Gov. Romney and Success

We must sound the alarm all across America.  If President Obama is reelected we are staring into the face of a worldwide depression, in which the poor and middle classes will be hurt most.

It is imperative that voters make thoughtful, well-informed choices this November.  Literally, the world depends on it.  Characteristics such as “likeability,” “charisma” and speaking ability should take back a seat to a very realistic assessment of how each candidate will handle the very real economic catastrophe.

President Obama may have bought a little time at a very expensive price—$5 trillion.  But I do not believe his performance in any way exemplifies him as one who can and will lead us to growth, jobs and an economy that does not sink along with Europe and Japan and perhaps everyone else.

Governor Romney, if elected, will work like a dog for us.  He will also attract and recruit the best and the brightest to allow us to innovate in this Innovation Age.  He and all his staff will take apart the federal budget, line by line, and make sense of it.  He did it for the 2002 Olympics, the state of Massachusetts, Bain Capital and as a management consultant.  He has a passion for doing the right thing.  And, unlike his opponent, he knowshow to do the right thing.

Governor Romney’s performance at Bain Capital is a big plus, in terms of showing real bottom-line success at helping troubled companies.  It was an excellent training ground for the government’s current challenge, as were the 2002 Olympics and his governorship.

With Bain Capital he learned in great depth how jobs are created, maintained and lost.  He does have a heart as he has proved time and again in his family, church and professional behavior.

The election of 2012 is much like that of 1980, as in both cases an incumbent president didn’t handle the economy with wisdom and knowledge.  President Reagan emerged as a hero for our economy and in the Cold War.

I believe Governor Romney has the depth and passion to make his mark now.  I very much like his choice of Congressman Paul Ryan.  As vice president he could and would help coordinate Romney’s executive branch with Congress.

Should the American people elect Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan, filling multiple vacancies would begin immediately, seeking the best and the brightest minds, especially from an economic standpoint.

I believe a worldwide depression can be avoided; we need to practice self-discipline, both individually and as a country.  Can we do it?  I believe we can.  And we must.  We must learn how to grow fit in mind and body, and develop our little piece of God.

Motivation must be our mantra for success.

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