A World-wide depression would rob America and the world of millions of jobs.  I believe the reelection of President Obama would lead to such a result (see the Home Page and my book review of The Debt Bomb).

Governor Romney, Congressman Ryan and a host of Republicans at all levels can produce 12 million jobs according to their calculations and the enactment of growth policies that would make America an attractive place to start, maintain and grow businesses of all kinds.  This is certainly a better alternative than a depression.

Can the Republicans do it?  President Reagan turned around an economy mired in stagflation (high unemployment and high inflation) as well as high interest rates.

We must innovate everywhere, but especially in our government.  The status quo of President Obama’s vacuum of leadership just won’t suffice in these perilous times.

Governor Romney explains that productivity is all-important (see my book review of No Apology).  The productivity and innovation concept must spread in and out of government.  Governor Romney writes a wonderful chapter in No Apology – “A Free and Productive Economy.”  He demonstrated there and in The Real Romney (see my book review) that he has great depth in business, fully understanding how to create and maintain jobs, and why they are lost.

In No Apology, Governor Romney summarizes, “(A) growth agenda favors low taxes, dynamic regulation, achievement in education, investment in research, robust competition, free trade, energy security, and purposeful immigration.  And it seeks to eliminate government waste, excessive litigation, unsustainable entitlement liabilities, runaway health-care costs, and dependence on foreign oil.”  This agenda will produce those 12 million jobs for America.

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