The following three urgent items are the most crucial for the United States and the world:
    > Global warming and climate change:  We must search desperately for the answers which aren’t clear now.  But the seas are rising.
    > Far too much government debt and obligations in Japan, Europe and the United States:  Political will is essential and continuing inaction will be disastrous to world-wide prosperity.
    > The hundreds of millions of radical Muslims:  We must form an international alliance of all non-Muslim nations and strongly back moderate Muslims as they hopefully and prayerfully will courageously confront the radical Muslims in the Mosques and elsewhere.
    I just don’t see how military action in Syria helps in any of these areas of highest priority.  In fact it may lead to enormous costs that exacerbate debt, especially in the United States.  This is not a matter of personalities, President Obama, Senator McCain or anybody else.  These are the key strategic priorities that everyone should keep in mind.

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