March, 2010

This spring, local philanthropist and investor, editor John Wade will appear throughout the New Orleans area to sign copies of his newly released HOW TO ACHIEVE A HEAVEN ON EARTH, as he is joined by other local contributors to talk about how to improve the world.

Even before the recession, it was clear that there was plenty of room to improve our world. Though many were living large, we still had more than our share of poverty, racism, religious persecution, disease, genocide, environmental deterioration, and international conflict.

Every single person can help make the world a better place. In HOW TO ACHIEVE A HEAVEN ON EARTH, 101 of our most prestigious thinkers, writers, artists, experts, and leaders consider their role and reflect on the ways they can make a difference.

As much a social mission as it is an inspirational anthology, how to achieve a heaven on earth tackles that momentous question by focusing on the large problems of the world and the little challenges people face every day.

Topics range from carbon emissions to homelessness to tax cuts –but every essay seamlessly captures how everyone can contribute to a better world.

Pieces from New Orleans area locals, including Chris Rose, Times-Picayune columnist Chris Bynum, slow food activist Poppy Tooker, artist George Rodrigue, pastor David Crosby, journalist Renée Peck, and dozens more appear alongside contributions from Barack Obama, Tony Blair, Nicholas Krisof, George W. Bush and Al Gore.

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