Our President, A Superb Political Hack

President Reagan was a superb communicator and politician, but he was also a very effective president in terms of governing–especially in regards to our economy and the world stage.
    Our current president should not–in many ways–surprise us in terms of what he does.  It is very important to distinguish between what our president says and what he does.  Right now he is playing a dangerous game.  Why can he play that game?  Because–in his heart of hearts–he really doesn’t care if the United States defaults on its debt.  This is particularly true if he discerns that he can make some sort of political capital out of this serious situation.
    Do you remember his first presidential campaign–how he spoke of change and bipartisanship?  I remember it well.  Perhaps now we are just headed forward to a depression.
    Why should we expect anything but a political hack?  After all, he was a political science major, a liberal Harvard law school graduate and a community organizer under a person who was very close to being a Communist–a very failed economic and political system.
    The reality of it all is that he wants his egotistical name on Obamacare more than he cares about one sixth of our economy, doctor-patient relationships or Nancy Peloci’s outrageous assertion the the House of Representative should go ahead and pass Obamacare so they could read the bill.
    President Obama is the closest thing to a third world dictator that our country has ever had–by far–and the liberal media has stood by and swallowed practically every word he utters–no matter how far from the truth it happens to be.  One of his latest acts of incompetency was to almost get us into a war with Syria.  Even some of his liberal backers–if they were honest with themselves–must have been taken aback at that major outrage.
    In our stable and robust democracy we must deal with this president over the next three+ years.  But we don’t–as a people–have to listen to and believe what he says from the “bully pulpit.”
    Our economy is at risk, but let’s not allow President Obama play the blame card–something he has done time and time again.  Believe me.  His words are shrewdly calculated for political effect, but they are sorely lacking in wisdom and truth–values that President Reagan supplied in spades.
    So listen, please, we must unite, Democrats and Republicans, to fashion a bipartisan solution–with or without the twisted words of our president.

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