Living Within Our Means – As Individuals and a Country

I am making a tight personal/business budget and I fully intend to live within it.  If my income exceeds what is expected I may do some of the things in my preliminary budget.  But I fully intend to live within my income.

Congress—Democrats and Republicans—ought to adopt sound growth and spending policies.  We simply can’t continue to have deficits that are over $1 trillion.  We must look at the future in a realistic manner, rather than through the smoke and mirrors used so often in the past.  Interest on the federal debt could skyrocket at any time.  We must look on the fiscal cliff as an opportunity.

Laying off federal workers in a sane, measured, wise way is part of the solution.  Bringing federal salaries in line with the private sector (considering pension and medical benefits) is another necessary action.  Democrats and Republicans must unite on this action and implement it in a kind way.

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