Election 2014: A Call to Action!

I read an incisive article about the last 100 years in Argentina, in The Economist, February 15 – 21, 2014.  The conclusion was that the century of bad government really hurt the country. The past five years—with the Obama Administration, Democratic dominance from 2008 through 2009 in the House and Senate, resulting in Obamacare, and the Democratic Senate until at least the 2014 elections—have been horrendous for our nation. Our national debt is over $17 trillion and our entitlements are unsustainable.

There are two basic reasons that I am a Republican: their propensity for good government and their tendency toward fiscal conservatism, at least in comparison to most Democrats.  In my opinion, Democratic candidates tend to look on themselves as “folk heroes” rather than prudent public servants which more clearly defines Republicans.

President Reagan led the world away from “collectivism” in the forms of Communism and Socialism.  He’s that one who converted me into a Republican.  Not only did President Reagan do so much to win the Cold War, with informed and well-advised fiscal policies of lower taxes and regulations, he ignited a 25-year period of growth in our nation.  These free market policies were copied around the world—even in China—with dramatically positive results.

Collectivism breeds a lower productivity, which in turn hurts so many people.  Obamacare is a misguided attempt at universal coverage in healthcare, though I agree with the ultimate goal.  Just not the method.  When one party, especially the Democrats, ram through an ominous bill without proper vetting by both parties, it leads to enormous mistakes.

Demonizing Republicans has been President Obama’s special talent, even to the point of “winning” reelection.  The deeds that President Obama committed to attain his reelection were absolutely astounding, including the use of the IRS to harass conservative groups, and eighty visits to Ohio as he campaigned throughout his first term (without much attention at all to governing).  Of course, he really wasn’t and isn’t capable, wise and honest, three attributes of public servants who count for good.

The future is all we have ahead of us.  This year—2014—is an election year for the House and Senate.  It is absolutely crucial to elect a Republican Senate and a strong Republican House to combat President Obama’s pen and phone, not to mention a mainstream media that is absolutely just plain derelict in their reporting of the Obama Administration.

As voters we must attempt to be wise, capable and honest in carrying out that vital function in our democracy.  In the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections, I sincerely believe the Republican candidates were clearly more wise, capable and competent than President Obama and Vice President Biden.  That’s my honest opinion.

We just don’t want to go the way of Argentina, because if we keep heading and voting for Democrats, we—our nation—will go the way of Detroit (with its long Democratic governments).

Having experienced, capable, honest and wise leaders is so important for democracies all over the planet.  When corruption and incompetence creep in, it can and does have the same sort of difficulties as non-democracies.  And a mainstream media that doesn’t do its duty of honestly reporting such weaknesses compounds the problems immensely.

A Heaven on Earth is not created by incapable, dishonest, unwise leaders.

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