Deeper meaning during the Super Bowl

The kickoff is just minutes away.  The television commercials have become a part of the entertainment, and at $3 million each people watch them with great interest.

“New Thinking, New Possibilities” was shown as part of the Hyundai commercial.  It connects with my thoughts of heaven when I see a Honda or Hyundai.

Baltimore makes a first down after San Francisco punted after the initial series of the game.  Touchdown, Baltimore, with a beautiful pass play right down the center of the end zone.

There’s a really appealing commercial for Audi about a high school youth who goes to the prom alone, kisses a cute girl and receives a black eye in return, but as he returns he has a big smile on his face.

San Francisco is now driving, but the Ravens respond with an effective defense that holds San Francisco to 3, so it’s now 7 to 3 with the Ravens in the lead.

Best Buy says they have infinite answers.  I like their spunk but have doubts about their claim.  Coca-Cola has a wonderful commercial invoking us to look at things a little bit differently.  How about a Heaven on Earth?

The Ravens have an outstanding play with their quarterback in trouble who, nevertheless, throws a 31-yard pass with a superb catch.  But the Ravens quarterback is sacked out of field goal range.

I like Toyota’s slogan, “Let’s go Places.”

San Francisco strikes with a 27-yard pass followed by an 11-yard pass; both strong throws.  Another first down, this time rushing.  San Francisco fumbles and Baltimore recovers.  The replay shows how the fumble was caused quite intentionally by the second tackle, reminding me of how the Saints did that many times during their

Super Bowl season.  Touchdown, Baltimore with a strong throw and competent catch.  Now it’s14-3 with Baltimore in the lead.

I like the Budweiser slogan, “Here we go!”  The “Got Milk” commercial was entertaining and it seems to me to be effective.

Interception for the Ravens.  The Ravens are now in the red zone where they are 10 for 10 so far.  Baltimore tries a fake field goal and comes up a yard short on the six yard line.  It reminds me of the Saints’ second half on-side kick which they recovered right in front of me, going on under Drew Brees to a touchdown.

Baltimore scores again with a long pass; score is now 21-3, Baltimore.  Joe Back has now thrown his third touchdown pass of this game.

Halftime score is 21-6 Ravens after a short field goal by San Francisco.

I like the Ford slogan, “Built Tough.”

Joe Flacco, Ravens quarterback, is “outstanding in the first half” according to the Jeep halftime report.

I like Oprah’s spot for our soldiers:  “supporting our nation’s heroes.”

The second half begins with the Ravens’ Jacoby Jones making a 109-yard touchdown return in eleven seconds, the longest in post-season history.

Half of the power in the Superdome is now out, delaying the game.  Commercials commence, but as far as I know there has never been a Super Bowl delayed by a lighting failure.  Having been in the Superdome many times before, I have never seen a delay like this.  This is an amazing turn of events.  Will the Ravens lose momentum?  Will the 49’ers attain a measure of control?  The CBS announcers say within fifteen minutes the power should be restored.  The lights now return, but not completely.

This delay is a gut check for both teams even though the Ravens lead by 28 to 6.

Let your little light shine in the Superdome and everywhere else.  The lights have now been off for twenty-seven minutes, including the halftime, opening kickoff return and San Francisco’s opening and the power delay.

The score is now 28 to 13, Ravens.  I’m not sure why, but I turned over my Coke Zero prior to most of the last drive by San Francisco.  The momentum has changed.  San Francisco has now stopped and had a strong punt return followed by a pass reception.

Touchdown, San Francisco, so it’s 28-20, Ravens.

After a recovery of a forced fumble San Francisco scores a field goal, so now it’s very much anyone’s game depending on performance, momentum and turnovers.  The Ravens are now deep into San Francisco territory after a gut-check drive.

This is a crucial play, with 3rdgoal on the two.  Now Baltimore kicks a field goal and the score is changed to 31-23, Ravens.  We are in the fourth quarter and it’s still anyone’s game.

San Francisco scores a touchdown and goes for two; it fails with a blitz by Baltimore forcing an incomplete pass; score now 31-29, Ravens.

With a drive of over four minutes, the Ravens score a field goal and take a 34-29 lead.

San Francisco comes back with strength and purpose.  It’s now second and goal—incomplete.  It’s now third and goal with 1:55 to play—timeout San Francisco.  A pass is now incomplete with San Francisco needing a touchdown on fourth and goal.  The blitz hurries the throw and Baltimore takes over on downs.  It looks like defensive interference on the Ravens.  But there is no call.

Final Score:  34-31 Ravens. The game went down very close at the end despite being very lopsided in favor of the Ravens after that 108-yard kickoff return.  The lack of an interference penalty on the Ravens when San Francisco had it fourth and goal at the Ravens’ five yard line will certainly be a subject of debate.

It’s sort of a shame that such a well-played game by both teams—on offense, defense and special teams—wound up with a non-call that could have gone either way in terms of the outcome of the game.

But life is not picture perfect, at least not from our point of view and at this point in time.

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