Letter to President Obama and Members of Congress

Dear President Obama and all Members of Congress:
        Foreign policy and control of our military are key functions of our federal government.
    Quite frankly, I am very alarmed at the situation in Syria, particularly after I found out that Russia has furnished the following arms to Syria:
        > Advanced anti-ship cruise missiles
        > Long-range air defense missiles
        > And a lot of other assistance including cash
    Personally I have high hopes and prayers that globalization, the G-20, the United Nations and modern wisdom/knowledge/technology can usher in lasting
world peace.
    Instead of military action toward Syria, let’s help the millions of Syrian refugees in and out of the country.  That’s a positive and wise action.  Also, our government will not have to do it all.  Organizations like Doctors without Borders, other nations and individuals could participate.
    We need to think outside the military box.  This is the 21st Century and the wars of the past ought not to be repeated.
    Let’s roll–thinking deeply for world peace toward heaven on earth!

John E. Wade II

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