Our Future

Our nation, Governor Romney, Congressman Ryan, a host of Republicans at all levels and I have a tremendous challenge ahead, not only with regard to the election, but salvaging our nation financially and otherwise.  This is not the time to tell everyone not to be afraid.  That’s like telling troops on the way to the beaches of Normandy not to be afraid.

Why are people afraid, and rightfully so?  We are “broke,” according to James Baker, and “we are already bankrupt” according to Senator Tom Coburn.

Our politicians, over time, have sold us down the river.  Why?  To ensure they win their next election.  So, what can and must we do?  In my opinion, and especially at this time, we need to be guided by Republican core values, especially fiscal responsibility.

This is not about our children and grandchildren, but is about the here and now.  Without prudent, fair, kind but urgent, innovative solutions we will precipitate, along with other developed nations, a worldwide depression.

President Obama has had opportunity after opportunity to stop his reckless spending.  He has not grown in office.  He has not surrounded himself with people capable of performing at that level.  And in the end, he’s just what the book said he was, “The Amateur.”

It is time to be scared because “The Amateur” could be reelected just as President Carter could have been reelected.  But, thank God, Governor Reagan prevailed, and gave us the benefits of his economics major, gift of communication, experience as two-term governor of California and policy of surrounding himself with the best and the brightest.

In 1980 Regan was faced with stagflation (high unemployment and inflation) and high interest rates.  And now, we suffer from high unemployment, unusual so long after the 2008 recession.  We need Governor Romney just as we needed Governor Reagan.

President Reagan’s leadership sparked a 25-year growth period from 1982 to 2007.  It can be done again by Governor Romney, if we see through the misleading statements of President Obama and look at what he has failed to accomplish with his presidency.

Governor Romney has a deep background in business, investment, nonprofits and government, coupled with super academic preparation, with a bachelor’s degree with highest honors in English literature from Brigham Young University, and a law degree with honors as well as an MBA with a Baker’s Scholar Award denoting the top five percent from Harvard University.  Impressive.

I really believe that God has intended all along that we arrive, someday, somehow, at a heaven on earth.  But we must get there ourselves with His enduring, steadfast love working within us moment by moment.  The goal is beyond our complete understanding, but we must try to seek an understanding of God because that is what helps us comprehend His calling to us.  We all have a unique life to lead, a special calling just for each of us and all of us.

The future is all we have ahead of us.  We must take care to guard it, for our country and the world.  The United States, on the whole, has been a tremendous force for good on our planet.  We should take care to keep it that way, not to elect a president because of the color of his skin or his oratory, but rather for our very best judgment of how he will leadour country and the world.

Of course, the president doesn’t do it all himself.  President Reagan and Governor Romney surround themselves with the best and the brightest, unlike President Obama.

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