Innovation in Government and Politics

The Republican Party needs to adopt a policy of conservation of our planet.  Also, freedom must be championed over governmental control of women’s bodies.

Extremism should be rejected if it is not rational.  For instance, why do we need local automatic weapons in our country?

Let’s get away from labels of all kinds and seek the truth – what is best for Americans and the world. Certainly not – for Democrats as well as Republicans – what is best for the next re-election cycle.

We are in The Innovation Age and we must innovate.  That involves a deep rejection of the Obama Administration policies and practices.  Our Constitution was meant to last – and so far it has.  But President Obama’s overt adventure to govern with a phone and pen is simply un–American and outside our wise founders’ Constitution.

The role of government in our lives should be one of minimalist intrusion and control.   Of course, defense – a global concern for us – is a necessary and important role for our nation.

Thirty states now have Republican governors who are trying – and mostly succeeding – in bettering our lives.  That should be true on the national level.

I believe Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin could play such a role in the Presidency as the House and Senate turn Republican in 2014 and 2016.

Again, we are in The Innovation Age.  We must do things that work.  President Reagan understood what worked – domestically and internationally.  I believe Governor Scott Walker is such a leader with the courage, wisdom, determination and savvy to carry us forward in a positive way, not in the “forward” of Obamacare and incoherent foreign policy.

Adults in America have a vote and a voice in how we proceed from this “fast talking, slippery” President toward a future based on honest, capable and wise government.  We can and we must invoke this voting power – state by state, election by election, with a real sense of meaning and purpose.

Personal “coolness” is certainly not the path to Heaven on Earth.  Individual voter responsibility is.  We can take our country back in 2014 and 2016.

Let’s do it!

President Obama used his machine to “win” an undeserved second term.  We must revolt – from contributions in 2014, 2015 and 2016 – to volunteer work with the Republican Party.  This is a must if we are to take back America from the radicals that sent death threats to Governor Scott Walker and the Republican legislators.

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