Prosperity for All

On a recent trip to India, I started thinking about wealth and those who are lacking it.  I agree with Gandhi that wealth without work is a sin.  The important thing throughout the world is to strive toward global prosperity, but at the same, time, move away from the negative value of envy.  I believe this will encourage those with means to contribute to worthy charities which can aid in promoting prosperity worldwide.  I believe all can rise above abject poverty.  The goal then will be for everyone to appreciate their present economic state and not envy those who have more.

It’s rather simple.  There will always be someone richer.  In fact, if everyone was unilaterally rich, the value of money would decline to the point of being meaningless.  Therefore, the goal has never been for all to be wealthy.  However, we can all be free from abject poverty and be grateful for our state of being.  People should not be desperate for their sustenance.  But neither should they be long-term recipients of financial aid without a serious ambition to better themselves and their families (where possible).

Gandhi espoused self-induced methods to survive economically.  The world was changed and for the better.

We must grow education at all levels not only in India, but in America and the world.  I think it can be done.  But it will require:




This applies not only to the corporations but also to the parents and children of our planet.

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