Musings as I await the Republican National Convention

The first day of the Republican National Convention here in Tampa has been cancelled because of the approach of Hurricane Isaac, expected to hit Tampa tomorrow.   As a Katrina veteran, I’m not overly concerned about this approaching storm.

I am handing out cards with my website information, as well as, and more importantly, the piece I wrote:  “Why the Reelection of President Obama will lead to a Worldwide Depression,” which states the truth as I perceive it.

I’m continuing to read The Reagan Diaries as I enjoy doing—reading, highlighting relevant passages and writing my comments.  I hope the hotel has a good generator to avoid loss of power as well as food.  Although I can last a few days without those things if I have to, I’d rather not.

Sometimes it helps to stop and think, especially when one is reading the diary of the greatest president in my lifetime.  I hope and pray Governor Romney can and will step in and perform the hardest job in the world.  We need it.  The world needs it.

Each of us and all of us are unique.  Governor Romney is not President Reagan.  But certainly President Obama is not either.

Governor Romney is very impressively portrayed in The Real Romney, which I read three times.  All his life he has prepared himself for this great challenge, not just as a campaigner as President Obama, but as one who can, and I believe will, govern in a strong, determined, hard-working, competent and wise way.

Governor Romney has, in my opinion, the lifeguard mindset of President Reagan.  He thinks not as a political science follower, but as a leader trying his best to do the right thing.  Governor Romney’s business and investment background is superb, a word I use only for the best of the best.

We are at a distinct turning point in our country’s history and that of the entire planet.  We direly need Governor Romney’s leadership in his specialties—business, investment and economics; he’s a person with a deep understanding of why jobs are lost and a serious view of how they can be created.

President Reagan had that same depth, not with as many years’ experience as Governor Romney, but as an economics major and one who, as Governor Romney, surrounded himself with outstanding people.  Serving on President Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisors were Milton Friedman, my personal hero; Alan Greenspan, whom I also respect; and Arthur Laffer, who has a wonderful and practical understanding of taxes.

I fully expect Governor Romney to quickly bring together an outstanding economics team, cabinet and all other appointed positions.  He will seek people who have proven records, not only nor even at all in politics, but in skills, knowledge and depth in our first priority—our economy.  That job won’t be easy.  It’s not a one-man endeavor, but Governor Romney has always surrounded himself with the kind of people who make for a winning team.

We have our backs to the wall economically.  We’re in the last seconds and we need a touchdown.  Governor Romney is the quarterback who can get us to the end zone and win!

I want my life to count.  Governor Romney wants his life to count.  It’s important that all Americans search their own minds, bodies and little pieces of God for the truth in this upcoming election.

In investing, if you buy and sell very emotionally, you tend to make mistakes.  Think of the next four years.  What is the truth about our economy and our government?

I saw in Investor’s Business Daily that the staff compared our government’s debt situation to a person who says, “I’m alive right now, so I’m going to live forever.”  Well, in my opinion, if President Obama is reelected our economy won’t live forever; we’ll have a worldwide depression.  I also believe that Governor Romney is fully aware of our plight and dares to be our lifeguard, as was President Reagan.

Governor Romney had the example of a strong man:  his father, George Romney, a three-term governor of Michigan and a presidential candidate himself.  President Obama prepared himself to campaign and win the presidency, but he did not prepare himself to govern, especially in difficult economic times like these.  Governor Romney prepared himself to campaign with great determination, losing the 2008 nomination and coming back to win the 2012 nomination, just as Governor Reagan did in 1976 and 1980.

I’m enthralled with this Reagan book, seeing through President Reagan’s eyes many events that I saw as an interested citizen from outside the White House.  I believe Governor Romney would fit right in at the White House, not being swept up by the perks but responding reliably to the great challenges our nation now faces: our economy and the momentum to avert a world depression.

“Reliable, dependable, moral, and decent” are words I would use to partially describe Governor Romney and President Reagan.  Quite frankly, I would not use these words to depict President Obama and his Chicago crowd.  The world is watching and wondering what those crazy Americans going to do.  I say we must lead with our finest, Governor Romney, not President Obama.

I see a newspaper section with a headline “Center of it All—29 electoral votes, 19 million people.”  The accompanying graphic shows earth as if seen from space, with a huge outline of the state of Florida.  This “earth” is being held up by a man on one knee who seems to be carrying a heavy load.

The reference is surely to Atlas, the Titan in Greek mythology who supported the celestial sphere.  I think the image could represent Governor Romney.  Or it could be me in my own way trying, trying, and trying to lead toward a great Republican victory on the path to a heaven on earth.  We can do it.  The operable word is “we,” citizens of Florida, our country and ultimately the world.

Hard work and education are the lasting and true ways to progress.  But politicians in Washington have been spending far too much to buy their own “next election.”  Well, now’s the time to visit the sitewww.usdebtclock.orgover and over and realize that we desperately need a reliable and dependable president, Governor Romney.

Adversity can create character.  Governor Romney has been a dedicated, persevering person all his life.  But two events shaped his character.  As a driver in France during his missionary days he was hit head-on by another car.  By all accounts he was not at fault.  He was knocked unconscious and suffered a broken arm.  But one of his passengers was killed.  Such a tragic event surely disrupted the young man’s life, but he reacted like a good soldier and went on in an exemplary fashion, rarely speaking of the accident.

The other huge adversity that confronted Governor Romney was when his dearly beloved Ann was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  When they learned the dreadful news, they broke down crying in each other’s arms.  He later described that day as the worst in his life.

But what did he do?  He diligently researched the condition, and thanks to his investigation, and Ann’s re-awakened love of riding horses, as well as extensive holistic methods, they resumed their loving, productive, fulfilling lives.

And now he stands for the presidency with Ann at his side.  I have a wonderful photo of the two of them at a political event, waving and smiling.  We need a very special person like Governor Romney, with Ann—a woman of quality—supporting and nurturing him.  The couple reminds me of President Reagan and his Nancy—very committed to each other.

I am cautiously optimistic that Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan will prevail, along with a host of other Republicans

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