Obama’s America

Obama’s America:  Unmaking the American Dream

by Dinesh D’Souza

Review by John E. Wade II

With comments on 2016:  Obama’s America, a film based on the books The Roots of Obama’s Rage andObama’s America, both also by Dinesh D’Souza



This book and the movie have convinced me at long last that President Obama is not merely incompetent and irresponsible, but that he has a hidden agenda.

We are all products of our DNA and our past, and President Obama is no exception.  He was fed a steady diet of anti-colonialism and anti-Americanism from the time of his birth until he became president.  Since assuming office he has attacked our country by increasing our national debt dangerously to $16 trillion and weakened us militarily and as a force for good in the world.

I believe his reelection will result in a worldwide depression with disastrous effects on jobs and businesses of all sizes.  According to D’Souza this is President Obama’s intent, to bring down America to the level of third world countries.

The book methodically explains President Obama’s compass—an anti-colonial, anti-American world view.  He says that “anti-colonialism is the most powerful political force in the non-Western world in the past 100 years.”  He shows how anti-Americanism was derived from this concept.

The rationale of these anti-Western views is that rich countries became wealthy not from their own productivity and ingenuity, but rather from exploiting poor countries.  Now the “exploitation” is economic in nature carried out on a global scale by banks, insurance companies, oil companies and so forth.  President Obama subscribes to this radical and, in my opinion, totally false philosophy.

President Obama is not the typical liberal Democrat.  He does not want America to be a force for good in the world, which has been the policy of Republican and Democratic administrations since World War II.  Unlike other Democrats he does not want to increase the American pie so that there will be more for all.  He wants to pull America down and he’s doing a pretty “good” job of it.

Remember these words:  Fool me once, shame on you, Senator Obama; fool me twice, shame on me, President Obama.

Members of the mainstream liberal press should be ashamed of themselves, in 2008 and certainly in 2012 when any person can see 2016:  Obama’s America and understand that President Obama is unfit for reelection.

Blacks have been hurt the worst by President Obama’s policies, as their unemployment runs about twice as high as the rate for whites.  The CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce said that it’s ironic that the first black president discriminates against minorities, women and small businesses.

President Obama campaigned and spoke of uniting the red and blue states, yet he has been the most divisive and combative president in my memory.  His policies of blocking oil drilling in the United States while subsidizing it in Mexico, Columbia and Brazil can be explained by his anti-colonial and anti-American mindset.

President Obama is a deeply flawed person, abandoned by his father before birth and his mother when he was ten years old.  His book, Dreams from My Father, shows how he idealized his anti-colonial, anti-American father through the glowing praise of his mother.  President Obama once told a reporter, “The stories I heard about my father painted him larger than life, which also meant I felt I had something to live up to.”

Actually, the future president only saw his father once when he was ten years old.  Psychologist Paul Vitz explained how absentee fathers can have a profound influence on sons, and described how World War II soldiers who were killed during the war were honored by their spouses and children.

I have come to believe that President Obama is a con man, a chip off the old block.  Obama, Sr. “… had a magnetic personality and was a great talker.”  But he was also a liar, drunkard who killed a person driving, lost his legs driving drunk, and finally killed himself driving drunk, beat his five wives and didn’t earn a Ph.D. at Harvard although he told those in Kenya that he did.  President Obama, in tears at his grave site, determined that he would adopt the good parts of his father and leave the bad behind.  Unfortunately, he did not cast off the anti-colonial and anti-American views of his father.  For “… Barrack, Sr. anti-colonialism was like a religion.”  He was also anti-Israel.  President Obama adopted his father’s stylish dressing, charismatic speaking and anti-colonialist views.

“Barrack, Sr. was indeed the dominant figure in Obama’s life, but … Ann Obama was Barrack, Sr.’s greatest disciple.”  She accepted his anti-American, anti-colonial views, and she shared those concepts with her son, creating his “lifelong obsession with the absentee father.”  Now President Obama is on a “… world stage, where his actions are shaped by years of neglect, abandonment and trauma, with consequences for America and for the rest of the world.”

In 1971 when Barrack was only ten years old he was introduced by his liberal grandfather to Frank Davis, a Communist and anti-colonialist, who influenced him until he left for college eight years later.  Davis hated Winston Churchill and to show President Obama’s adoption of Davis’s world view, he removed a bust of Churchill from the White House and returned it to Britain.

President Obama also associated with Edward Said, a Palestinian scholar at Columbia University, who is anti-American and foe of Israel.  By this time President Obama was actively seeking such influences to further cultivate his “Dreams from my Father.”

Another “founding father” in President Obama’s search for identity is Brazilian socialist and leftist Roberto Unger, who taught President Obama two courses.  But their intellectual partnership lasted long after that.  Unger was so radical that at one time he returned to Brazil to serve as a part of a socialist government, but he was too leftist for them, so returned to Harvard.  He refused all interviews during the 2008 election, realizing that he could only hurt Senator Obama’s chances of election.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright performed President Obama’s marriage and baptized his children.  His sermons which “resonated deeply with Obama” were about black liberation theology, and anti-American, anti-colonial themes, including one entitled“God Damn America!”  The liberal mainstream press and those who voted for President Obama let Obama pass these anti-American sermons off as a racial exercise.  Again, shame on the liberal mainstream press.  After a twenty-year relationship as pastor and father figure, Reverend Wright was thrown under the bus as Senator Obama marched on to the glee of the liberal mainstream press.

The most revolutionary “Founding Father” is Bill Ayers, a terrorist involved in bombing the Pentagon and the U. S. Capital.  “Obama knew Ayers quite well….”

Founding Fathers of President Obamaare not your everyday liberals, and live on in President Obama’s mind, poisoning everything from our national debt to foreign policy.

