffer.
Those areas (which were greatly exaggerated by the Democrats and liberal mainstream media) were the following:
1. Anti-women issues surrounding pro-life.
2. Anti-Latino issues concerning immigration.
As a party we ought to disavow any party allegiance to pro-life or pro-choice. We need to stand for freedom in the broadest sense possible.  As to immigration, we have to offer an enlightened approach that recognizes the reality of immigrants who have been here for years with a simple, clear, reasonable path to full citizenship. Additionally, we must open the doors of citizenship with simple, lucid laws and regulations for talented immigrants such as scientists, engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs and such. This will allow us to fill jobs begging for special requirements and cause greater growth. It will also engender the creation of new companies and open the way for a better economy and more jobs.
Let’s roll–Republicans and Democrats, acting in a united way for the benefit of the citizens of American and the world, along our perilous odyssey to a heaven on earth!


John E. Wade II
1225 Second Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

(504) 897-3413

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