Out of the 20th Century and Into the 21st Century

 I believe we should not respond immediately to the Syrian chemical genocide, but instead position such forces as necessary and await the next move of that terribly selfish and misguided dictator–Assad.  All the world citizens–including Assad himself–should realize chemical warfare or any violent actions other than self defense are outdated in the twenty-first century.
    Primitive notions of dictators, emperors and such are a dated relic of the past.  We have huge problems to solve (such as global warming and climate change, huge debts and obligations and terrorism).  Coping with civil war and chemical warfare should not be part of today’s human equation.
    World citizens arise–not with violence, but with the wrath of indignation to those who lack a worthwhile respect for other world citizens.
    Values, values, values; positive ones are critical while banishing the negative ones.  It’s a matter of life and death in Syria and other parts of the world right now.

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