Reasons to Worry

I am worried.  Considering President Obama’s performance and everything I know about him, he should lose this election, and lose it big, yet the polls show him in the lead in a close race.

Never in our nation’s history have we had an anti-American in the White House, much less reelected that person.  Every voter should visit www.usdebtclock,org and see the movie 2016:  Obama’s America.

I have predicted on my website that the reelection of President Obama will lead to a worldwide depression, meaning that jobs which are scarce now will be harder and harder to get.  And don’t forget what happened after the Great Depression—World War II.

I know that Governor Romney can and will lead us in the right direction—away from the anti-business, anti-“rich,” anti-colonial and anti-American stance of this hugely flawed, but slickly packaged President Obama.  Barrack Obama, Sr. was a preposterous, exaggerating, drunkard, bigamist, killer as a drunk driver, and wife-beater deadbeat to his children—a very flawed person.

And yet, President Obama glorified his father in Dreams from My Father.  The president got a fictitious view from his mother, Ann, who was also an extremely flawed person.  She instilled in her son the anti-colonial and anti-American views that she herself held during her short-lived marriage to the president’s father.  What you have in President Obama is a con man, very similar to his father, only in a much slicker way.

How else can one explain his election and looming re-election?  According to the Newsweek cover article, “Hit the Road Barrack,” he hasn’t kept his promises to the American people.  Isn’t that the sort of thing con men do?  His father, when he no longer had any significant status in Kenya, sometimes even impersonated important people.

President Obama lacks a positive American compass.  He wants to redistribute our American wealth to colonialized, poor nations and pull us down.  I believe in President Kennedy’s words, “A Rising Tide Lifts all Boats.”

President Obama lacks the ability to lead us the way Governor Romney can.  But he can drag us down through neglect of our deficit, national debt, entitlements, tax system and piling on more and more mindless regulation in his anti-business, anti- American way.

The CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce said he found it ironic that the first black president discriminated against women, minorities and small businesses.

I just sent out an email blast to all the addresses in my computer contacts list, with the depression prediction piece as well as the addresses of all my websites.

I believe now is the time to go full throttle to defeat President Obama and elect Governor Romney and a whole host of Republicans at all levels.  We are in the Innovation Age and I believe Governor Romney is by far the best choice to lead us in imaginative, creative, business-friendly solutions to help our nation shine again—as President Reagan put it—a shining city on the hill.

I feel that the future of the world is at stake, and that humankind must not repeat the mistakes of the twentieth century.

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