I have a vision of a Heaven on Earth, and prosperity is one of the ten elements of that vision.  On my website I have detailed general steps that must be taken.  I have not changed my mind on any of those recommendations.  The poor and middle class will be hurt the most by a worldwide depression, both domestically and throughout our whole planet.

A World War III could erupt during a depression, one that is especially horrific because so many countries now have nuclear weapons.

I don’t want a future of depression and warfare.  It’s imperative that we come to a bipartisan compromise to address our nation’s fiscal ills, for our own good and for the future of the world.

The role of all of us within the United States is to read with serious attention everything that I have posted on my website and try to understand the gravity and dire state that we are now trapped in.  To the best of my abilities, I have been honest, candid and insightful in what I write, including the blogs, the book reviews, home page and the recommended responses to President Obama and those in Congress.

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