Kindness in politics

We must be kinder in our politics.  They say that “negative campaigning” works and that voters often cast their ballots against someone rather than for a candidate.  We have a wonderful Republican ticket with Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan, a pair that earns a “for” vote in my mind.

We should all take time to think—about this election, our economy, family and community—from now until the election.  I ask that voters not vote out of negative values such as hate, greed or envy in any election.  Let’s always try to elect wise, capable, honest leaders to represent us in our robust, stable democracy.  Right now I can’t say that we have a prosperous democracy because of the $16 trillion debt, $5 trillion of it accumulated during President Obama’s term.  Entitlements must be reformed in a kind manner without surprises to the poor and middle classes.

Taxes must be reformed and greatly simplified.  Regulations must be drastically reduced and administered efficiently, so that organizations in the private sector, including nonprofits, expend a minimum amount of time and expense to comply.  Regulations should be fair and simple and as few as possible consistent with capitalism tempered with democracy.

We are in the Innovation Age and we must be innovative in government as well as everywhere else.  But as we change, we must be kind and maintain wisdom, character and truth—all the old-time values.

To some in our society who are able but do not want to work, we must apply tough love for their own lives and self-esteem.  I’m speaking of welfare.

Within government there is tremendous waste and duplication, something we can’t afford when we are borrowing 40¢ of every dollar of our government spending.

We can do better, but again, in a kind way.  As we innovate and invigorate our government, make it simpler and easier for people to comprehend and use, we must realize that it must be downsized.

How?  Carefully and kindly.  I can’t say that word “kindly” enough.  I’ve lost jobs before, so I know how it feels.  We must be empathetic with the federal employees who will go through a Reduction in Force.


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