President Obama’s skill is to understand what Americans want to see and hear, on the surface oblige them while doing things totally differently.  He has played the “race” card as it had never been done previously.  I believe he’s become the affirmative action of our time.

President Obama was a community organizer under Saul Alinsky who wrote two books, Reveille for Radicals and Rules for Radicals.  His approach was “… to radicalize parts of the middle class.”  He believed the end justified the means.  Truths or falsehoods would and should be used to manipulate the middle class.

The book explains how President Obama is a bargainer, presuming whites are not racist and allowing whites to appreciate that latitude and show it.  Whites can be gleeful that they are not racist.  The problem is that news reporting and voting should not be a matter of emotion.  We should seek wise, capable and honest leaders and not be influenced by “white guilt,” hate, envy or greed.

President Obama is doing just the opposite of what President Reagan did.  President Reagan fostered tax cuts and de-regulation, opposing collectivism domestically and within the expansionist Soviet Union.  President Obama is expanding the state domestically and lowering America’s influence on the world.

Oddly President Obama has been blocking oil drilling and fracking, a new process to greatly facilitate drilling for natural gas.  This hurts us from an employment/jobs standpoint.

Some may explain this as an environmentalissue.  But the Obama administration has paid for drilling in Brazil, Columbia and Mexico.  The anti-American/anti-colonialist thesis does explain this curious double standard.

Another flagrant anti-American act was the Obama administration’s blocking of the Keystone pipeline from Canada, which would provide 20,000 new American jobs with as many as 65,000 more by 2020.

With fracking, the Keystone pipeline and other opportunities, we could “take the lead as a global energy provider.”  But President Obama wants to redistribute our wealth and opportunities and “… to check off America’s chance for energy independence.”

Under President Reagan we had peace through economic and military strength and the world progressed to greater freedom, democracy and prosperity.  We now have President Obama who considers us to be a “rogue nation.”  He had pursued peace through weakness.  His desire is for us to no longer be a superpower.  He seeks unilaterally to reduce our nuclear weapons stockpile, leaving us vulnerable to second strikes should an unthinkable, non-avoidable nuclear war take place.

Rather than using American power, as President Reagan did, for peace, democracy and prosperity, President Obama is using his own power “to make the world safe from America.”

President Obama’s anti-colonial mindset leads him to see America “… as an invader, occupier, and  oppressor that has looted Iraq and Afghanistan, while America’s ally and satellite Israel has occupied and oppressed Muslim Palestine.”  A second term for President Obama could be disastrous for Israel.

President Obama’s poor handling of Iraq has meant that our investment of blood and treasure to create a stable, robust, prosperous, peaceful, and secure Muslim democracy there has been jeopardized.

As for Afghanistan, President Obama has risked our troops by announcing withdrawal dates, subjecting our troops to “friendly” fire.  His anti-American, anti-colonial stance was evident in his own statement concerning Afghanistan:  “We stand not for empire but for self-determination.”

Our efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan and long support of Israel could all be in jeopardy if President Obama gains a second term.

As far as the Arab Spring is concerned, President Obama’s actions seem inconsistent, but in the end President Obama got what he wanted—decrease in American influence, and Muslim democracies such as Libya and Egypt becoming anti-American.  He didn’t support the failed uprisings in Iran and Syria, both being anti-American regimes.  Thus, President Obama’s approach has been to help topple pro-American dictators such as Egypt’s Mubarak and refuse to help revolts against Syria and Iran.

President Obama’s actions in the Middle East are quite consistent with a mindset of an anti-colonialist who wants to diminish America’s power and influence.  I believe these results are sad, even tragic, because a world full of stable, robust, prosperous democracies would be a world of permanent peace.  As President Reagan demonstrated, a strong America, economically and militarily, can be a force for good globally.

I believe President Obama’s most serious threat to America is in the enormous increases in our federal debt to $16 trillion.  According to “The Debt Bomb” this is already depressing our economy by twenty-five to thirty percent.  According to that book sometime in 2013 the sovereign debt requirements will be $13 trillion, and with liquid assets of only $9 trillion, interest rates will rise dramatically.  Debtor nations, such as the United States, much of Europe and Japan, will have severe problems funding their governments (See my composition on this subject on the home page).

When one considers President Obama’s mindset of bringing down the top one percent, he is speaking of those who earn about $34,000 globally.  With debt President Obama can bring us down as Germany, Japan and Italy couldn’t in World War II.

President Obama and his wife Michele tend to live like third world dictators, taking seventeen vacations as President Obama plays over a hundred rounds of golf.  Governor Romney, on the other hand, has always been a very hard worker and would certainly continue that pace in the Oval Office, seeking to restore our fiscal sanity and create jobs, growth and effective military policies.

President Reagan would agree with the kind of things Governor Romney would do as president, but he must be turning over in his grave at President Obama’s actions.

According to the book, “The most dangerous man in America currently lives in the White House.”  I agree with that statement, sadly.  The author also says, “I do think that Obama’s philosophy can be neatly summed up as:  Little America.  He wants to shrink America, to diminish America, to downsize America.”

We are for the moment a robust and stable democracy.  But our prosperity is weak and simply can’t withstand the reelection of President Obama.  Peace and prosperity can be successfully linked with a president such as Ronald Reagan or Mitt Romney.

In my vision of a Heaven on Earth (See How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth) I see prosperity as being vital in these ten elements:  peace, security, freedom, democracies, prosperity, spiritual harmony, racial harmony, ecological harmony and health as well as moral purpose and meaning.

My vision is that with the election of Governor Romney and a host of Republicans at all levels we can avert a worldwide depression and allow America to revert to being a force for good in the world.

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