Global Economy

I recently returned from visiting family and attending the football game between Mississippi State University and Auburn University.  It was a good game and a solid win for State, but I was disappointed that I didn’t get to distribute as many copies of my prediction of a worldwide depression essay as I would have liked.

I envision a worldwide depression if President Obama is reelected.  And remember the last depression—it was followed by World War II.  Peace and prosperity can be linked quite closely at times.  The ten elements of a Heaven on Earth overlap.  Most correlate, in some ways, but not all.

For instance, an improvement in ecological harmony may be somewhat negative to prosperity.  Too often complex green regulations are onerous to the running of all kinds of businesses.  On the other hand conservation is conservative.  There must be some balance.

We need to have international cooperation on the worldwide economy, but I believe it is imperative that America gives a clear signal of its own fiscal discipline—the election of Governor Romney and a host of Republicans at all levels.

I can’t overemphasize that point.  The world will not take us seriously on fiscal discipline if President Obama and lot of Democrats are reelected.

We must think not only as Americans, but also globally.  Our taxes must be simple and flat, as is the case with twenty-five to twenty-seven countries, with more considering the same.  We must be competitive worldwide.  We must upgrade our education at all ages!

The world is waiting for this election and watching to see whether we will institute fiscal discipline.  Our currency and interest rates on our national debt will be assessed according to our own choice:  discipline with Republicans or malaise with the Democrats.

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