Innovation and the Economy

We are in the Innovation Age and we must innovate in government toward lessgovernment.  Regulations and laws complicate life and inhibit the free market.  We need dynamic regulations that are market-based and don’t vary unless definitely warranted.

I am very worried about President Obama and the Democrats and their unyielding stance to defend the indefensible, leading us toward a worldwide depression.  At least Governor Romney and the Republicans understood the gravity of our situation and would have gone about actually enacting the solutions.

Both sides must work in a united way that adds up, for in many ways it’s a matter of arithmetic.  But, of course, political courage is needed by all to save America and the world from a global depression.  We can do it!  We must do it!  We must not fight for political advantage.  We must instead innovate.

President Obama must be engaged in a meaningful way, for the status quo will result in disaster for the United States and the world.  The arithmetic simply doesn’t work with the status quo.  Read Senator Tom Coburn’s fine book The Debt Bomb, which in the first half vividly describes the problems and in the second half presents solutions which most, if not all, in Washington know about.  What are needed, according to Senator Coburn and me, is courage and a united front so our people are convinced that these solutions are absolutely necessary.  Everything must be on the table.

Everything must be done very soon in a kind way, but with tough love to avoid much larger problems ahead.  This is not something that faces our children and grandchildren.  It is here and now pressing down, slowing our economy because of the great uncertainty.  High debt and high obligations can and do press down on individuals, economies and governments.  We must act!

And “we” is the right word, because both Democrats and Republicans must act.  Our political system requires this united front.  President Reagan was able to confront, quite successfully, the enormous economic turmoil he faced in 1981.  We can and must study his actions and apply them to our current situation.


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