Innovate and Unite!

In the United States and around the world, humankind must innovate.  Raising productivity is the path to abundance for all of us.  It’s not a matter of “trickle-down government.”  The formula that made America the largest economy was capitalism tempered by democracy and free, fair trade.  It’s not a perfect system, but it allows incentives to empower individuals to do their best and to work hard.

We must not follow the path of socialism, as we are now in a terrible fix, with a deficit of over a trillion dollars and a president who says spending isn’t the problem and that no president has had to negotiate with Congress about the debt ceiling.  I heard a man on Yahoo! Finance say that Presidents Reagan and Clinton did and that Senator Obama himself had participated in such an action as a senator.

The liberal mainstream press simply doesn’t provide objective coverage of President Obama, period.  His reelection is a fact, so we must live with it in our stable, robust democracy.  But largely because of him and his reluctance and incompetence, we are staring in the face of a fiscal calamity, not only for us, but the entire world.

Debt and deficits are creating a serious problem.  The Republicans are trying to face this situation, but the president seems to act as if this is some sort of political campaign instead of acting responsibly.  Is Derush D’Souza right about President Obama?  Am I right about the president in my prediction that his reelection would lead to a worldwide depression?  Time will tell.  I certainly don’t want to be right about my depression prediction, but the president’s actions and works so far haven’t changed my mind.

We need to be united now in a bipartisan way in order to tackle the enormous fiscal problems of our nation.  We can and we must.  What I am writing about is not something that could affect just our children or grandchildren.  U. S. Senator Tom Coburn wrote that our nation is being burdened by our debt, obligations and deficit, causing it to perform 1/4 to 1/3 lower here and now in terms of growth.  This will only get worse if we don’t address our fiscal problems.

Hate, envy and greed are negative emotions and too many people harbor these negative values, far too many; including many members of the liberal mainstream press and perhaps their unthinking audiences and readers.

This is the second opportunity for President Obama to address our spending problem.  He says he won’t negotiate.  Where does that leave the poor and middle class that are and will be affected by his stubborn resistance to reason?

The future is all we have ahead of us.  Our government has over twenty million employees, and that is far more than we can afford, as we borrow forty percent of every dollar we pay them.  Their pay scale, especially if you include medical and pension benefits, is also totally out of line with private industry.  We need to hire people in the private sector and do a Reduction in Force in the federal government sector.  We can and we must.

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