Kindness Toward Everyone

Probably all people have some degree of racism.  But the important thing is not to say or do anything that is precipitated by that primitive state.

As humans we often react to those we face.  If they are angry, it may make us angry or upset.  If they show racism it might bring out our own primitive emotion.

But the goal should always be kindness with ourselves and others.  Another important aim is to be honest with ourselves and others.

I’m thinking of Egypt.  Non-violence is important.  So is law and order.  The rule of law rather than either riots or authoritative governments is so necessary to a democracy and a nation’s fulfillment of its people’s aspirations.

One by one, each of us must try to love and help create a Heaven on Earth.  Muslims may want to call it something else, but the nomenclature is not of consequence; only the concept.

Egypt needs the prayers of people around the globe – Egyptians and everyone else.

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