Love instead of hate

We—all of humanity—must raise our imaginations in a positive, loving sort of way.  And we can.  Love comes much more naturally than hate.  Hate is the result of a lot of deep-seated anger.

Love is more the result of kindness to oneself and others as they return that ultimate positive value and emotion.

We must reach out to others in a kind way, ignoring negative values of others unless we have a chance to turn those bad values around.  Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of changing hate with love, that darkness could only be eliminated with light.  He was so, so right.

We should ignite our imagination toward a Heaven on Earth.  Who knows what we can do if we try, try, try and try again?

Faith is critical to this march toward a Heaven on Earth.  My faith is in God.  But some such as Buddhists may come to their loving values in a different manner.

I believe God is concerned with what we say and do; not creeds or beliefs although some do anchor their faith in those traditions.

But we are in The Innovation Age and religion is in the mix as far as innovation so that we can march toward that ultimate destiny—Heaven on Earth.

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