Government based on Marxist principles does not work!

As I try to read my sociology assignment, I find it hard to accept that Karl Marx’s teachings play such a prominent role in the textbook.  His views are fundamentally flawed, based on class warfare and the negative values of hate and envy.  That is just not right.

Look at Communism.  In the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, the governments founded on Marxist principles committed genocide, killing twenty million human beings, and in China a staggering seventy million people.  And the rot of Communism with regard to their central planning and collectivism was graphically shown in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.  Until China started adopting free market and capitalistic practices it was a country with widespread abject poverty.

We must be truthful in America.  Why in the world are we teaching the outdated, outlandish and, in my opinion, completely wrong ideas of Karl Marx, a very pitiful excuse for a person in terms of positive values?

Karl Marx promulgated conflict between classes.  I believe we are all one people, all human beings, and that we should love and respect all other human beings.  Quite frankly, the governments of the developed world keep increasing their nation’s debt, deficits, obligations and regulations which are weighing down on our economies.  And it has, is and will hurt the poor and middle class the most.  President Obama was reelected with class warfare and unprecedented campaigning as an incumbent—eighty trips to Ohio alone—I understand.

We must fight for our country and the world, not violently or with class warfare, but with a genuine understanding of how wealth for all is created—not by trickle-down government but by individual effort, character, self-discipline, wisdom and a search for truth from birth until death.

Why are we teaching Karl Marx in American schools?  Why try to expand on an ideology that has failed miserably?”  On the other hand, capitalism tempered by democracy with free, fair trade has been the engine of America’s growth to the largest economy in the world.

We need, and soon, a united bipartisan approach to our country’s fiscal problems.  According to U. S. Senator Tom Coburn, our country’s debt and obligations are diminishing growth in our economy by twenty-five to thirty-three percent.  And I firmly believe it can get worse; maybe I was too optimistic.  I really believe it will get much worse unless we unite and embrace far-reaching fiscal reforms.

It’s not only us who need reform—it’s Japan and much of Europe as well as us.  We must be kind.  But class warfare is a hollow and totally outdated and unproductive avenue of action.

Our role throughout the world is to seek truth.  What economic system really has worked?  I say capitalism tempered by democracy with free, fair trade.

We can’t all completely have a serious understanding of our economy or that of the world.  But we can try to at least ensure that our vote won’t be based on news clips and class conflicts.  We must love, not envy, hate or foster greed.

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